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SlimeyWrack t1_jcy0dns wrote

Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People.


Omegaman11235 t1_jcxyk5g wrote

Semi-Charmed life - Third Eye Blind


debaser64 t1_jcy6i4j wrote

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way


critter2482 t1_jcyoa9c wrote

Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms


clivewarren7 t1_jcxyd24 wrote

The Hook- Blues traveler


untitled5a1 t1_jcxzp3l wrote

I don't think that song is sad. I think it's just sung with inflection.


SpecialpOps t1_jcy1a71 wrote

Just remember… You did ask:

Girl, by Beck


dunkeebutt t1_jcyj3qw wrote

I remember this song leaked well before the album came out, and I was excited for the album to tell me what he was actually saying. I buy the album, and the lyrics literally say "my ... girl." Biggest troll ever.


CandyEverybodyWentz t1_jczgra7 wrote

I always assumed it was cyanide.


dunkeebutt t1_jczqipu wrote

When it was leaked it was assumed to be summer girl, then there was a theory maybe sun-eyed girl, but I agree cyanide makes most sense in context.


Baldran t1_jcy7lu8 wrote

90% of Smiths songs.


soulsista12 t1_jcyrwk7 wrote

Wouldn’t it be nice and most of Brian Wilson’s other songs


rlmcgiffin t1_jcz5vo5 wrote

“Hey Ya” by OutKast. Surprisingly dark despite how happy it sounds


dbanderson1 t1_jcy77jc wrote

Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger


ihateitoo t1_jcyby62 wrote

Bye bye Love - Everly Brothers


dwilkes827 t1_jcyfaz7 wrote

People Who Died by Jim Carroll Band


holydrokk437 t1_jcyx4ak wrote

I always think of "People who Died" by The Jim Carroll Band


gcijeff77 t1_jcy13xo wrote

'No Rain' Blind Melon


EreU t1_jcy1u08 wrote

Grimes - Oblivion


strohLopes t1_jcy72tf wrote

Robyn - Dancing on my own


Wikiwack t1_jcy9io6 wrote

Mad world - tears for fears

Casimir Pulaski day - sufjan stevens


I_see_something t1_jcyw533 wrote

This isn’t really fast and catchy. The sound scape of this song is pretty sullen


Jean_Genetic t1_jcyiglu wrote

The entire discography of The Cardigans, starting with their biggest hit Lovefool.


KikiG0501 t1_jcym7es wrote

Still Feel Like Your Man ~ John Mayer


thesaltwatersolution t1_jcyncx4 wrote

Shiny Happy People - R.E.M. it’s most likely about everyone being on Prozac in the early 90’s- “there’s no time to cry, happy, happy!”

The phrase Shiny Happy People is rumoured to have been lifted from a mistranslated CCP propaganda poster about the student protesters at Tiananmen Square which described the students as shiny happy people. …Meet me in the crowd…


GratefulRed13 t1_jcyqrp8 wrote

I Know You Rider - The Grateful Dead

Going down the Road Feeling Bad - The Grateful Dead

I once heard The Dead referred to as the joyful bearers of tragic news. I thought that was a pretty surprisingly apt description


I_see_something t1_jcywav2 wrote

Aren’t both those songs traditional folk tunes?


GratefulRed13 t1_jcz1cx4 wrote

They both indeed are. I guess I didn’t know they had to be originals? And something like Rider is significantly different when the Dead do it compared to the traditional renditions.

The Dead may be a glorified cover band but they certainly make them their own(spin on it) when they decide to cover something.


I_see_something t1_jcz6ubk wrote

Oh definitely. I was asking for clarification. I perform Rider myself. Love the Dead


Voxmanns t1_jcys716 wrote

This kind of music is my jam.

A popular hit that's semi-recent...well I guess not anymore is "Pumped Up Kicks" which was about a school shooting but was written with this carefree tone that really makes it all the more deranged.

There's a band I listen to called HIM and they have a dancy 80s rock vibe mixed in with gothic music tones. Their shtick lyrically is playing with goth romance cliches so you get a lot of "I'll love you to death" kind of stuff. Other Finnish rock bands that were around in the early 2k have similar stuff (69 Eyes, The Rasmus, Negative) but it varies whether or not it hits what you're looking for.

I, personally, think a lot of post-grunge music does this as well. So Cold by Breaking Benjamin, Saferwaters by Chevelle, Deftones plays around with this quite a bit as well (I know they're nu metal but whatever subgenres are nuts).

You'll find it littered throughout a lot of other rock music as well but that's mainly a consequence of it having dark lyrics while trying to have a type of dancy vibe for commercial viability. I think the more esoteric you get in rock the more this goes away. Prog rock seems to be a good vein for this kind of stuff too (Tool, Pink Floyd, Rush) but they tend to flip through a lot of themes so it's hard to condense a single song into "happy but sad" in the specific way you're seeking.

Back to more pop stuff - Save Your Tears by The Weeknd is a good one. Maneskin's cover of Beggin' I feel does this as well.


Safe-Transition8618 t1_jcyvtal wrote

LOL the Pharrell song "Happy" is actually in F minor. The background vocals in the bridge part crack me up because she's going "happy, happy, happy, happy" on a descending minor scale and if you isolate just those vocals it sounds anything but happy.


_thelastman t1_jcz1es2 wrote

Literally any Secret Machines song


blitzwit143 t1_jcz2ufa wrote

Misty Coast: Eleven Months

Faith No More: Everthing’s Ruined

Pedro the Lion: Magazine

Death Cab for Cutie: Why You’d Want to Live Here

Houston: Sunday in December


payyyton6010 t1_jcz2vvg wrote

It’s not super fast but damn is it catchy - Music to Walk Home by Tame Impala is the first song that came to mind


flup22 t1_jczsw3r wrote

I’m not okaaaaaaay


mailboxfacehugs t1_jczsyaa wrote

Leaving Me by Bent.

The music is super upbeat and pleasant, the lyrics are someone expressing disbelief and misery at being left.


thisgirlnamedbree t1_jd0d1hi wrote

Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

Timothy - The Buoys

Lights - Ellie Goulding

Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone - Paula Cole