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lellololes t1_j9glm7q wrote

It's a very common way people listen to music.

Like... Exceedingly common.


PPLifter t1_j9gyre7 wrote

Which is why its a symptom of ADHD, because natural human behaviour is apparently ADHD now


Amazlingtons t1_j9ivlnv wrote

ADHD is a very real and can be quite debilitating. People with the condition do fixate on things and self stimulate. It’s definitely over-diagnosed - still a real thing.


Archy38 t1_j9izevc wrote

This becomes apparent with our annual Spotify stats, my (non ADHD) friends would always have way more artists discovered but I would have those same artists that they shared with me but like...listened to their entire discography and enough that they make my top 5

It is a good feeling because once the fatigue sets in from binging them, I discover another artist and binge on them instead. Helps to appreciate the lesser-known songs that are overshadowed by the overplayed hits.


_BlueFire_ t1_j9hgk81 wrote

Is it common for people to listen the same album like 2-10 times a day (depending on what you're doing) for a couple of months? I've always been told I'm weird because of that


lellololes t1_j9i80hn wrote

2 times? Not odd.

10 is a bit weird though.


_BlueFire_ t1_j9j3hos wrote

Not regular, but when I was able to manage focusing on my studies I could easily loop something 3-4 times a day minimum. There was one album which lasted precisely a pomodoro cycle of 1h and I even used it to have a rhythm. My average then was probably like 6-8 times a day and there's when I probably peaked at 10.

Then fast forward on year and I got diagnosed mild ADHD lol


lellololes t1_j9jpoiv wrote

10 is a lot. Not surprised at the diagnosis.

Most people don't have an opportunity to listen to music that much, never mind the same album on repeat ten times in a day.


_BlueFire_ t1_j9jwak3 wrote

Yeah, but more than the amount of times it's that music was essential to properly study (from here the amount). It keeps one piece of my mind occupied so it doesn't wander around lol It frightens knowing that I'm still in the "able to properly function" side of the spectrum


lellololes t1_j9jx3ok wrote

Makes sense to me.

I don't have ADD but having some form of music playing can help me focus on a task.

For me at least, it generally needs to be instrumental or mostly instrumental.

What I think it does for me is removes the drudgery of doing something that is repetitive and boring.

That being said, I don't need it to be the same album over and over again. I have broad tastes and a lot to pull from musically.


_BlueFire_ t1_j9kjlgf wrote

I mostly need to know it well enough to be able to background it. Not being an native English speaker helps, but for example the 6-8-times-a-day album was Italian so lol (I also liked the exam, which helped even though I hated what of the exam had to be studied).

I listen a lot of music, but that's my approach to the new one. I need to get fixated on something for a while to propey register it


TheBeginningOfMe t1_j9i5470 wrote

It's a little odd. Are you a truck driver with only 2 CDs in your vehicle?


_BlueFire_ t1_j9kke4g wrote

Student, when I study I often loop throughout the day. However I dive into an album before going to the next one (I also need to find something to get fixated, if it doesn't I listen it kinda normally, but it can get annoying wanting to listen something and not knowing what. A big fridge full of unfilling left overs)


Athelis t1_j9i6d0y wrote

Yea lately there's a few live shows I've been throwing on whenever I want some music in the background. Which led to me rediscovering my love of Blind Guardian. But things will cycle and I'll move on to something else and "rediscover" something else.


lellololes t1_j9i7ond wrote

Hansi is a great singer. He sang on a couple of Ayreon albums, you should check them out (If you're not familiar, it's a collaborative group that pulls in different singers for each album - including Mikael Akerfeldt, James Labrie, Bruce Dickinson, and Devin Townsend).


Athelis t1_j9i9sid wrote

Ahh yea I'll check them out, I'm a Maiden fan so I'll definitely have to listen to the one with Dickinson.

One of the other shows I've been listening to Ween Live in Chicago. Definitely worth a listen if you're looking for something different. The band was firing on all cylinders that night.


Innuendo69 t1_j9imkpi wrote

Start with "The electric castle". It's without Hansi but just mind-blowing. Dude, I wish I could be in your position and discover ayreon all over again.


M-atthew147s t1_j9isd6q wrote

No it's not.

Exclusively??? It's 'exceedingly common' to really like an album and listen to that a heck of a lot in a short period of time. But to 'almost exclusively' listen to it for 2 months is absolutely ridiculous.

People here clearly don't know what exclusively means...


lellololes t1_j9jr3s7 wrote

I dunno, when I was younger and bought albums I sure as hell would listen to them over and over - maybe in part because I didn't have an unlimited supply of new music. Even today when I encounter something new these days I'll listen to it a lot. I think "exclusively" probably falls a bit on the ADD or OCD side, but "listening to one album more than everything else combined" is definitely quite common.

As with everything in life, there is a very wide range of ways that people interact with music.


onomatopoetix t1_j9imj5x wrote

in case anyone was wondering why soo many gamers get mercilessly attacked by nostalgia upon hearing jeremy soule. the year it was released, so many great artistes from different genres made so much good music


HerculesVoid t1_j9j8twa wrote

It is the reason why the company that spends the most money to keep pushing an artists song out onto the radio will usually be in the top 10 easily. It isn't who is the best, just which label will sponsor their artist the most.


gonzo8927 t1_j9gnbzo wrote

My Spotify liked Playlist kind of acts like this. Because it's in chronological order I can tell where I was in my life when I liked the song


Quickbrownfox101 t1_j9jwl3x wrote

My Spotify plays are all named the date they were created. I also move a lot, I love being able to go back to 2015 and remember my time in Philly or 2017 and instantly transported to living in Ireland.


ThornyBeard t1_j9gi3dl wrote

Any chance you have ADHD? This is a common occurrence for me where I get hyper fixated and listen to a specific type of sound until I never want to hear it again.


yesitsyourmom t1_j9il34b wrote

I was going to comment this but thought I would scroll down to see if someone commented and they did! It’s a common ADHD trait. I don’t usually fixate on an album, usually a song. I put it on repeat and listen to nothing else for periods of time.


Character-Data432 t1_j9jorra wrote

I do the same thing but for a different reason. If I listen to a song enough times, it gets ingrained in my memory and then I can listen to it whenever I want by playing said song in my head


zyygh t1_j9gwawy wrote

Holy shit, my life makes sense to me now.


darkbee83 t1_j9gziv5 wrote

The complete opposite, actually: I listen to most new albums once in their entirety, and then they go into my massive MP3 collection and I might stumble upon one of its songs when it comes by on shuffle.


CubeLovd59 t1_j9gkkj4 wrote

That just sounds like ADHD.

Source: I have ADHD.


ign1fy t1_j9j4rpq wrote

I thought this was an /r/adhdmeme post at first. Someone makes the reference every week on that sub.


sf-sorrows t1_j9gglex wrote

I do this too! Music fixations are milestones in my life when I look back on past memories. Often even more so than regular milestones like getting driver’s license or whatever haha


lcenine t1_j9h39h5 wrote

I would say that is extremely common. I and most people I know do the same thing.

What gets kind of awesome is revisiting artists/albums as you get older, and the perspectives can change, usually for the better.


Elegant_Spot_3486 t1_j9gqspx wrote

Always have. If I like it I wear it out. In my youth the cycles were shorter though because so much good music was made back then I always had something new to crank up. So often it might be a couple albums of different styles (rock, pop, hip hop, metal). But I can play any of those and know what I was in to at the time, my relationship info, who I hung out with and stuff like that.


AAWonderfluff t1_j9gyjo6 wrote

Could be an ADHD thing. I have that. I've gotten like this with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Talking Heads... Man there's a lot of great music...


RonjonKar t1_j9hfeei wrote

Yes. Sometimes even a specific song. I remember listening to Tame Impala's 'The Less I know is Better' on loop all the time when it first came out. Still love that song.


RippleAffection t1_j9i91kt wrote

Old guy here. This is how you did it when tapes and CDs cost $$. Buy an album and fully absorb it, then try something else.


_entp t1_j9gf75j wrote

This is so true. I have songs that remind me about certain points of my life. There’s a song I was obsessed with at the start of the pandemic and listening to it now reminds me of that time and how I felt.


49erville t1_j9gpeep wrote

You're not alone. If something catches my ear I get hooked for a while and then kinda move on but now that fixation is in the memory banks and gets revisited when the mood strikes.


Nathan_Poe t1_j9iqi6f wrote

What I do almost every day is pick an artist and start listening to their entire discography in chronological order.

This is a special kind of self torture since there's not a streaming service that gives a rat dick about release years. Albums are sorted alphabetically, I have to keep a Wikipedia tab open to track the listen order

Seriously, am i the only person that cares about album years?


crrtis t1_j9gj39i wrote

You’re not alone. I do it with other things too.


musicenjoyer25 t1_j9gmt76 wrote

I do the exact same thing you perfectly described me and Kendrick Lamar and odd future


Jak012398 t1_j9gqne0 wrote

I read that comment to my wife and she said did I write it?? 😂😂


CalBearSummer t1_j9h3ib9 wrote

Pretty much anytime I start listening to a new album and then realize I love it, I relisten to it on repeat for at least a month.

Random: Reading the comments, I have been noticing signs of ADHD in myself that I never knew were ADHD. I'm almost 34, never diagnosed, but wow, after a google, maybe this is something to discuss with a doc, haha. Thanks Reddit.


coolsimon123 t1_j9hwrl1 wrote

Is that an ADHD thing? I’m 27 and really really starting to think I have ADHD


Character-Data432 t1_j9jp167 wrote

After reading the comments, I’m starting to think I might need to go to a check up and see if I have it


TheBeginningOfMe t1_j9i583y wrote

You don't. Adderall is already on a shortage.


coolsimon123 t1_j9iuws5 wrote

Lol I would never medicate it, I'm pretty sure it is my super power working in IT. Hyperfixation coupled with a laziness that makes automation essential to actually get work done I'm left with doing work about 20% of the day and being paralysed about upcoming projects the rest of the time


fleeyevegans t1_j9i04nm wrote

I do. I'm obsessive with the shit and then move on.


Drew_The_Millennial t1_j9i4yzg wrote

This should be considered normal, but streaming and playlists have changed the way a lot of people listen. I prefer listening to a band or an album.


Porcupineemu t1_j9i8lld wrote

I’ll listen to the same song for weeks till I find a new one to obsess on.


broc_ariums t1_j9ikds8 wrote

Nope. You're the only one. Ever.


trucksandrecords t1_j9ipncf wrote

Absolutely. You are not alone. I get obsessed with an artist sometimes and want to hear their whole catalog. But I also mix in other stuff, like a 75/25 ratio to keep from burning out on them. I generally listen to entire albums at once.


its_a_birgie t1_j9go9nv wrote

That sums up my existence exactly


throwaway572688 t1_j9gqjty wrote

I fixate on a specific band and then I exclusively listen to that band for a while until something new comes along.


natalove t1_j9h00nn wrote

It's never been any different.


sorengray t1_j9hbz7k wrote

I do something similar after getting tired of shuffled song by listening to a band I like's entire discography in order and hearing them evolve as a band and give myself that band's vibe for a few hours or days, depending on their output and what I'm doing. Gives me a vibe/ a soundtrack for that time.

(Also, I have many time travel albums that bring me right back to specific times in my life that I listened to on repeat at that time)


saintly_devil t1_j9hdiyl wrote

It need not be albums, but more like songs for me. There are songs that I keep going back to, and have Alexa play repeatedly while I shower. So it's perfectly normal.


shadowland07 t1_j9hes43 wrote

Yeah, I’ll go through phases like this


_BlueFire_ t1_j9hg7jn wrote

This. That's literally how it works for me most of the times!

It's actually curious that it's now happening with 2 different albums.


SwingingDicks t1_j9hoys7 wrote

Que Sera -Clark Terry and Chico O’Farrill


MinerLaurence t1_j9hs3xh wrote

Yes, I have been listening to Dylan in loops since 1979.


IAmTheRealTroy t1_j9hsfvt wrote

Definitely. I get stuck on entire albums, start to finish in order. Radio station? Playlist set on mix? No thanks!


2giga2dweebish t1_j9htl98 wrote

I used to be like that initially, but I've come to enjoy variety. My problem now is I'll listen to an album once or twice, come back to it a few years later and I can't remember anything about it.


1nternetP3rson t1_j9htndj wrote

i do it too. same with other things like shows, movies, and books so i assume it’s normal.


Warm_Tap_2202 t1_j9hu2yd wrote

Actually I have been in a 90s Alt rock loop with some early 2000s thrown in for about the last 5 year's and if I drink on a Saturday night dam I'm in heaven so many choices


truedoom t1_j9hvcmg wrote

Super common j would have thought.

Whenever I find a good album or song I've never heard but really like, it'll generally go on repeat for a few days or weeks.


PoeticDichotomy t1_j9hwdbg wrote

Yep. I only really listen to the bottom maybe 15 songs in my playlist.

Every now and then I’ll put it on shuffle


tea-likethedrink t1_j9hwj4t wrote

Wait...there's another way to listen to music other than obsessing over some good shit?! Say whaaaaa?! XP


atomic1fire t1_j9i51wh wrote

Sort of, but it's more so that I tend to look for songs that match whatever's on my mind or whatever "thing" I think I need to hear at the moment. Although sometimes it is a fixtation on a certain artist or genre, most of the time I'm just looking to deal with something and the music is just there to destress or reorient.

It's also why I don't usually like describing what kind of music do I listen to, because I feel like I have to compromise for fear of hearing something like "Why do you listen to THAT?".

In a weird way I guess it's my opinion that music can be social and also innately personal, so for me asking "What's on your playlist" is equal parts "What do you like to listen to?" and "What are you like?" and I don't always feel open to answering personal questions.


Holding4th t1_j9i528x wrote

If you live long enough, you may eventually return to that artist/album, and it will become a time capsule for another period in your life. It's happened to me with a few albums.


Jarjar808945 t1_j9i5ibc wrote

Constantly. Most recently, My Chemical Romance October-November 2022, VOILÀ December 2022-January 2023. Cartel, this month.


I-tell-you-hwat t1_j9i5n30 wrote

Iron Maiden- Brave New World was my soundtrack when Diablo 2 came out. The album never fails to make me want to play D2.

My current fixation is He Is Legend - Endless Hallway

I’m finding, as I get older, music I REALLY enjoy is becoming harder and harder for me to find. Its starting to all sound the same.


beshizzle t1_j9i6uff wrote

My wife does this a lot.


ogfuelbone12 t1_j9iaa8l wrote

No doubt. Every year some of my favorite bands come out with new music and every year, on my Spotify wrapped, my top 5 songs are usually the first 5 songs of that new album haha.

Me and my friends went through a degen phase and 2 albums were the soundtrack to said degen phase. I’ve got an album that reminds me of my first year of college, walking through the quad on my way to history class. I’ve got an album that reminds me of moving out of my parents house for the first time. Dad rock, mainly Zeppelin live tunes, for when me and the boys were smokin weed in high school haha.

I’ve got a buddy who reserves certain artists/albums for seasons tho which is different and intriguing.


xb58 t1_j9icl05 wrote

I have spent the last year listening to only Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Pink Floyd. So I'd say yes it's common


mediumrareass t1_j9ih49v wrote

I like to make a playlist for every month of my nonstop listened to songs. It’s cool to go back to past years and reminisce about what my life was like when I was listening to that music. A lot of times I forget about stuff that was going on, and it helps me remember too.


Bob25Gslifer t1_j9im619 wrote

Yeah I've never listened to shuffle or a mix it irritates me vs soothing me.


Flam3crash t1_j9ingmj wrote

Its super basic , everyone does it Sometimes i can listen to single song for weeks also . Why do you think 10 hour and 24 hour song loops are a thing in youtube :D


Lappi_Shadow_Wolf t1_j9ipqcr wrote

I've been doing this for years. 22 - 23 years, to be exact. Most recently, it's been with The Amity Affliction's 'Misery' and Ozzy Osbourne's 'Patient Number 9'. Before that, it was Nightwish's 'Human|Nature'.
It's just how I've always listened to music. I'll listen to a apecific album until I know it like the back of my hand. Then move to the next one. I eventually go back and realise what a good album most of them are, and wonder why the hell it's been so long lol


Ultamira t1_j9iycyr wrote

Yep, I do this alllllllll the time


FradonRecords t1_j9izwq6 wrote

I'm exactly the same as you. The first band I got into was ELO and I listened to their music for about 2 years straight. Then I moved onto Queen, ABBA, Beatles, Jacob Collier, Vulfpeck, and now Pink Floyd.


Karles02 t1_j9j03ld wrote

Yes I am listening inside my love -Minnie Riperton


Icantlikeeveryone t1_j9j5239 wrote

I don't do that lmao. I just listen to an album mostly once (if it's really up to my taste, I played 3 times for max), then I choose some tracks from that album in a playlist, but only play 1-4 tracks on loop. Ex: I listened to Emotion album (both standard and side b) by Carly Rae Jepsen twice, then choose some tracks for my walking playlist, but I mostly play "Emotion" track on loop.


imacmadman22 t1_j9j5r2j wrote

Back when we bought actual, physical media (records, tapes, CDs) I listened to entire albums from beginning to end, repeatedly until I knew every song. All the lyrics, all of the music and I also read the liner notes and credits over and over. I quite literally wore out all of the first several albums I ever owned from repeated listening.

It’s a bit tougher now to get all of the information with streaming services, but Wikipedia helps. I’m currently working through Toto’s catalog, I really forgot how good they are and how many really good songs they wrote besides their big hits. Before them, I spent about two months listening to a couple of older Santana albums. Next up, who knows?


bardleyCooper t1_j9j7ww8 wrote

I do the same, and when I travel I chose a specific album / artists / songs to do the soundtrack. When I listen to them later on I remember nice moments of the voyage.


noopenusernames t1_j9j8wyp wrote

It’s especially good when the album synches up really well with something else thematically similar that’s going on in your life. I started listening to the album “Coral Throne” by Mandroid Echostar at the same time I started playing Dark Souls, and they both complemented each other really well because of the medieval themes. I started listening to “Passion of Heist II” by I Am Abomination and the same thing happened, as the themes are basically about moral-less gods wrecking our world.


thread_cautiously t1_j9jaydu wrote

Yep I do this. I also have obsessions with a single song for like a few days where it will be on repeat; sometimes to the point where I get sick of it hahaha


maseioavessiprevisto t1_j9jdigt wrote

I actively try to avoid doing that. I don’t want music to overstay it’s welcome and bore me, so I try to switch them up and always listen to a variety of bands even when I’m fixated on certain stuff.


Str1pes t1_j9je78l wrote

Yeah and I often burn out on the music to the point I won't be able to listen to it for years even...


Vegan_Puffin t1_j9jft9j wrote

Yes. Iron Maiden. I have listened to them every day for at least 30 minutes for about 5 months.

When at work I can get through 2 or 3 entire albums.


HebiArai t1_j9jmtuc wrote

Aaa i relate to this so much Måneskin was my biggest hyperfixation in 2021 just to make Ghost my current hyperfixation since last November. I sometimes go back to artists like Skillet or Simon Curtis when I first heard of them while growing up

And then I'm back to Måneskin because of their latest album dudjdkzkzk


gabrielagabrielas t1_j9jmvyb wrote

Yes. I usually can't focus on different artists/bands at the same time, so I take turns of a few months in wich I consume everything (albums, interviews, live performances, etc.) about them.


RockstarCowboy1 t1_j9jpukw wrote

I don’t have emotional attachment to music anymore. But I am an album only on repeat for extended periods of time kind of guy.


richieandcarts t1_j9jrmej wrote

yeah I tend to listen to a lot of an artist or genre for a bit and then it eventually cycles to something else.

I actually make playlists of my current “favorite” songs and name the playlist for the time of year it is. Ill put like “early 2022” for the title and add songs that I’m currently listening to the most on it. Then when it seems like those songs are no longer relevant to the new group of songs I’m listening to (like I’m cycling out of listening to them) I make a new playlist like “mid-2022” or “late 2022” depending on the time of year.

So I’ve been doing that since 2017.


CrossbarTandem t1_j9jsbot wrote

Yes. I'm in my Ke$ha phase right now.


saschaleib t1_j9jsk4j wrote

I usually focus on one artist or band for a couple of weeks or months, annoying my family with it, and then move on to the next. I make sure to keep a mix playlist with the best songs for re-hearing it in a couple of months, though.


terryjuicelawson t1_j9jsmg2 wrote

When young for sure, partly as I may have bought a record and it was just new. And I didn't have a lot of other options. Now, almost exclusively though, no. But potentially daily or a few times a week. And it can take me back to certain times and places for sure. But if I have so many choices to listen to I will move on for a time.


theglassjaw t1_j9juaaa wrote

Me listening to Julien Baker for the last 5 years

No idea what you're talking about


rocketraider t1_j9jveim wrote

I do this all the time. It's why I can place songs on exact years released, because I can remember certain situations where I was doing something listening to a song and I've moved quite a bit in my life and had many jobs. So doing something based on the environment I'm in while doing so can pinpoint the song's year pretty well.

I usually play a song/album/seasonal playlist out for a few weeks, then go back to my usual stuff like Spotify's New Music Friday. I listened to almost nothing but Tame Impala for a year when I discovered them, it was the first time ever that my attention was held for more than a few weeks.

I'm 50, so I feel like it keeps my brain young.


Quickbrownfox101 t1_j9jww3a wrote

I do this but I also know not everyone does this because people have commented on how can I still be listening to this band? I listened to nothing but cat empire for maybe 6 months straight when I first discovered them. Also I have not been diagnosed with ADHD.


thestraightCDer t1_j9jzby7 wrote

This thread is wild. Well done for listening to music I guess.


Killer-Styrr t1_j9k4b9x wrote

I'm like that, and it might not be a majority way to listen, but it's not uncommon at all either.

Importantly, I think you get A LOT out of your music/artist that way.
(Disclaimer: Different strokes for different folks and all that. . . )

I have several friends who buy/download entire discographies (sometimes even of swaths of a genre), and they simply don't get around to listening to a lot of it, they often miss out on actually appreciating an *album*, and they simply don't get as "into" a band as listener's like you and I. Which is fine, but it truly is experiencing and imo appreciating the music less.
With all my favorite bands, I know virtually every song on every album. And I do like LOTS of bands, so I really don't feel limited at all. But the best part is the love, appreciating, and connection you make with a band (or person) that you truly know. In many ways I feel like it's similar to having 100 friends versus having 5 really good, close friends. I think we all know which type of person truly knows and appreciates their friends more. . .


SEPHYtw t1_j9k546z wrote

I’ve only, by my own motor, put on Queens of the Stone Age for the last 12 months…


radioactivemanissue4 t1_j9k8ssx wrote

I get hyper focused on sub genres. Last year very into phonk, this year really into jungle.


eqmusiccommunity t1_j9kks6e wrote

1000% that's why it's so important to ask people "what they're listening to" bc it could describe that chapter in their life


mikeasaurus_rexx t1_j9kpdqa wrote

Nooooo. Nobody else in the entire world listens to music that way. You're the only one. You're totally unique.

Come on.


KingSmizzy t1_j9kr68z wrote

I wasn't like that before, but it's becoming a habit of mine too. FKJ came out with an album last year and I was hooked on it, listening to FKJ every day. Then I recently discovered Polyphia and was listening to their songs on repeat. Then I saw Vulfpeck had a new album and I've been re-listening to their whole discography multiple times.


Persepus t1_j9kt2oo wrote

I'm in my 60's and we bought the latest album by(Bowie, Deep Purple, Floyd, Yes, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Genesis).We would devour the album cover info, band members, producers, session and back up players.Online listening deprives you of that enjoyment.Today, people listen cocooned in their personal headphone space,we would see pals with an album under their arm and you would ask what's that? It's the new Yes album "Whoa,can I borrow it"? And Soo it went!!


litetravelr t1_j9kuzqb wrote

Yea, I've done that my whole life, which in the CD age was an expensive method, as I'd be constantly going back to my local Strawberries record store to get another chunk of discography. Then in the internet era I'd get re-obsessed all over again and download/discover all the rarer EP's, B-sides and compilation only tracks until there was literally nothing left to digest.


RicksAnd40s t1_j9kvlff wrote

This is one reason I love how there's a "last added" Playlist in my library. I can scroll randomly through it and play some music I found, one after another, from a completely different time in my life.


pvantine t1_j9kwaf4 wrote

Pretty much the reason bands still make albums.


Cannibal_OX t1_j9kyses wrote

Not always. But recently I was "stuck" on "Synchronicity II" by The Police. Listened to it for weeks. Currently fixated on "Molecules" by Aesop Rock. But when I'm in that frame of mind I do still listen to other stuff. Just that I frequently go back to those tracks I'm hung up on.


[deleted] OP t1_j9kzyrt wrote

Yeah I get pretty obsessed when I discover a cool new band too man. Well new to me anyway. It's perfectly normal man. Rock out brother 🤟😎🤘


GuyWhoRocks95 t1_j9l4adc wrote

All I got to say is the album “You’ll Be Fine” - Hot Mulligan


MaidenMetalhead t1_j9livk5 wrote

When I lived at home I would put the arm across on my record player. So it would repeat I could go to sleep but the record would still be playing.when I awoke I would somehow know all the lyrics to the songs, like I had been brainwashed while kind of freaked me out when I first discovered this.still do it to this day though no studying lyrics needed I guess it's a gift has anyone else experienced this


Not_a_Rocket_Doctor t1_j9m4qfp wrote

Also hella common with people with ADHD or other neurodivergent conditions.


blossomcrusher t1_j9i1bcf wrote

The music is just that powerful it’s not adhd or whatever the fuck…it’s the music.


SnooGuavas2725 t1_j9i2od8 wrote