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What song lyrics always hit you hard? In a good way or bad way.

I always feel huge waves of emotion and hurt when I hear Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

Hearing Nicks sing: “Oh, mirror in the sky what is love Can the child with in my heart rise above Can I sail through the changing ocean tides Can I handle the seasons of my life?”

It will almost always bring me close to tears and well up. I very much relate to the lyrics and they speak to my deepest fears. It also provides me reassurance, that I’ve managed to go from being a child, teen, man, husband and now father. Not without problems, but I’ve allowed my life experience to bring me to the place I am at today. It’s not perfect and yes I’m broken but I always will be…. And that’s not my fault…. It just is….. I just keep setting sail and learning the tides….. I’m still trying to take care of the child in my heart…… he’s a very hurt boy who doesn’t feel loved or cared for no matter how much I try to tell him he’s worthy and that I love him.

Sorry sappy shit but I had to get it out of me today after listening to that song.



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Lord-Norse t1_jd7qffq wrote

There’s quite a few for me, but the two that have really hit me lately are king park by la dispute, specifically near the end where the singer repeats “can I still get into heaven if I kill myself”, which as someone with a modicum of faith that has been struggling with suicidal thoughts, hits me hard. The second is How to survive a funeral by Make them Suffer. The song is beautiful as a whole, but it speaks about a young man who succumb to drug or alcohol addiction and it ultimately killed him. “Through a combination of alcohol and the chemicals you consumed, laid a broken path before a stoic man” is the intro, laying out the concept. The middle chorus is also beautiful, laying out how the people at the funeral never realised how much they cared for him until he was gone. The ending verse says “The funeral was in full bloom, you always knew how to fill a room” x2, then goes on to say “the funeral was in full bloom, to send you home. While the crowd remained composed they put a crown upon your throne, I guess you finally found a place to rest those bones”. My uncle died when I was about 19, and he was only in his mid 30’s. The cause of death was much the same, and because of all his work in the community (he did home repairs for cheap or free) his funeral was packed. It was a chilling experience to hear the song for the first time.


mostly_sarcastic t1_jd7t0ff wrote

Pink Floyd's 'Time'

"And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking

racing around to come up behind you again

The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older

shorter of breath and one day closer to death."


GrossConceptualError t1_jd87ix6 wrote

Boston - More Than a Feeling hits VERY different 40+ years later


kittyhaokah t1_jd9wxh3 wrote

November Rain - Guns N Roses.


Timstunes t1_jda0w5o wrote

Too many to list. I will say John Prine, Jackson Browne and Connor Oberst are lyricists that have often both made me think and made me feel.


mtys123 t1_jdbci69 wrote

Please check “el amor viene y va” from Nach, its in spanish. It tells the story about how people feel love through life.


ImpeccableCaverns t1_jd8v5xu wrote

Folks Like Me by The Geraldine Fibbers (from the LP 'Butch'). It's sung from a female alien's point of view, an alien scientist who was sent to earth to study us but fell in love with an earthling. Now her people want her to return and it would endanger her lover if she were to stay:

"And if I knew I'd only be risking my own life,

I'd stay until they came and struck me dead -

but I couldn't bear to see them hurt a hair on your sweet head"

All sung in Carla Bozulich's beautiful, rich tomboy voice to a swinging alt-country tune. I'm choking up right now as I type this (I'm a sap), so I'm confident it belongs in this thread :)


poul0004 t1_jd8vuzm wrote

Bob Mould - Thumbtack