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Notinyourbushes t1_jdseo9f wrote

Isn't there a law/rule in the screen guild union (or whatever) that actors can't have the same name? A number of actors have to switch or change their names up because of that. Might be wrong but I'm pretty sure there's like no choice there, it's more than just a branding thing.

If that's the case, then JB "took" the name before DJB had the chance.

DJB sounds cooler anyways.


Ok-Pressure-3879 t1_jdsgkpq wrote

There was something like that with the English actors union? David Tennant said he had to get a different name because of that.


iMogwai t1_jdsi8qe wrote

The English actor and comedian Hugh Dennis actually uses his middle name for the same reason. >Dennis uses his middle name Hugh as his stage name because the actor Peter Dennis was already a member of the performing arts union [Equity]([16] He later revealed in a 2016 episode of BBC's [Would I Lie to You?]( that he had requested to keep his birth name as there was little chance of confusion between the two actors due to their age difference. Equity told him that this would normally have been allowed, but advised against it as Peter Dennis was the chair of the union's naming committee at the time.[17]


mailboxfacehugs t1_jdsksrc wrote

Michael Keaton’s real name is Michael Douglas. There was already a Michael Douglas registered with the Screen Actors Guild so he picked a name out of a phonebook (so the story goes at least)