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First that comes to my mind is Lynyrd Skynyrd 'Sweet Home Alabama" responding to Neil Young's "Southern Man" and "Alabama" with:


"... I heard Mr. Young sing about her
I heard old Neil put her down
I hope Neil Young will remember
a Southern man don't need him 'round anyhow...
Sweet Home Alabama..."



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GreatZarquon t1_jdmhs4s wrote

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby,

Come with me Friday, don't say maybe,

I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby, like you.


mrbadxampl t1_jdmo46x wrote

Smoke on the Water mentions Frank Zappa and the Mothers (of Invention)

Fountains of Wayne's "Laser Show" names off the (at the time) four members of Metallica; "James and Jason, Kirk and Lars"


SillyPuttyGizmo t1_jdnnrst wrote

Smoke also mentions the Rolling Stones


Heavy-Week5518 t1_jdorxe6 wrote

It's interesting that it wasn't that band they mentioned. Rather, the Rolling Stone mobile recording truck. The Stones commissioned it, but it became so popular that it became a business used by many bands in the early 70s. Deep Purple was waiting their turn to use it when a fire started during the Zappa concert. It was caused by a fan with fireworks. Thus the storyline of Smoke. Btw DP used the truck to record Machine Head, Burn & Stormbringer


Red-eyed_Vireo t1_jdmizxy wrote

Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers.

Dallas.. got a Soft Machine.

Southern Rock Opera.

Lucinda: "Just play me John Coltrane" in Righteously.

Henley: "I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac."


BassClef70 t1_jdmkp7w wrote

And the Lemonheads (maybe?) with “I saw a Black Flag sticker….”


UrnCult t1_jdn8pzr wrote

Bonus to OP too. Southern Rock Opera has a song called Ronnie & Neil. So there’s another song that directly mentions Skynyrd, Neil Young and “Southern Man.”


NootNootington t1_jdmoyhn wrote

American Pie does this a few times, obviously with the victims of the plane crash but also with the King (obviously Elvis) and the Joker (probably Bob Dylan)


The_Huff_Daddy t1_jdmrztx wrote

Weezer on El Scorcho

"I asked you to go to the Green Day concert

You said you never heard of them (how cool is that)

How cool is that?

So I went to your room and read your diary"


Wiskoenig t1_jdnjlc1 wrote

In The Garage by Weezer as well:

I've got posters on the wall My favorite rock group KISS I've got Ace Frehley, I've got Peter Criss Waiting there for me, yes, I do I do


wzl46 t1_jdos40t wrote

I look just like Buddy Holley.


PLykPLyk t1_jdmsnnv wrote

LCD Soundsystem: "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"


obik501 t1_jdn0apz wrote

Cheap Trick - Surrender

"Then I woke up, Mom & Dad

Are rolling on the couch

Rolling numbers, rock and rolling

Got my KISS records out"


SullyTheReddit t1_jdn21kc wrote

You Were Right by Built to Spill is almost entirely lyrics from other songs.


gldmj5 t1_jdnp47m wrote

Built To Spill - Distopian Dream Girl

>My stepfather looks just like David Bowie
>But he hates David Bowie

>I think Bowie's cool

>I think Lodger rules
>My stepdad's a fool


Jamieson22 OP t1_jdoi53c wrote

I had heard the album hit its name from needing to keep this a secret due to royalties/not being able to include the song.


Gravityalwayswins4 t1_jdmye4f wrote

Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club mentions Smokey Robinson, Bob Marley, Sly and Robbie, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Bohannon, and James Brown


animariouss t1_jdnhna3 wrote

Metric - Gimme Sympathy

"Who'd you rather be?

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?"


aginginrhythm t1_jdni39j wrote

Warren Zevon's "Play It All Night Long", which references Sweet Home Alabama, a song that sounds a lot like one of his songs.

"Sweet home Alabama"
Play that dead band's song
Turn those speakers up full blast
Play it all night long


tntdaddy t1_jdmhkgx wrote

Tears for Fears - “Sowing the Seeds of Love”

“Kick out the Style, bring back The Jam”

A message to Paul Weller. The Jam is one of the greatest punk bands. The Style Council was the band Weller formed later that was… I’ll defer to a line from the movie “The Commitments.”

“You were the first to listen to the Style Council. And the first to realize they were shite.”


edbutler3 t1_jdnrfy9 wrote

Might also be an MC5 reference?

"Kick out the jams, motherfucker!"


Williams_Theme t1_jdmkr0f wrote

It's a miserable Friday night
I'm so lonely
And nobody'll give me a ride
To the grateful dead concert...oh rats!
-Frank Zappa, Teen-age Wind


SAlolzorz t1_jdmkzy4 wrote

Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" name-checks a bunch of artists, from rap to metal to... Yoko Ono?


Welcome_Back_Coxer t1_jdmm01x wrote

They Might Be Giants - XTC vs. Adam Ant (which includes a bonus mention of Bow Wow Wow!)


Notinyourbushes t1_jdmq6rg wrote

Pavement - Range Life (mentions Smashing Pumpkins and STP)
Pavement - Stereo mentions Geddy Lee
Half of Wesley Willis's songs are about other groups
Dandy Warhols's Nothing to do mentions the band Sugarboom


stubept t1_jdnj9e5 wrote

Stereo’s verse about Geddy Lee is some of the funniest lyrics ever.

“I know him, and he does.”


emalvick t1_jdmhn2i wrote

Angel of Harlem by U2

The song is primarily about Billie Holiday with direct references to her as Lady or Lady Day, and Angel. The song also drops references to John Coltrane and Miles Davis.


Gonzostewie t1_jdnmkdo wrote

Gil Scott Heron also has Lady Day and John Coltrane.


[deleted] t1_jdn01l1 wrote

Everything You Did by Steely Dan references the Eagles (“turn up the Eagles, the neighbors are listening”) ; Hotel California, in turn, references Steely Dan with the line “they stab it with their steely knives” (“dan” got changed to “knives” to make it less obvious)


Funny-Berry-807 t1_jdnsl7s wrote

"...Roy Orbison singing for the lonely..." - Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen


markthe t1_jdmj9tb wrote

"Between AFI and The Offspring,
I don't think we need anyone else to sing ...
Anymore woooooooaaaahs"

We hate woahs - NOFX


Sc00ter7622 t1_jdmmlt5 wrote

Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It Again. He shouts out a lot of different southern rock bands/artists


arnaldo_tuc_ar t1_jdn3geq wrote

"Just Let Me Breathe" by Dream Theater mention Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) and Kurt Cobain.


neohylanmay t1_jdn8wnc wrote

See also Octavarium [III. Full Circle], which lists far too many references to count.


Twain_Driver t1_jdn7g0b wrote

One of my favorites that fits this would be MGMT - Brian Eno.

"I can tell that he's kind of smiling But what does he know? I will always be a step behind him He's Brian Eno"


valomorn t1_jdnp2tm wrote

Eminem in The Real Slim Shady:

Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records,
Well I do,
So fuck him and fuck you too!


GenericSquirrel t1_jdmiwbd wrote

Guy Clark - Hank Williams said it best

Neil Young - My my hey hey

American pie references a lot of artists but not by name


gtoz1119 t1_jdmkolx wrote

Train Hey Soul Sister= Mr Mister


RossMachlochness t1_jdmmfi4 wrote

Good Time Boys - RHCP

If you don't believe me you can ask john doe 'Cause his heart is made of glory and his voice is made of gold He'll tell you in a minute about the men he knows He'll tell you 'bout the band called fIREHOSE

There’s also a Fishbone holler in there


Bmc00 t1_jdmmjea wrote

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Poster Child. Lots and lots of references.


PLykPLyk t1_jdmsfpe wrote

"Sir Duke" Stevie Wonder


Panthergraf76 t1_jdnkp7v wrote

„I don't believe in Elvis I don't believe in Zimmerman (=Dylan) I don't believe in Beatles“

John Lennon in „God“


MFNLyle t1_jdnmbig wrote

"You better you bet" by the Who. He drunk himself blind to the sounds of 'ol T-Rex.


emalvick t1_jdnot0d wrote

Everclear - AM Radio

"I remember in 1977 I started going to concerts and I saw the Led Zeppelin I got a guitar on a Christmas day I dreamed that Jimmy Page would come to Santa Monica and teach me to play"


SimonFerocious76 t1_jdnp3q0 wrote

Night Shift by the Commodores and Genius of Love by Tom Tom club are both songs that are essentially roll calls of their respective musical heroes.


denisvengeance t1_jdnp5e2 wrote

They Might Be Giants - “We’re The Replacements”


simmypom t1_jdnrnnx wrote

Lukenback Texas mentions Waylon, Willie and the boys


karmadrome t1_jdnzyuv wrote

Which is an odd one since it's sung by Waylon and Willie


audioword t1_jdns5nj wrote

the dead milkmen said 'depeche commode' does that count?


karmadrome t1_jdo0fes wrote

Don't forget their classic Anderson, Walkmen, Buttholes, and How!


stpaulifan t1_jdoi4gp wrote

They do a Doors show and it goes a little like this.


Important_Shower_992 t1_jdmm6sm wrote

For the love of Ivy by The Gun Club, song about Poison Ivy and Lux Interior from The Cramps.


Certain_Yam_110 t1_jdmmz4x wrote

You Give What You Get or whatever it's called by Mew Roots Radicals


mrbadxampl t1_jdmod5a wrote

You Get What You Give, and it's The New Radicals

that part of the song was pretty controversial, too; although it's pretty funny nowadays to have a song threatening to kick Marilyn Manson's ass...


my1deasweretaken t1_jdmw2y9 wrote

"Rockin' the Suburbs" by Ben Folds (going old school with Quiet Riot, Jon Bon Jovi, and Michael Jackson.)


rjdaley101071 t1_jdmzzcy wrote

Smoke on the Water

"Frank Zappa and the Mothers Were at the best place around"


H2Oloo-Sunset t1_jdn5i8t wrote

John Lennon's "How Do You Sleep" is about Paul McCartney:

A pretty face may last a year or two

But pretty soon they'll see what you can do

The sound you make is muzak to my ears

You must have learned something in all those years


Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs" is his response:

You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs

I look around me and I see it isn't so

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs

And what's wrong with that?


OnceIWasYou t1_jdnq1ce wrote

I always found the muzak comment ironic considering some of Lennon's output in the 70s....


Letterstorome t1_jdni18r wrote

The Anthem - Good Charlotte “I'm gonna get by And just do my time Outta step while They all get in line I'm just a minor threat, so pay no mind”


Tapiooooca t1_jdnizud wrote

Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter wrote Bird Song about Janis Joplin. You can hear her singing in the background on the original studio version from Jerry's first solo album.


Any-Blacksmith4580 t1_jdnj0tm wrote

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Eddie but also many other songs by them as well


Powerage07 t1_jdnknjg wrote

Saxon - Play It Loud

Listening to Deep Purple reminiscing of old days


Lockyboi t1_jdnlzj9 wrote

Octavarium - Dream Theater


frizzle_frywalker t1_jdnmdw3 wrote

Primus has a few that I can recall

“The Air is Getting Slippery” references Pink Floyd, Residents, and possibly Jerry Garcia.

“Harold of the Rocks” mentions going to see Schooly D

“Jerry Was A Racecar Driver” mentions Hank Williams Jr aka Bocephus

“Mr. Krinkle” also mentions Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Cher, and James Brown.

“Over the Electric Grapevine” mentions ‘Introduce Yourself’ a song by Faith No More


kekewewe t1_jdnmjiy wrote

sublime - and i know because of krs-one

tyler the creator - all smiles over here shout out to the garden


TheMemeRedeemer t1_jdnnk2c wrote

This might be cheating since it's the point of the song, but Victor Wooten's "Bass Tribute"


Pretty solid representation of the history of bass


The_Observatory_ t1_jdnqa24 wrote

I don't care if it's cheating, I'm just glad to see one of my all-time favorite musicians mentioned here.


Pendulum_sweep t1_jdnnlzc wrote

Another KISS shout:

Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer

"Playing KISS covers, beautiful and stoned"


RoadHazard t1_jdnouge wrote

Dream Theater - Octavarium

One section of the song is just a long string of mentions.


Filius_Ex t1_jdnpcl5 wrote

Lots of the Mountain Goats songs do this but my faves are:

"Mr Steven Tyler On the overhead radio... He doesn't want to miss a thing"

The narrator is eating in a diner. It's so perfectly evocative of the scene.

Anti-Music Song, which is all references to other songwriters.

"I saw you on TV Doing an imitation of an imitation of Jimi Hendrix That's really pathetic."


satanshark t1_jdnvc61 wrote

The Hold Steady song “Girls go for Status” references MG. “It was song number three on John’s last CD/ I’m gonna make it through this year if it kills me/ and it almost killed me.


Filius_Ex t1_jdq6jdk wrote

The Hold Steady are playing with tMG this tour, no?


sandy_80 t1_jdnpqog wrote

walking in memphis

Saw the ghost of Elvis

On Union Avenue

Followed him up to the gates of Graceland

Then I watched him walk right through




if madonna calls ..i am not here

this track bugged madonna btw



do hiphop tracks count...cause they drop names like they want

eminem songs you will find lots of name calling of pop singers

jack harlow has a song called dua lipa ..cause thats all the lyrics he can write


phlegmghostsss t1_jdnrrbi wrote

Unseen Power of the Picket Fence by Pavement is about REM.


quantril t1_jdnrx7n wrote

“Alex Chilton” by the Replacements.


OhioDuran t1_jdns4tp wrote

Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw

>But when you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think my favorite song
The one we danced to all night long
The moon like a spotlight on the lake


Worried-Disaster-922 t1_jdnu9uy wrote

Marah, Why Records Stores Fail — “How do I tell you I’m kinda T. Rex meets the Jam?”

Uncle Tupelo, Fifteen Keys — “Danger Slow sign ahead/exhaust fumes, Thin Lizzy instead”


CreepyBlackDude t1_jdnwxdx wrote

Bowling For Soup - "1985"

Bands namedropped:

- Whitesnake

- Bruce Springsteen

- Madonna

- Nirvana

- U2

- Blondie

- Limp Bizkit

- Duran Duran

- Van Halen

- Motley Crue

- Ozzy


1nternetP3rson t1_jdnzrm3 wrote

“I'll pick up, put down the phone

Like your favorite Heatmiser song goes

It's just like being alone” (kill - jimmy eat world)

“Stay and play that Blink-182 song” (closer - the chainsmokers)


mxmoverdrive t1_jdo7dvq wrote

Everything Zen by Bush has a few!


Jmen4Ever t1_jdofgsb wrote

Dead Milkmen from Punk Rock Girl

"We went to a shopping mall
And laughed at all the shoppers
And security guards trailed us to a record shop
We asked for Mojo Nixon
They said he don't work here
We said if you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin'"


skyydog t1_jdoflef wrote

Blue Mountain has a song called ZZQ that mentions like 15 other songs


Jamieson22 OP t1_jdoj36r wrote

I love Blue Mountain.


skyydog t1_jdojn3d wrote

Me too. Saw them open for yonder back in the day and I was hooked by the second song. I literally just stumbled across this 10 minutes ago from a post in the Stones sub. Never heard it. Not bad at all.


Jamieson22 OP t1_jdp5ldt wrote

Nice! We were pretty luck wit how often they played Chicago late 90s into 2000s. Was at the "Tonight It's Now or Never" show they recorded and released before breaking up.


skyydog t1_jdp76mx wrote

I love that album. Must have been great. I need to dig out their anthology cd collection. Someone put it together on the email message board back in the day and I got it for blanks and postage. Seemed to be best live version of every song they played. Maybe it’s online somewhere. Like 5 CDs. Shady grove may have been my favorite song live. Rocky top was great as well.


HonPhryneFisher t1_jdoforn wrote

I got a blue and red Adidas bag and a humongous binder

I'm trying my best not to look like a minor niner

Went out for the football team to prove that I'm a man

I guess I shouldn't tell them that I like Duran Duran


(Grade 9, Barenaked Ladies)


amandamaniac t1_jdomfl5 wrote

Slightly not the same but

All time low and the story so far both got their names from new found glory lyrics


ApeShifter t1_jdona34 wrote

Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight” not only name-drops Ronnie Specter (“Just like Ronnie sang…”), but actually got Ronnie to sing the part “be my little baby… baby my darling…”, although not the same melody as the Ronnettes’ version.


dragonbeard311 t1_jdmghvm wrote

“Black Eyed Peas, they comin' full range and

NOFX, they comin' full range and…”

  • Come Original, 311

Certain_Yam_110 t1_jdmmtdl wrote

Punk o Rama by Venus & The Razorblades

(I think this was a Bomp label novelty single.)


Keddie_Wye t1_jdmp563 wrote

Let's make love and listen to Death From Above

Edit: also Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem, that one mentions lots of bands. Gil! Scott! Heron!


PLykPLyk t1_jdms3e6 wrote

"Kings Call" Phill Lynott


CanYouPleaseChill t1_jdmucjp wrote

Oasis loved The Beatles. Here's a couple references:

Another sunny afternoon

Walkin' to the sound of my favorite tune

Tomorrow never knows what it doesn't know too soon

  • Morning Glory

Can I ride with you in your BMW?

You can sail with me in my yellow submarine

  • Supersonic

Powerage07 t1_jdnki6r wrote

Be Here Now:

Sing a song for me

One from Let It Be


tacoplenty t1_jdmxazm wrote

Bessie Smith - The Band

Lady Day - Spider John Koerner


SadAcanthocephala521 t1_jdmz9jt wrote

Yellow Brick Road by Angus and Julia Stone mention Neil Young as well.


Biteysdad2 t1_jdn692q wrote

Bon Jovi referenced Sinatra in "it's my life"


bshaddo t1_jdnjeww wrote

Roger Waters mentioned Andrew Lloyd Webber in “It’s A Miracle.” The reference is unpleasant, but understandable.


karmadrome t1_jdo05jn wrote

Fitting since one of ALW's most famous songs echoes Pink Floyd.


triedbone t1_jdnl4i5 wrote

John Mayer sang in response to the Beatles in his song, Split Screen Sadness.

All You Need Is Love is a lie. Because we had love, but we still said goodbye.


lp_kalubec t1_jdnlyo6 wrote

Eminem mentioned Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Fred Durst… and probably many more.

In general it’s quite common among rap artists to make pop culture references.


MurkDiesel t1_jdnmt7n wrote

Boys Of Summer

Don Henley Out on the road today, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac

The Ataris cover Out on the road today, I saw a Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac


BigErnMcracken t1_jdnnd2p wrote

Boys of Summer - I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac And the cover version - I saw a Black flag sticker on a Cadillac


sandy_80 t1_jdnq02x wrote

whats the reference

i love this song


BigErnMcracken t1_jdnqag4 wrote

Deadhead is a term for fans of the Grateful Dead and Black Flag is a punk band


darken30 t1_jdnnzd7 wrote

Bian Wilson- Bare Naked Ladies Buddy Holly- Weezer


SillyPuttyGizmo t1_jdno0p9 wrote

Cant remember the song but Eminem mentions Moby


Poultrygeist74 t1_jdnoarj wrote

Here’s one no one remembers:

Sacred Reich - 31 Flavors


The_Observatory_ t1_jdnqva5 wrote

Wow, I actually remember this. I'll admit, I didn't like it at the time, haha. I preferred (and still do) their thrash stuff on Ignorance and Surf Nicaragua. I remember wondering what they thought they were doing with this song. Having fun, I guess!


KuhlThing t1_jdnp14q wrote

"Hot Patootie" from The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show.

"Get in the front, put some hair oil on

Buddy Holly was singin' his very last song"


mekonsrevenge t1_jdnpald wrote

Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth - The Brian Jonestown Massacre abou the Dandy Warhols' lead singer.

Edit to add London Boys by Johnny Thunders in response to New York by the Sex Pistols.


Peircez t1_jdnpbse wrote

Jesca Hoop - “Four Dreams”. She references the Beastie Boys by name. “And the gods of rock 'n' roll hypnotized my stereo. I'll gift you one two three Ad Rock, MCA, Mike D”.


The_Observatory_ t1_jdnpotj wrote

"Bigger Than Kiss," Teenage Bottlerocket

"...and the Beatles said all you need is love..." King's X, "We were born to be loved"

"I think I'd like to play guitar and be a Beatle and be so swell..." Jellyfish, "All I want is everything"


KingGuy420 t1_jdnr79c wrote

Rob Zombie - Get Your Boots On! (That's The End Of Rock and Roll)

About some big moments in rock history. Mentions a bunch.


kleinsmash22 t1_jdnruws wrote

There's a song by Young In The City called "The Way Home" where every verse is entirely a reference to other bands. It's a cool little jam.


OhioDuran t1_jdnrvpe wrote

Taylor Swift, I Forgot That You Existed

>And I couldn't get away from ya
In my feelings more than Drake, so yeah
Your name on my lips, tongue tied
Free rent, livin' in my mind


chedykrueger t1_jdns4v9 wrote

Devin Townsend

" while  we all have lots of bands who influence still... we all rip off Meshuggah "


AhoyIsSailorForHello t1_jdnt02k wrote

“Hands Open” by Snow Patrol

“Put Sufjan Stevens on And we'll play your favourite song 'Chicago' bursts to life And your sweet smile remembers you”


clanker79 t1_jdnuuhe wrote

"Taxi Driver" by Gym Class Heroes. Names 20+ bands


Arctyc38 t1_jdnv1sw wrote

A worn-out tape of Chris LeDoux

Lonely women, and bad booze

Seem to be the only friends I've left at all.


Zmirzlina t1_jdnvwjq wrote

New National song Eucalyptus mentions a bunch of band.

Thou Shall Always Kill by Dan le Sac vs. Scroobious Pip mentions dozens.

Losing my Edge by LCD Sound System as well.


mycatsnameisnoodle t1_jdnww84 wrote

Father John Misty from "Mr Tillman"

What a beautiful tattoo that young man had on his face / And oh, will you need a driver out to Philly? Jason Isbell’s here as well and he seemed a little worried about you.”


karmadrome t1_jdo0o5m wrote

Pop Will Eat Itself - "Not Now James, Were Busy"

"Augusta, Georgia, late September One Mr. Brown's hot tempered This man's possessed, he's restless Armed and dangerous, drugged and reckless Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely son But he's on the run on a shotgun mission"


portorange t1_jdo1bru wrote

Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier is chock-full of them:

“Stella By Starlight” by Frank Sinatra

“That Was My Heart” by Ella Fitzgerald

“Sweet Jazz Music” by Jelly Roll Morton

“Dancing In The Dark” by Duke Ellington

“Let’s Get Lost” by Chet Baker

“Let The Good Times Roll” by Ray Charles

“Smoke Rings” by Sam Cooke

“Paper Doll” by the Mills Brothers

“It Don’t Mean A Thing” by Louis Armstrong

“My Foolish Heart” by Bill Evans Trio

“The Very Thought of You” by Nat King Cole

“Am I Blue” by Ray Charles

“A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane

“I Get Along Without You Very Well” by Chet Baker

“Russian Lullaby” by Ella Fitzgerald

“It’s All Alright With Me” by Ella Fitzgerald

“Night And Day” by Ella Fitzgerald


Sad_Intention_1657 t1_jdo2rf0 wrote

We’re an American Band drops Freddie King, and Radar Love mentions Brenda Lee


ChipCob1 t1_jdo3r2o wrote

Let's make love and listen to death from above CSS


ItWentHorriblyWrong t1_jdodnzr wrote

The Chicks, "Long Time Gone"

They sound tired but they don't sound Haggard. They got money but they don't have Cash. They got Junior but they don't have Hank.


You11NeverKn0w t1_jdogfke wrote

Thirteen Silver Dollars by Colter Wall. About a cop hassling a homeless guy, and part of the lyrics are “I just looked him in the eye and sang Blue Yodel Number 9, he didn’t catch the reference, I could tell” and that song’s about a cop hassling a homeless guy


omfgcasas t1_jdoh0yn wrote

Taxi Driver by Gym Class Heroes


JaymesGrl t1_jdohdgf wrote

The Shape Of Punk That Never Came references the singer Dennis of Refused as well as Refused's most critically acclaimed album The Shape Of Punk To Come which itself was a play on The Shape Of Jazz To Come.

No Life by Slipknot mentions Cool J and Chuck D.

Most hip hop artists give lyrical mentions to other rappers. Kendric Lemar referencing Yeezy's first album on The Art Of Peer Pressure being just one example.

Sum 41 sang about "Maiden and Priest were the gods that we praised" on their debut single Fat Lip.

NOFX wrote a song about pop duo Teagan and Sara. I forget the name of it though.

Grimes sings about Bullet With Butterfly Wings and Stupid Girl on her song In The Dark. Those songs being by Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage.


Counting-Trains t1_jdono4f wrote

—counting crows do this on their song “monkey” from recovering the satellites in 1996; it references ben folds.

—“Got nowhere but home to go / Got Ben Folds on my radio right now / I’m in trouble for the things I need / Hey monkey don’t you want to be needed too?”

such a great song off of an even greater -and rather under appreciated- record.


x_is_mad t1_jdoqwwq wrote



WILDWIT t1_jdorirt wrote

There are a dozen or so Oasis songs that mention The Beatles and/or reference Beatle lyrics


Gloomy_Elderberry599 t1_jdow4dv wrote

Red Hot: "And Cobain can you hear the spheres singing songs off Station To Station?"


GlueForSniffing t1_jdp0qbv wrote

Florence + the Machine's song " Patricia " is about Patti Smith.

More so about some words of wisdom Patti gave to Florence, " All doors are open to the believer " , where Florence seemingly tells a man what she thinks about him and his toxic behavior.

and that while it can be a terrifying thing to love, it's a wonderful thing to love.


reesesbigcup t1_jdp1wat wrote

Rocket - Def Leppard, mentions many songs and artists.

Same for these older songs...

Life Is A Rock But The Radio Rolled Me - Reunion

Sweet Soul Music - Arthur Conley

Creeque Alley - Mamas and Papas

I Dig Rocknroll Music - Peter Paul & Mary


bop999 t1_jdp32v6 wrote

Psychic TV - Godstar, song about Brian Jones. Mentions him and Rolling Stones by name, references other band members as “your laughing friends”.


vicemagnet t1_jdp5lms wrote

Shep & the Limelights song A Thousand Miles Away was referenced in Daddy’s Home by The Heartbeats.

Who Put the Bomp by Barry Mann was answered in I Put the Bomp by Frankie Lymon.

Mr. Bass Man by Johnny Cymbal was answered by Mr. Tenor Man by Lou Christie.

There’s also Sidewalk Surfing by Jan and Dean, and Catch a Wave by The Beach Boys that are basically the same song, but not a callback.

Edit-for clarity.


TheBoss2777 t1_jdpajtf wrote

Here are a few: LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge: The sonics and a bunch of others Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl: The Beach Boys and Mojo Nixon Sleater Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone - Joey Ramone and Thurston Moore Tom Petty - Swingin: Benny Goodman and a bunch of other swing artists Le Tigre- Hot Topic: too many to list Minutemen - History Lesson Part II: E Blum, Richard Hell, Joe Strummer and John Doe


4a617945737069 t1_jdpar87 wrote

The Clash - White Man in Hammersmith Palais

  1. Dillinger
  2. Leroy Smart
  3. Delroy Wilson
  4. Ken Boothe
  5. Four Tops

shendey t1_jdpb3un wrote

Eddie Vedder by Local H.


Expensive-Material-3 t1_jdph7eg wrote

Murder Most Foul by Bob Dylan mentions several rock, blues, jazz, and other artists. At one point he rhymes Dicky Betts and Stan Getz.


sorengray t1_jdq4ier wrote

Arctic Monkeys - Star Treatment

"I just wanted to be one of The Strokes"

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

"Yah I'm just a Teenage Dirtbag Baby Listen to Iron Maiden, Baby, with me"


Frantik508 t1_jdqkyll wrote

"Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long" - Kid Rock