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Was there one album that you loved so much it made you decide you had to see the band live yourself, what was it?

Mine was Dave Mathews Band Live at Red Rocks 8/15/1995. That album was so well recorded and the performance was top notch! I listened to it almost constantly for an entire summer. I made it my goal after I heard it to see them live as soon as possible!



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BlackEyedAngel01 t1_j9xg4ka wrote

Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace and Sam Cooke - Live At The Harlem Square Club, two of the most incredible love albums ever created.

I also had a few of the Pearl Jam Official Bootlegs on cd back in the day, those were great live albums.


Deezax19 t1_j9xklxf wrote

Grateful Dead- Europe ‘72


Theoretical-Zero2 t1_j9y6xd6 wrote

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense


sebenak t1_j9y8fm4 wrote

hadta scroll too damn far for this.


jebjebitz t1_ja0qvw5 wrote

I came here to say Talking Heads but, my favorite live compilation/album of theirs is The Name of this Band is Talking Heads


steamyjeanz t1_j9xg5bd wrote

The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over was huge for me


NoSplit4185 t1_j9xg4mq wrote

Joy Division, STILL. It’s a double LP, record 2 is a live recording of the band’s last concert. Ian Curtis died shortly after. It was my first ever Joy Division LP, that makes it even more special to me.


77evens t1_j9xo2gp wrote

Phish - A Live One 1995


Elegant_Spot_3486 t1_j9xlgo3 wrote

U2 - Under a Blood Sky

The Killers - Live from the Royal Albert Hall.


MoochoMaas t1_j9yl3k3 wrote

Saw them 3/20/74 and five more times in later years


DrGreenThumb42066 t1_j9xfb6a wrote

Tool...Salival. saw them for the 1st time last year. Hooooly shit they are great live! 🤘🤘


Schism-spiralout OP t1_j9xfp0d wrote

Fuck yeah! Tool is my fav band if you couldn’t tell from my profile name. That album is amazing! So are the live tracks on opiate. I had seen them live before I heard that album but I’m sure it would of had the same effect.


Nizamark t1_j9xij4x wrote

queen live killers


FuzzDealer t1_j9xmm0o wrote

Cheap Trick's best album is At Budokan. They never managed to equal that in the studio, sadly.


FullRollingBoil t1_j9y12sg wrote

I’m the opposite. I think their first two albums were amazing and I’m not a big fan of Budokan


FuzzDealer t1_j9y1u0p wrote

The production of those albums puts me off - I don't think either Jack Douglas or Tom Werman managed to capture the band's energy or get their sound right in the studio. At Budokan is the one where everything falls into place for me: the production's more direct, the guitars properly power pop, the rhythm section has more oomph, and you can't beat the enthusiasm of those screaming Japanese teenagers in the audience. XD


blue-eyed-zola t1_ja19b99 wrote

Agreed. At Budokan is overrated. First four studio albums are top tier.


Jaded-Ad2571 t1_j9xf9cn wrote

Well I’ve never seen them live but the Alice In Chains unplugged album is amazing. Actually almost all of the unplugged albums are great. The Nirvana one is also super magical.


Obvious-Unit3560 t1_j9z15nm wrote

Saw 4 of the 5 seattle bands live and chris cornell solo acoustic


Jaded-Ad2571 t1_j9zk8iy wrote

Wow! Chris Cornell solo acoustic! That’s amazing.


Obvious-Unit3560 t1_j9zkpwo wrote

Yea it was in a small theater too played soundgarden temple of the dog audioslave and solo stuff just Chrid and a bass player really cool couple of months before his passing


TheKimja t1_j9xffqk wrote

Blink-182 Mark, Tom, and Travis show


ftwin t1_j9yjst6 wrote

Love this one too but I think an insane amount of post production went into this. I’ve been following blink for decades and they have never came close to sounding anywhere near that good live


Minute_Philosophy_89 t1_j9xfmu4 wrote

Ufo strangers in the night


DenseVoigt t1_j9xyuqg wrote

I’ve never heard of UFO, but checking out strangers in the night now.


JIMMYR0W t1_j9xicek wrote

Without A Net, Grateful Dead. 30 years later and the music keeps hitting harder and harder. Dave was opening for them when I got on the bus if that helps spark the curiosity


FredCo1s t1_j9z3nk8 wrote

The Nirvana unplugged


[deleted] t1_j9xgmfg wrote

Press the Eject and Give Me The Tape by Bauhaus


Schism-spiralout OP t1_j9xh5wz wrote

I dig the distortion! Not familiar but remind me of the Violent Femmes.


Mace_rck t1_j9xjyq1 wrote

UFO - strangers in the night.


sorengray t1_j9xlhp8 wrote

Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous

Iron Maiden - Live After Death

UFO - Strangers in The Night

Scorpions - World Wide Live

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Live @ Red Rocks 2022


MikeFripp t1_j9xssal wrote

Yessongs, by Yes and Score, by Dream Theater


Fit-Friend-8431 t1_j9xteyl wrote

Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison


whatistheformat t1_j9y80ok wrote

Neil Young- Live Rust convinced me I ought to be trying to see Neil live, which I did, multiple times. the best was when he toured with Sonic Youth and Social Distortion- the garagey hard rock of Crazy Horse was in vogue in the 90s so it was a killer show.


cpt___kidde t1_j9y8994 wrote

My Morning Jacket - Okonokos


bullybullybully t1_j9ziyaf wrote

Jane’s Addiction XXX (their first album), live and awesome.

Oasis Familiar to Millions


Lunicyl t1_j9xgqro wrote

Survive Kaleidoscope by Underoath


luck_as_a_constant t1_j9xt6ob wrote

AC/DC - If You Want Blood

Super tight, for me it’s an almost faultless live album of a band arguably at their (Bon-era) peak. You can hear Bon and Angus’s cheek throughout the album.

Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace

Just absolute perfection.


Ok_Pomelo8230 t1_j9z9q2f wrote

Even Malcolm Young says it's their best live album. "It's when we were hungry."


luck_as_a_constant t1_ja0a2uc wrote

I didn’t know Malcolm had said that, but that totally hits the nail on the head.


FullRollingBoil t1_j9y1663 wrote

Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains The Same and How The West Was Won

Deep Purple - Made In Japan


UniqueUser3692 t1_j9y5mmw wrote

Bob Dylan 1966 Live at the ‘Royal Albert Hall’ - actually in Manchester, England. The now infamous ‘Judas’ gig.


ftwin t1_j9yjo36 wrote

How the west was won


AVBforPrez t1_j9yp6u3 wrote

Face to Face - Live

It's an incredible album that honestly sounds better than any of their studio recordings, no clue who did the actual setup but it's perfection.

Blue Meanies - Live Live Live

Also good, they're not for everybody though.


PodSixWasJerks t1_j9yrkcl wrote

When that “Walk the Walk” bass line hits…


AVBforPrez t1_j9ys4on wrote

Absolutely, goddamn that album is a banger. Definitely gonna have to give it a listen today.

I'm Trying also always gives me goosebumps...wish they'd included Disconnected on it, would have made it a perfect album.


merkaba_462 t1_j9yp788 wrote

Same about DMB.

Now I listen to Live From Central Park, because I was there. 5 people back. Maybe the best show I've seen, not just DMB, and I have a really eclectic taste in music.


Schism-spiralout OP t1_ja1jgk3 wrote

That must have been amazing! I’ve listened to that album and it’s excellent as well! I’m a fan of all genres and have a very wide variety I listen too also.


merkaba_462 t1_ja1khnv wrote

It was a wild day / night.

I was also at the MSG show where James Brown came out and played Sex Machine. I was at the 4/20/02 with the 32 minute #41 (with Bela Fleck & The Flecktones). 11th row dead center. Unbelievable.

They really put on one great show.

Anyway, spiral out and all that.


Rough-Heron-1040 t1_j9ys6gk wrote

So many but The Killers: Pressure Machine is proof that modern bands are capable of front to back masterpieces. It’s my favorite album currently.


MoochoMaas t1_j9yw282 wrote

Made in Japan - Deep Purple


chiefmaxson t1_j9z96sv wrote

I can’t believe no one has mention Allman Brothers Fillmore East. My favorite hands down


Top-Bad-5946 t1_j9zftu0 wrote

Any Given Thursday by John Mayer. Realized what a great guitar player he was.


DarkStar860 t1_j9zhkgs wrote

Europe 72 Vol. 2 by The Grateful Dead. Really heavy stuff.


OverCarp42 t1_j9zzr5f wrote

The Cure-Show was one of the 2 first cds I ever bought. Still gets played and stays in the player for a week straight. The Clash-From Here to Eternity. Still the best version of Complete Control.


OverCarp42 t1_j9zzzxv wrote

Also, Replacements- Shit Hits the Fans for an off night and Murder at Maxwell's for a great night. I saw them on the reunion tour and it was a great night.


Faruzia t1_ja0baiy wrote

Jewel, although never officially released, had a bootleg one going around in the late 90’s, called Dddelight that was incredible. Most of, if not all of the songs can be found on the 25th anniversary collection of Pieces of You.


No_Sand_9290 t1_ja0wulv wrote

Allman Brothers at Fillmore East. Nobody has made a live album to rival it


58Firedrome t1_ja182oc wrote

BB King Live at the Regal, and his Live at Cook county jail


Ihadsumthin4this t1_j9xfpkw wrote

Get Yer YaYas Out -- the Stones

Together, Again...LIVE -- BB King & Bobby Bland

The Song Remains The Same -- Zeppelin


SlimyPurpleMeteor t1_j9xkgsd wrote

311 - Live

Finally got to seem them in person in 2009.. They sounded even better than they did on that kickass live album I’d been listening to for 10+ years.


PreviousLife7051 t1_j9xu08g wrote

Camel - A Live Record

Caravan - Caravan & The New Symphonia

Nektar - Complete Live in New York


ldh_know t1_j9xvrvv wrote

Billy Joel - Songs in the Attic


Charming-Twist-7514 t1_j9y3wb9 wrote

The Blue Stones - Hidden Gems

I will occasionally travel to see a favorite band (when I can) if they won’t come to my area.


hairijuana t1_j9yh6py wrote

You may find also find this Jorge Ben acoustic show worth a watch. It’s a great concert!

here is the full show.


teeyodi t1_j9ymzzt wrote

Phish - Hampton Comes Alive.


Rockntheworld t1_j9yutz2 wrote

Live…In The Heart Of The City/Whitesnake-Before Coverdale made Whitesnake a hair band; they were a blues rock band! A fabulous one at that!


a_mcbob t1_j9yx8qw wrote

Our live album is better than your live album by Reel Big Fish


Sad_Interview_232 t1_j9z24m1 wrote

Frampton comes alive...the faces a nods as good as a wink to a blind horse Rolling Stones Get your yayas out Queen live killers David Bowie live at the tower philadelphia Bob Dylan Hard Rain BB King Live at the Regal Neil Young live Rust Pink Floyd live at pompey


Ok_Pomelo8230 t1_j9zal9q wrote

The Who Live at Leeds. The album version is good but the full CD is amazing! The live version of Tommy is so much better than the studio version. It works the crowd masterfully.

AND Kiss Alive......just because.

MC5 Kick Out the Jams


JonasRabb t1_j9znz2k wrote

Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus.

Loggins & Messina - Live on Stage.

The Young Gods - Live Sky tour.

Magazine - Play.


RonnieBPoire t1_j9zspye wrote

Depeche Mode - songs of faith and devotion


TribeSkyeGuy t1_j9zushk wrote

Genesis - Three Sides Live.
Still a beast of live recordings.


Maengdaddyy t1_ja0142b wrote

Alice In Chains - mtvs unplugged


potatokeith t1_ja02jlo wrote

Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs


Watthefractal t1_ja040tb wrote

No use for a name - live in a dive 🤟🎵🎸🥁🥳


Embarrassed_Swing496 t1_ja0d01e wrote

Before "Night Moves" or "Against The Wind"... "Live Bullet", Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band


TheeEssFo t1_ja0gjtf wrote

I was never a Kid Rock fan and would never pay to seem him, but his Live Trucker album justified his musical existence, as far as I'm concerned.


gdtimmy t1_ja0p5ss wrote

Kiss Alive II


kekcuk_13 t1_ja0wsxo wrote

Sex Pistols - Filthy Lucre

Celldweller - live upon a blackstar

Linkin Park - live in Texas

Nirvana - unplugged

Alice in Chains - unplugged

Pink Floyd - Pulse

David Gilmoure - live at Pompeii


Salt-Establishment19 t1_ja0x38c wrote

Off the top of my head

RHCP - Live at Hyde Park, Live at Slane Castle or Live at Chorzow.

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

Led Zeppelin - The song remains the same

Pink Floyd - Pulse

Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive


toddlutt t1_ja0xng9 wrote

Rush, All The World's A Stage


Fabbistik t1_ja0z8ym wrote

The Killers at The Royal Albert Hall


xrod1992 t1_ja10k1y wrote

Live - Throwing Copper. Oh wait…


b0wie88 t1_ja11a0o wrote

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same


scottawhit t1_ja16n2m wrote

Clutch - all of their live albums but 9:30 is especially awesome.

Agent orange - real live sound. Amazing recording quality for its time. Incredible performance.

Lamb of god - killadelphia. And I was there for the taping.

I wish all bands released the soundboard audio to every ticket buyer at the show. I would love to relive all the amazing shows I’ve seen.


58Firedrome t1_ja17xyo wrote

Allman Brothers live at Fillmore East


roypdx t1_ja1dff5 wrote

UFO Strangers in the night


Chriskeo t1_ja1fbst wrote

Peter Frampton, Frampton Comes Alive. Set the bar for future live albums.


nonagonsopen t1_ja1iztp wrote

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live at Bonnaroo 22'


nonagonsopen t1_ja1j4kp wrote

David Gilmour Live at Pompeii


Hot-Recognition-525 t1_ja1skaa wrote

Oasis- Knebworth 96 Mac Miller- Live From Space Nirvana- MTV unplugged New York


MinorDet t1_ja1wju8 wrote

SRV - Live Alive


SouthBayGardenaKid t1_ja1wr59 wrote

Alice In Chains- Unplugged - Layne Staley voice is so haunting..


MrAmericanIdiot t1_ja2287p wrote

American Idiot blew my 10 year old mind in 2004. Bullet in a Bible blew my 11 year old mind in 2005 and introduced me to the idea of how good live music can be. I finally saw Green Day live in 2009 at 15. Best show of my life, even met them backstage afterwards. I’ve now seen them live ten times, Pinhead Gunpowder one time, and The Longshot two times.