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throwawaykarl t1_j9gfggy wrote

I guess you’re right if you mean by innovating he has made made generic sounding music even more bland and boring.


Stringy_PeteFO76 t1_j9gfris wrote

Indeed. Heard more innovating stuff coming from the speakers at Walmart.


Lol32112300 OP t1_j9gfoly wrote

Tell me how its generic and boring


TheWonkyBonk t1_j9gqiny wrote

his delivery is your average rapper's delivery.

Vocals so mired in autotune his words/lyrics aren't coherent.

After I googled the lyrics to understand what he is saying, it's the same shit that every generic rapper talks about: money, drugs, nice cars.

Same drum pattern that has been used since raps been alive (4/4 signature, literally dubbed common signature because it has been used so much).

Even when he switches flows, he is switching from an already pioneered lyrical flow to another already pioneered flow. Basically, goes from young thug to migos around 45 seconds in.

pretty run of the mill.


ln_unknown t1_j9gj2ae wrote

You're entitled to your opinion and it's great that you enjoy an artist so much...but I wouldn't say he's the most innovative musician "in the world"


Acceptable_Designer9 t1_j9gijy1 wrote

I think both Krispel and Ren are leaps and bounds better then this. I don’t find it very inventive or creative. Weak beats, weak delivery, weak word play. Just my opinion but in a crowded field this does not stand out


Lol32112300 OP t1_j9gj0xx wrote

Link a song that sounds like this


Acceptable_Designer9 t1_j9glile wrote

Roll wit me-Desiigner

And because something does not sound like anything else does not make it innovate, creative or ground breaking much Less good.


Lol32112300 OP t1_j9gptmo wrote

Sounds nothing alike lol


Acceptable_Designer9 t1_j9gqo3c wrote

Sounds pretty similar to me. I get it, you think this guy is the leading edge and that’s cool. You put it on here thinking he is the epicenter of innovation and then proceed to question anyone else’s opinions. But if this is what constitutes innovation to you, awesome. And if I am wrong I will admit as such, but I am betting this feed will be full of comments more similar to mine then yours. But I hope he gets all the support he needs, respect to him for even putting his stuff out there.


SixthHouseScrib t1_j9gmcd9 wrote

That was just over 2 minutes of complete derivative mediocrity. What was innovative about any of that.

Not saying its bad just wtf are you even talking about lol

Solja boy is making music like this a decade ago, guessing this guy has heard crank that


Mister_Weiss t1_j9gm7c2 wrote

Booring. Sounds just like all the other rapper out there. Nothing innovative at all. Same meter as any other contemporary rap artist. No variation in the beat. This is NOT “innovative”. It’s derivative


Ordinary_Meaning_602 t1_j9gu4kn wrote

All rappers out there is crazy, what about Curry, Saba, JID, Little simz, and more (I listed modern rappers)


Lol32112300 OP t1_j9gpvat wrote

Link a song that sounds like this one


Mister_Weiss t1_j9gs3pr wrote

Oh, come on. Here’s a better question. What makes it any different. The meter of his vocals are no different than anyone else making rap. The beat has no creativity. Oh, cool, he uses a guitar in the opener. Been done a million times. Are you with his PR Team? What exactly is “innovative” about his music?


Torn8Dough t1_j9h20wy wrote

Weird flex. Sounds average.


Streakermg t1_j9h3a70 wrote

That was super run of the mill. His flow and delivery of the hugely autotuned lyrics was quite bland and nothing short of average.


shane_zam t1_j9hk30i wrote

I think OP was just super high when he heard this guy the first time. I love rap and this is perfectly generic


Most-Panda5956 t1_j9i0mbs wrote

That was like the definition of mediocre. Super bland nothing really rememberable.


AlGeee t1_j9gniw5 wrote

Lots and lots of people to music like this.

It’s called hip-hop.