Submitted by Friendly_Sound1914 t3_11cryhh in Music

It has this bongo/hand drum beat and is fairly fast. The chorus is this guy (maybe Creole not sure) saying something like “balay bum bum balay” over and over again. It’s definitely a Tik tok song with a catchy vibe and is sung in non-English language. Very modern sounding and probably made in the last 10 years if I had to guess.

Edit they might be bucket drums



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KeepCalmAndBaseball t1_ja4oqs5 wrote

All night Long? Lionel Richie.


Friendly_Sound1914 OP t1_ja4oy3w wrote

Mmm no it’s much faster and was viral on tik tok for awhile I thinj


Friendly_Sound1914 OP t1_ja4wwph wrote

I feel like it was always tik toks that involved someone running or being late


ricottapie t1_ja4zqy5 wrote

I don't know if it was ever a TikTok song, but was it Bamboléo by the Gipsy Kings?