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Some examples of what I’m looking for is Shame by Stabbing Westward or the bridge in Lonely Day by System Of A Down. (“And if you go, I wanna go with you / And if you die, I wanna die with you / Take your hand and walk away”) Songs about complete devotion to a person, loving them so much you would do whatever they asked, not having an identity without this person, they are all you have, you would die for them, etc.

I’m not looking for stalker-ish songs like Dangerous by Big Data & Joywave or Mx. Sinister by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME and I’m not a fan of rap, pop and most indie music (indie rock is acceptable).

Thank you :)



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BlyStreetMusic t1_ja644ze wrote

Are you familiar with Glassjaw?


user26748568 OP t1_ja65ck6 wrote

No actually, should I give them a listen?


BlyStreetMusic t1_ja68owo wrote

The albums 'worship and tribute' and 'everything you ever wanted to know about silence' are both cover to cover what you're looking for in my opinion. Pure emotion.


cyberthief t1_ja6f9f2 wrote

1 crush by Garbage


user26748568 OP t1_ja6p0nd wrote

100% what I’m looking for! Thank you for the recommendation


Mystikalmyers79 t1_ja64w04 wrote

This love Pantera ... Cemetery Gates also very intense song could be taken in many ways.


Exige_Imperius t1_ja66moy wrote

Love Hate Love Alice in Chains


languidnbittersweet t1_ja81aph wrote

That's nuts! Was gonna answer this initially, but realized it didn't quite fit the brief for the reasons op pointed out lol


user26748568 OP t1_ja6atxy wrote

I actually do like this song but it’s a little different to what I’m looking for. Love Hate Love is more about intense want for control and ownership of a person rather than absolute devotion and possibly submission to a person which is what I’m looking for. Thank you for the recommendation though, it’s much appreciated


godblessJameson t1_ja6bjqv wrote

"Ultimate Devotion" Strung Out Most their songs are about love and obsession. It's on my list of favorite breakup music.

Plus anything by NIN. Specifically "Something I can Never Have"


mya_butreeks07 t1_ja6wlp6 wrote

The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out


Abaddon_Jones t1_ja71jpn wrote

Without you. Harry Nilsson.


TheDangDeal t1_ja79zot wrote

Harry Nilsson does heartache and heart break so well. You feel his pain every time.


admire816 t1_ja66agl wrote

I heard Shame by Stabbing Westward for the first time a few months ago and have listened to it dozens of times since. Nice to see it mentioned somewhere, I didn’t know if it was a well known song or not.


user26748568 OP t1_ja6b13p wrote

It’s such a well-written and underrated song. I’m so glad someone else can share my appreciation for it


DigiornoJoestar t1_ja68rzg wrote

Touch Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon


user26748568 OP t1_ja6a6kl wrote

I love how it sounds so rushed and desperate. I usually don’t like indie or pop music but this is definitely an exception. Thank you for the recommendation


VrinTheTerrible t1_ja69cz9 wrote

Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers


user26748568 OP t1_ja69sem wrote

Absolutely beautiful song and surprisingly is what I’m looking for. I definitely need to expand my genres of music lol Thank you for the recommendation


Hot_Larva t1_ja69uue wrote

Don’t fear the reaper


Haunting-Inspector16 t1_ja6b6gs wrote

Tonic - If You Could Only See


user26748568 OP t1_ja6c8vz wrote

Beautiful song, I can feel the hurt and desperation in it to do whatever he must to win back her love. Thank you for the recommendation


FirstPotatoKing t1_ja6eoaj wrote

You might POSSIBLY like Breezeblocks by alt-J “Please don’t go, please don’t go / I love you so, I love you so / please break my heart / please don’t go / I’ll eat you whole / I love you so / I love you I love you so”


user26748568 OP t1_ja6olie wrote

The lyrics are exactly what I’m looking for but the intensity is lacking, if you know what I mean. If the genre were different possibly? But thank you for the suggestion, I had forgot about that song until now. It was a nice refresher :)


FirstPotatoKing t1_ja7k0r6 wrote

What about something by Barns Courtney? Like maybe Never Let You Down, You and I, or Supernatural?


_BlueFire_ t1_ja6sx84 wrote

This seems the exact description of The Scarecrow album, by Avantasia


bop999 t1_ja6brns wrote

Legendarily Pink Dots - True Love

(also Only When I Laugh, same band)


HMTMKMKM95 t1_ja6j1h3 wrote

Strange Currencies - REM


okay_ya_dingus t1_ja6owt6 wrote

Maybe try Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event

Edit to say on second thought this one might be more towards the stalkier end of the spectrum than what you are looking for


shnksi t1_ja6y2mh wrote

Man who can't be moved - The Script


GK3500 t1_ja7492a wrote

Addicted by 4FOXSAKE :)


honglath t1_ja75ewy wrote

Anxiety by Blackbear perhaps. But it's in the lyrics department.


Mayaaster t1_ja79rdh wrote

I mean A little piece of heaven by Avenged Sevenfold


debaser64 t1_ja7jjhc wrote

Early Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?, From Her To Eternity


phyrgx t1_ja7k68z wrote

Melanie - Weird Al Yankovic


WinterTill2264 t1_ja7mu0l wrote

Snuff by Slipknot

Idk why no one has mentioned this yet


ochre-bloom t1_ja7skdj wrote

sacrifice by london after midnight


Aberbekleckernicht t1_ja7vclb wrote

Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind - Frank Zappa

A little more lighthearted than some others here. Just a little.


BadHillbili t1_ja7vj9t wrote

Every Breath You Take by the Police. Sting once expressed disbelief and concern that so many people reported to him that this was the song they choose to play at their wedding.


Soup0828 t1_ja8dmpg wrote

Desire by meg myers


konosyn t1_ja8rl3s wrote

Good Arms Vs Bad Arms — Frightened Rabbit


Inspired_Blade t1_ja8wbo5 wrote

Nothing Shameful - DGD

Diamond on a Landmine - Billy Talent


Ill-Administration72 t1_ja91qtk wrote

Sugar were going down- fall out but Bitemarks and Bloodstains-Finch


ConsiderationSlow863 t1_ja9dbkf wrote

Shelley Duvall - 'He Needs Me' (Could be seen as sweet but I hear Psychotic)

The Crystals - 'He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)'

She Wants Revenge - 'Tear You Apart'


blue-eyed-zola t1_ja6q1qn wrote

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley