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izumi1262 t1_jef148k wrote

The Rose, she’s in the Rain.


pretty_bumpy t1_jef4x8i wrote

Dark Paradise by Lana del Rey

Blue by Madison Beer

Paris, Texas by Lana del Rey

Vértigo by Belén Aguilera

Efforestly by Madison Beer

Reckless by Madison Beer

Vigilante by Taylor Swift


fcs_seth t1_jef5dvj wrote

Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle

Lydia - Stay Awake

The Postal Service - Nothing Better

Dear and the Headlights - Happy in Love

Now, Now - The Pull, Prehistoric


ElebertAinstein t1_jef8e2s wrote

Spend a day digging through Elliot Smith’s catalogue.


Timstunes t1_jefamtx wrote

I’ll Follow You Into The Dark-Death Cab For Cutie

Lua-Bright Eyes

Break My Heart Again-Finneas

Sam Stone-John Prine

Dancing On My Own-Callum Scott

Never Let Me Go-Florence & the Machine

Sorrow-The National

Golden Embers-Mandolin Orange

Adam’s Song-Blink 182

Teardrop-Massive Attack

Tom Traubert’s Blues-Tom Waits

Carrie & Lowell-Sufijan Stevens


Timmy2Gats t1_jefc4jg wrote

Elliott Smith's entire catalog.


ricardo9505 t1_jef0pl1 wrote

Collective Soul, The World I know. Song hits deep and hell, I'm in NYC so I related to the guy in the song sometimes. Life can suck balls but you keep on truckin. Take the hits and get back up.


notagreatpersonfr t1_jef1whg wrote

Astronomy - Conan Gray (the ending of a relationship)

Oh Love - Delaney Bailey (reminiscing on an old love)

Somebody Else - The 1975 (about an ex who is with someone else now)

How Do I Say Goodbye - Dean Lewis (losing someone very close to you)

Paralyzed - NF (being numb, feeling like you lost yourself)

Jubilee Line - Wilbur Soot (hating your city so much it makes you suicidal)

The Way I See Things - Lil Peep (life sucks, suicidal)


shanerbaner16 t1_jef2nv9 wrote

Wondering (how to believe) - ra the rugged man


amandamaniac t1_jef35af wrote

Heem wasn’t there by hot mulligan


D00zer t1_jef3ahj wrote

NIN - And All That Could Have Been

Super sad and powerful lyrics and music.

Also NIN - Leaving Hope

The literal saddest song I know. No lyrics, just emotions.


TheBadSpy t1_jefhous wrote

You’re right on with leaving hope. Just devastating.


D00zer t1_jefkl60 wrote

That album came out a couple weeks before a friend of mine took his life, so even the opening notes render me a blubbering mess.


TheBadSpy t1_jefl9ep wrote

Ah man, I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t even have that trauma attached and it always ruins me.


andyfied t1_jef7c1q wrote

She's Gotten Over You - Puressence


Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - Manic Street Preachers ft. Nina Persson


Kidnovatex t1_jef7srs wrote

Just Breath (live version) - Pearl Jam

Mad World - Gary Jules

Love Hate Love (live at the Moore) - Alice in Chains

3 Libras - A Perfect Circle

Wake Up - Mad Season

Colorblind - Counting Crows


Aggro_Accountant t1_jef910s wrote

KoRn - Daddy Slipknot - Vermillion pt. 2

Also the South African National anthem.


JonasRabb t1_jefosik wrote

Almost all songs by Joy Division


Scarlet-Torch t1_jefpcs6 wrote

Someone had asked this in a similar sub so I'm going to give you the same answer I did them only because I believe this song fits for every mood.

The song is called Another Life by a band called Motionless in White. The song and music video for it just absolutely hit you in the gut.

It's a song about heartbreak and I feel that everyone can relate to it, even if they don't listen to this "genre" of music. So that's my recommendation


shhhimatree t1_jefv3nx wrote

Merchant ships- sleep patterns