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Linkin Park is a metal band but many people think they are not as heavy as other nu metal bands like Korn or Slipknot. Some even said they're just as heavy as Limp Bizkit if not softer.
Many people can't identify Ghost's genre. Some said they're black metal and others said they're shock rock. However some metal fans call them "Edgy Abba" or "Blue Oyster Cult in Halloween party" because even tho they look scary their music is soft and melodious. Kinda like 80s pop rock vibe.
I love both Ghost and Linkin Park and I'm not a metalhead.❤️ But which band is heavier in your opinion?



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likkleriddim t1_jectaep wrote

Early Limp Bizkit was harder than both of them.


eatredmeat t1_jecwz4r wrote

LP is heavier than Ghost bc


DudFlabby t1_jed39le wrote

Who cares? Just listen to what you like and don’t worry about what others say. Enjoy!