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Martipar t1_ja9mpl1 wrote

It's entirely possible to fail after selling out because it's very easy to lose your existing fan base and not gain new fans.

Plenty of UK pubs are closing because they modernise and lose their clientele who came in daily drinking a pint an hour for most of the day and only attracting a handful of new customers who mostly only come in at the weekend.

Personally i feel Linkin Park sold out when they rerecorded an album with a rapper which was clearly designed to get people to end up with two versions of one album for very little effort.

As for bands that haven't sold out but have evolved is Iron Maiden, most evident by the fact they didn't go alternative or nu-metal in the 90s like many of their contemporaries. They've gone from essentially Heavy Budgie, to having a style all their own then having a hiatus from Bruce Dickinson with again a very unique sound with Blaze Bayley then having a rebirth with Bruce again and they've basically gone prog and all eras are fine by me.