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BuckyDuster t1_jeaa320 wrote

Nice try manipulating my words to your benefit, snowflake!

I guess you are also concerned about all the slaves who are right this minute working for you (you probably have no idea)?


idontknowwhynot t1_jeabjbx wrote

You’re proving my point with your reactions here. This is easy. Just move on. Or continue to get all worked up. I really don’t care. Only bothered to reply on the tiny shred of hope you might think about this later and realize it wasn’t worth getting all pissy about.

You’re not my enemy. I don’t hate you. Just put yourself in someone else’s shoes every now and then, yeah?


BuckyDuster t1_jeawbnu wrote

Ok, why then did you threaten my life because I hold a different opinion than you? Not very politically correct of you. Lucky for you, I don’t give a damn so I am not offended of worried.

You are not my enemy either, I’m just railing about words in many different contexts being banned because they were once used in a specific context that oppressed people.

Do you also want to ban books and control other aspects of how people think?


idontknowwhynot t1_jeayn5m wrote

You’re not offended because you’re being disingenuous and know that “is this the hill you want to die on” is a common English expression. As should be apparent by our lack of a “hill”. You can’t make a sound argument against my points, so you deferred to attacking something that has nothing to do with the arguments being made. It’s a distraction technique, and you know it.

Quit your bullshit.


BuckyDuster t1_jebanng wrote

You quit your bullshit. I’m 100% real, no bullshit