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CadeChaos t1_ja4d17y wrote

Maybe I wasn't paying attention to coldplay but clearly you weren't paying attention, I didn't call Joey Jordanson the "greatest drummer of all time" I said he was better than the mushroomhead drummer. If you compared them you'd agree.

Mike Portnoy is an amazing drummer too bad the bands he plays for are play boring drawn out prog metal.

Ill donate my eyes when you donate your brain because unlike my eyes you ain't using it


Martipar t1_ja4f40s wrote

Coldplay is a proper noun, it should be capitalised. The drummers name is Joey Jordison. Mushroomhead is a proper noun and should be capitalised. Mike Portnoy has played in:

Liquid Tension



Flying Colors

The Winery Dogs

Metal Allegiance

Sons of Apollo


Dream Theater


Cygnus and the Sea Monsters

Yellow Matter Custard

Avenged Sevenfold

Adrenaline Mob

So you're wrong there too.

>Ill donate my eyes when you donate your brain because unlike my eyes you ain't using it

Do you mean "I'll" as in the contraction for "I will"? If so you've missed an apostrophe and there really should be a full stop at the end of that sentence.

This, by the way, is really basic grammar that anyone 12 years old and a native English speaker should know. Either you're as educated as an under-12, are under-12 or only capable of learning to that level. Either way you really shouldn't be accusing others of a lack of cognitive ability. Anyway that's it, if you think a 4/4 drummer like Joey Jordison is better than any other 4/4 drummer then you're really not well educated when it comes to music.


CadeChaos t1_ja4hg06 wrote

Pathetic grammar teacher. You can't possibly think that all 4/4 drummers are the same, you're more ignorant than you think I am if that's the case. Yea Slipknot's drummer is better than Meg White from the White Stripes, Lars from Metallica and the Mushroomhead drummer. Plus Spiders by Slipknot is in 7/8. You seem to be one of those pseudo intellectuals types who acts like he knows everything.