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Mister_Weiss t1_j9gm7c2 wrote

Booring. Sounds just like all the other rapper out there. Nothing innovative at all. Same meter as any other contemporary rap artist. No variation in the beat. This is NOT “innovative”. It’s derivative


Ordinary_Meaning_602 t1_j9gu4kn wrote

All rappers out there is crazy, what about Curry, Saba, JID, Little simz, and more (I listed modern rappers)


Lol32112300 OP t1_j9gpvat wrote

Link a song that sounds like this one


Mister_Weiss t1_j9gs3pr wrote

Oh, come on. Here’s a better question. What makes it any different. The meter of his vocals are no different than anyone else making rap. The beat has no creativity. Oh, cool, he uses a guitar in the opener. Been done a million times. Are you with his PR Team? What exactly is “innovative” about his music?