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Shadura t1_je1l0yj wrote

Because music is entertaining, and there are lots of people you enjoy different things.

Music is fun, and doesn't need explanations sometimes.


OmarCuming t1_je18f57 wrote

Because hmmmhmmhmmmmmm hmmmmm wibbbbb hummmmmma hmmmmmmmhmhmhmh wib wib hmmmmmmmmmmm. That's why.


Eating_Raspberries t1_je19102 wrote

I'm not the biggest fan of mumble rap, but they do often have excellent beats.


MrBoyer55 t1_je1vqp2 wrote

People like the beats and don't care the lyrics are nonsense.


sorengray t1_je24shg wrote

Because mm mm hmm mm bmmm dmmm wanna ssmmmm dmmm bmmmm...


drapedj t1_je2i94s wrote

Because sometimes, it’s not always about the lyrics. Look at My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins, for example.


gmorkenstein t1_je1iogi wrote

Lol, I do music exchanges with friends and one recently said “I’m down for any genre, except mumble rap.”

What are some examples of it?

Stuff like “Multi Millionaire” by Lil Pump feat Lil Uzi Vert?


TerabyteUK t1_je1en4k wrote

Makes for great karaoke

When I feda with skeet, then I subbem mid feet, Cuz I mena win heat, Baller hurnamurna meat,

Theyain gonna runzabaoun, When mah hurnamurna mound, Cus your girls a stupid hoe, Eenimeenimyniemoe, Furdarurdanurdado, Imma slownaromago,

Who we beeeee. Lemmie doooooooo.

Prove me wrong kids - prove me wrong.


ThisGuyRightHereSaid t1_je1ltgz wrote

My guess is there are the type of people who don't look you in the eyes ever. I sure do meet some awkwardly unsocial kids these days.


spitandstars t1_je1zfpg wrote

Because people's musical standards are much lower than they used to be.

Motown, Blues, Rock, Jazz, R&B or Soul? Nah, let's prop music up on the charts that only took about a half a brain cell to make.