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Bugslugs47 t1_je7hm8e wrote

As a Brit I liked Jimmy Carter, a very compassionate man, and still to this day listen to the Allman Brothers all of the time - love Soulshine even though it was written by Warren Haynes.


bolivar-shagnasty t1_je7ales wrote

> The Almond Brothers

Insert eyetwitch.jpeg


BlueAndMoreBlue t1_je7og4w wrote

If it makes you feel any better, before the ABB Duane and Greg used to tour as “Allman Joy”


jesusonice t1_jea4hu7 wrote

I've legitimately thought it was Almond Brothers my whole life. I feel so dumb


McMacHack t1_je7zpq8 wrote

We need to just make a Cartoon set in the 70's where Jimmy Carter, The Allman Brothers, Dolly Parton and others are part of a Justice League. Pilot episode has to be about the time Jimmy personally disabled a nuclear reactor to keep it from melting down.


DaddyCatALSO t1_je8aci3 wrote

Dolly didn't have her reputation t hen, she wasn't yet known for her charities.


Albert_Caboose t1_je9xpel wrote

Then make her the new kid with a pure heart who needs to prove themselves. Have fun it with by making jokes about what she eventually went on to do.


Glum_Improvement382 t1_je7qfnr wrote

Great documentary. Deeply underrated president.


DeuceSevin t1_je7u5yu wrote

Naw, great man but largely ineffective as president. Even before he got fucked over in Iran.


tacobell999 t1_je98agt wrote

Good man. Horrible President


Zoophagous t1_je9mfr2 wrote

He negotiated the first treaty between Israel and an Arab country. He took action on climate change before it was popular to do so. His administration was not corrupt. And by not corrupt I mean that there was nothing, no indictments, no scandals. Carter was the last honest man to hold the office. That fact alone puts him head and shoulders above those that came after him.


graigmarkel t1_je9wrg4 wrote

All true, except don’t forget Barack Obama came after him. The only president to try taking on the health insurance industry that controls this country.


islandsimian t1_je9myhl wrote

Just saw this while watching the documentary on Chuck Leavell - an absolute legend


Warning - political commentary...

I look at Biden the same as Carter - they were both handed an absolute shitshow and will never get the recognition they deserve


kappamaster710 t1_jeag62u wrote

Jimmy Carter wasn’t dementiated’ when he was president tho. He at least knew what planet he was on.


nigeldcat t1_je8fx3f wrote

Thanks for sharing. I was coming of age at this time in the south and the Allman Brothers were a regular backing track to all sorts of stuff. Gotta give it to Jimmy for his character, principles, and respect for other people's differences. He did stuff because it was the right thing to do and not because it was politically beneficial and made him richer.

Southern rock was seen as way less conservative than it is today. The sex, drugs, alcohol, and music were all seen as threats to society if you openly engaged. OK to do it if you went to church on Sunday to condemn those that you spent Saturday night engaging in those activities.


CapnJacksPharoah t1_je8jgdt wrote

Big respect for Jimmy Carter - not the best national politician but a great example of staying true to your ideals.


BertramScudder t1_je7umj0 wrote

That's the most 70s thing I've heard all day.


tamarzipan t1_je9818n wrote

Was he born on the back seat of a Greyhound bus?