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Can anybody recommend some albums that have like a radio broadcast feel to them?

I particularly enjoy Songs for the Deaf by QUOTSA, Dawn FM by the Weeknd and FM! by Vince Staples.

Are there any others you could recommend? It doesn't really matter which genre



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SAlolzorz t1_jdmix5u wrote

Radio KAOS by Roger Waters.


lobroblaw t1_jdogxab wrote

The DJ on the album is played by Michael Mckean. Chuck Mcgill in Better Call Saul


tvrec t1_jdp24mr wrote

Although he kind of looks like McKean, the DJ is Jim Ladd, who was and still is an actual DJ.


eldeniro OP t1_jdxr9nz wrote

i listened to this today, it was quite good. the DJ parts were seamless and the overall vibe was very intriguing. it felt both retro and modern at the same time.


Tumblebug_bumpercars t1_jdmjq7w wrote

The Who Sell Out. Fake and sometimes funny public service announcements and commercials between nearly every song.


Tobias_flenderz t1_jdmfqdu wrote

Parts of Refused's The Shape of Punk to Come definitely do this.


HamiltonBlack t1_jdmfzkn wrote

Janelle Monae Electric Lady does this. It’s a radio broadcast with some short interviews, a DJ, call in clips, etc. it doesn’t bog down the album. It’s effective. Awesome album too.


eldeniro OP t1_jdxreh4 wrote

i gave this a shot today and enjoyed it, the radio parts especially, but i think this album will live in the archandroid's shadow for me in janelle's discography


thisolddog1 t1_jdnh8ox wrote

The song Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio? by the Ramones


YYZ_C t1_jdo4jjo wrote

Danger Days - My Chemical Romance


Blundell1992 t1_jdmgspc wrote

Colter Wall's self titled. It's not really random themed per se, but there's a segment in the middle of the album, (WB Walkers Old Soul Radio Show) that makes it feel like a DJ is spinning the album front to back on the radio.


FishoilCupcake t1_jdmejjj wrote

I like the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack. The movie stars Robin Williams as a radio announcer and his broadcast is peppered throughout the album.


Contrarian_Eh t1_jdmevge wrote

Not albums but old songs like We Built This City by Starship and Radio Musicola by Nik Kershaw come to mind, and Drinking in LA by BranVan 3000


real_horse_magic t1_jdmi5m4 wrote

Oneohtrix Point Never “Magic OPN”


eldeniro OP t1_jdxrpe5 wrote

this was magical. i had listened to it before but somehow never really digested the radio aspect of it, which seems like a huge oversight in retrospect. i really enjoyed it when i listened to it yesterday


DTNSFN1 t1_jdmjm9w wrote

Mississippi Bones - Radio Free Conspiracy Theory


ExternalPiglet1 t1_jdmln9e wrote

I never really thought of it this way, but White Zombie has LS:DMv1. There's a theme of channel surfing a radio in between most the songs.


AlGeee t1_jdmmlra wrote

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here starts out that way

As does

Sibling Rivals “1”


Certain_Yam_110 t1_jdmn2vc wrote

There was a Spanish punk band that did this last year iirc. I wish I could remember the name.


Hammerhandle t1_jdmnwyu wrote

Black Ribbons by Shooter Jennings


DmoDad524 t1_jdmqtcf wrote

The first 8 seconds of “The Last Song” by the All American Rejects is audio of someone scrolling through radio stations.


BB_Davey t1_jdmubyc wrote

If I was a folkstar - the avalanches


JHFTWDURG t1_jdnic16 wrote

White Zombie - La Sexorcisto


Nalemag t1_jdns5su wrote

KLF - Chill Out


nat_cat1521 t1_jdoavsc wrote

21st Century Breakdown. Several of the songs have radio broadcast sounds in the beginning or end and some even have static


Bugslugs47 t1_jdslzqt wrote

You’ve just got to go for the “Cruisin’” albums. They are sooper-dooper brilliantly fantastic. They are from yesteryear and each are a radio station complete with jingles and ads and great music. I’ve still got most of the original vinyls which must be worth a fortune. Look it up on the web for the whole story. Think “American Graffiti” style. The album cover followed a theme for each year.

Real radio stations




eldeniro OP t1_jdwjrvu wrote

this seems awesome, do you happen to know if they are available on spotify?


Bugslugs47 t1_jdwnoly wrote

Sorry, I don’t know as I don’t use Spotify. I do know some are definitely on YT as per link. Enjoy!


djwixel t1_jdsoix4 wrote

Daft Punk-Homework