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I recently had a heart attack, and am supppperrrrr lucky to be alive. I’m dealing with lots of PTSD from it, and want to get into my feelings with music. I’m looking for suggestions on inspirational, touching, emotional, etc songs. I listen to everything except country and heavy metal, but I’m open to anything. I really appreciate any and all suggestions! Thank you



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JaiRenae t1_jab6m3f wrote

Van Morrison- Into The Mystic


fraxior t1_jab4epn wrote

Portishead - Live at Roseland NYC


Jackoff_Alltrades t1_jab4mey wrote

“…Like Clockwork” by Queens of the Stone Age.

Main guy nearly died after some complications from surgery iirc. It can get dark, but it’s beautiful


Aromatic-Window-6113 t1_jab7511 wrote

So happy you’re here!! Idk if these are in the inspirational category, but they’re definitely emotional to me

Billions - Caroline Polachek

Spitting Off the Edge of the World - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. - Lana Del Rey

Joga - Björk

Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine


epicMCD t1_jab8r7w wrote

BTS’ Tear album - changed my life. Don’t knock it till you try it.


aclarson79 t1_jab9z1k wrote

Father John Misty - start with I Love You Honeybear


ricottapie t1_jabcwzx wrote

Peter Gabriel's Us has gotten me through some rough patches. It's great to listen to at any time, but especially when you want to let the music in and have it go to work for you.

Some sweet, dreamy, and sometimes sad album recs:

Song to a Seagull, Joni Mitchell

Parallelograms, Linda Perhacs

There Are No Saints; Plastic Grave, Siobhan Wilson

Future Games, Fleetwood Mac (the title track, maybe not so much. Everything else, I recommend 😂)

Never For Ever; Aerial, Kate Bush

Hope some of these help! Take your time healing inside and out ❤️


Gadgetspector t1_jabdqb1 wrote

Tom Waits - Alice

Evanescence - Like You (it's dark); Good Enough; Lithium; The Last Song I'm Wasting on You; Lost in Paradise; Secret Door; Far From Heaven (sad).

Smashing Pumpkins - Tear (sad)

Jeff Buckley -

Goldfrapp - Stranger

Saosin - Sore Distress

Glad you're ok.


Notinyourbushes t1_jabnl09 wrote

Probably just a me thing but; I love music more than anything, but I'm at an age it seldom has a strong effect on my emotions (mood, yes. Emotions, no). This song gets me though. It really strikes a reflective chord on how music has been an such an important part of my life.


OkSoft9617 t1_jad1egl wrote

Soon You’ll Get Better and Marjorie by Taylor Swift rock me to tears without even trying. SYGB is about her mother’s cancer diagnosis, and Marjorie was after her grandmother. They are absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking