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GratefulRed13 t1_jcyqrp8 wrote

I Know You Rider - The Grateful Dead

Going down the Road Feeling Bad - The Grateful Dead

I once heard The Dead referred to as the joyful bearers of tragic news. I thought that was a pretty surprisingly apt description


I_see_something t1_jcywav2 wrote

Aren’t both those songs traditional folk tunes?


GratefulRed13 t1_jcz1cx4 wrote

They both indeed are. I guess I didn’t know they had to be originals? And something like Rider is significantly different when the Dead do it compared to the traditional renditions.

The Dead may be a glorified cover band but they certainly make them their own(spin on it) when they decide to cover something.


I_see_something t1_jcz6ubk wrote

Oh definitely. I was asking for clarification. I perform Rider myself. Love the Dead