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SasquatchTamales t1_je8ypa9 wrote

I really don't like this song. Its clear to me she thinks she's hot shit and and thinks whoever she used to date are sitting there listening to her lyrics for jabs at themselves when in reality she is the one who is vain for thinking someone would care enough to do that. Some would argue she's being self aware but if she were that self aware do you really think she would be self deprecating enough to write a song about her own acknowledged vanity, knowing that the majority of people would take it at face value? Either way it's a shitty premise for a song in my opinion.


M-atthew147s t1_je8zg79 wrote

Jesus Christ mate it's jokey light hearted line in a song about her exes.

I don't think I have, and doubt other people do, thought that it can be inferred that she thinks she's hot shit? And what's the thing about acknowledged vanity???


SasquatchTamales t1_je911me wrote

Saying she was hot shit was a bit of embellishment on my part.There’s two takes to the song’s lyrics from my perspective; either she is writing a song about her exes in which she is calling them out publicly, in which case it’s not a joke to those people she’s writing about, or she’s using irony as others in the thread have said in which she’s referencing her own vanity as a music star in thinking that they would be listening in on her music for any reference to themselves. In either case I think it’s pretty cringe.


Seedy__L t1_je92ei0 wrote

Yeah, she was the first and definitely the last artist to include unsubtle digs at her exes.