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RiginalJunglist t1_jcmxclb wrote

Gorillaz? Really?

Arguably, it’s not a band; as most of it is animated.

Fun fact. The melody and beat from Clint Eastwood wasn’t even written! It was the ‘demo’ track on some old piece of music equipment.


To answer the question. If I can’t have variety, I’d rather live in silence.


connivingbitch t1_jcnsuo9 wrote

It’s very “arguable” that they’re not a band, because cartoons can’t write and perform music. That is the work of Deltron, Damon, Cibo Matto, and the visual artist. Your argument is super-floppy. Gorillaz a band, and, more subjectively, I think they’re pretty good!


thebunkmeister OP t1_jcncjew wrote

Have you ever listened to their discography? And also the "animation" is Jamie Hewlet... the music is Damon Albarn and tons of other collaborative artist... and they're definitely a band of some sort... Clint Eastwood is the radio sex that simpletons groove to, and I know they used a pre-recorded instrument... infact Damon posted a story where he said work smarter, not harder... Also, eat a whole case of wieners because you have no idea what you're talking about mate.