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hi i want to gift a special friend of mine a ticket for a concert , does it make sense to gift only 1 ? i tought that gifting 2 was way better since she could go with anyone but at the same time i dont like the idea to spend 40 euros to make a gift to a random person , what do you think about it ?



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Grand-wazoo t1_jegckyh wrote

Concert tickets aren’t really a great gift IMO, especially if you don’t really know the person that well. It assumes a lot of things: that they’ll be free or able to get time off work to go, that they’ll actually enjoy the show, and that it’s somewhere they’d want to see a band.


DeadEyeMetal t1_jegehds wrote

Make sure that the ticket buying process doesn't present any potential issues like the attendee having to show receipts in their name, have access to a certain phone or any of the other weird and wonderful precautions venues and promoters employ - especially at gigs by big stars.


lowfreq33 t1_jegh2u9 wrote

Nah, that’s not how you do it. You tell them you were thinking about taking them to the concert for their birthday, would they like to go? Way less awkward.


Consistent-Talk-5912 OP t1_jeghdua wrote

I ve to premise , the person is not important to me but the gift is not from only me (it was way easier to write that way) , in the group no one has intention to go listen to that singer and I have a feeling that sending a person alone to a concert isn't a great idea, so you agree on the two ticket thing?


DevinBelow t1_jegqg3i wrote

Nah. If you're going to buy a person a ticket to the show, you buy them 2 tickets. 9 times out of 10, they will invite you to take the second one. Conversely, just get them a pre-paid Visa or cash in the amount of the ticket with a note saying (Maybe you can use this to buy a ticket to X show), and then they can decide if that is something they would want to doon their own, or find someone else to go with.


Consistent-Talk-5912 OP t1_jeh26bq wrote

Should I make a brand new account to give them the possibility of changing names etc?