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I loved the barbershop rendition of "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys from BioShock Infinite. It got me pretty interested in barbershop music. I really like the way that it uses dissonance and how the chord colors are kind of fuzzy since it's all vocals (although I'd really like to see some barbershop music that uses instruments). I'm specifically looking for modern barbershop style music that incorporates elements of other genres.

Edit: I should note I'm also down to hear some barbershop influenced/adjacent music that doesn't strictly fall within the boundaries of barbershop itself.



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JoveX t1_jedkd7v wrote

Check out “The Be Sharps”


tamammothchuk t1_jedlhsy wrote

"Barbershop is in danger of growing stale. I'm taking it to strange, new places!"


KaptainKrule OP t1_jegx8ty wrote

I just finished watching that episode of the Simpsons right before I posted this lmao


GreaterMook t1_jee8ufb wrote

Steam Powered Giraffe, they’ve got a steam-punk aesthetic to them too if you’re in to that.


catlaxative t1_jedm1pc wrote

Something like Pentatonix is basically modern Barbershop, or any acapella group.


BurnOutBrighter6 t1_jedsihh wrote

No it's not. Barbershop is by definition 4 part harmony, and has a certain vocabulary of chords (heavy on dominant 7ths, low on dissonant "jazzy" chords.

Ringmasters is modern barbershop.

Vocal Spectum is modern barbershop.

Westminster Chorus is modern barbershop.

Pentatonix, which isn't even 4 part harmony, is not barbershop. The modern Barbershop is...barbershop. It's still very much a thing. The Barbershop Harmony Society has thousands of active quartets and choruses, many of them young, vibrant, modern, and not wearing stripes and boater hats.


JoveX t1_jefc9k7 wrote

Damn. Someone's real defensive of Barbershop music.


BurnOutBrighter6 t1_jefe7jb wrote

Yeah I regret the tone of my comment, sorry. I really wasn't trying to be snibby/elitist but I struggled getting my point into words. I will try again

"Barbershop has not just morphed and become other styles of a Cappella music like Pentatonix, modern barbershop is still barbershop, and exists alongside those other styles. If you are thinking the only modern remnants of barbershop is other acapella like Pentatonix (who are amazing btw!), I'm not saying you're dumb ...I'm excited to say that means you must be missing out on barbership itself still existing as a genre in its own right with a lot of fantastic music and artistry to be enjoyed".


JoveX t1_jeg13a5 wrote

Now I feel bad for calling you out. Cheers, friend.


ShoddyCobbler t1_jee9tmu wrote

All barbershop is a cappella, but all a cappella is not barbershop.


Timstunes t1_jegbzmt wrote

You might also be interested in the vocal harmony groups of Doo-wop. The Spaniels are my favorites. Pookie Hudson on lead and Gerald Gregory on bass.