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BostonDrivingIsWorse t1_je10f40 wrote

My favorite Zeppelin album


Salty_Pancakes t1_je1i9ag wrote

The Song Remains the Same followed by The Rain Song is one of my favorite one, two punches on an album.


BeaconRunner t1_je2folj wrote

Can you imagine rushing home from the record store, putting on the headphones, dropping the needle and hearing these two songs back to back for the first time?


ImpendingSenseOfDoom t1_je3ex10 wrote

Especially when their last album was their fourth album, featuring Stairway to Heaven amongst other iconic songs. Wondering how they could possibly follow that masterpiece, you drop the needle and hear that epic opening riff.


tristangough t1_je1855x wrote

It gives you the whole Zeppelin experience. I think maybe II is as good, but the breadth of styles on HOTH is greater.


LtRecore t1_je1r546 wrote

Same here. Over thills and far away is classic.


clozepin t1_je22ttd wrote

Same. The rare perfect album. No bad tracks. It did take me a little while to come around on No Quarter, but when it clicked, it clicked hard. That riff….


ainjel t1_je2rflr wrote

I argue that "The Crunge" is the turd in the punchbowl, but we'll allow it lol


raihidara t1_je34rwp wrote

The only song worse imo is Hats Off to Roy Harper. I'll never understand why they chose to put that on III instead of Hey, Hey, What Can I Do


clozepin t1_je33rq1 wrote

It probably has more sentimental value to me than anything. It does have a sort of funky feel to it. But mostly it’s quoteable and as kids we used to.


ainjel t1_je3aisq wrote

I mean, without it we wouldn't have "The Magic Number" by De La Soul, so I won't say it shouldn't have happened. ;)


night_dude t1_je421p7 wrote

I heard the Tool version first, so the riff hit me hard. Led Zep really understood the concept of "the drop."


Appropriate-Fix-1240 t1_je5ih2j wrote

Gotta say, thats true for pretty much every zeppelin album (hot dog is a good song too!)


RZAxlash t1_je1wag9 wrote

My favorite zeppelin album…this week,


user_173 t1_je1vho8 wrote

I want to say the same, but Led Zeppelin 2 is just so damned good. But this is definitely a masterpiece.


LosCarlitosTevez t1_je1pufb wrote

So someone going to a record store 50 years ago this week would have asked “what is new?”, and the store clerk would have told them “this one called Dark Side of the Moon or this other one Houses of the Holy”


Zannishi_Hoshor t1_je357yf wrote

“I’ve only listened once or twice but they’re both solid.”


Disabled_Robot t1_je4gijt wrote

And 50 years before that the Treaty of Lausanne brought an end to 624 years of the Ottoman Empire, and hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic made 1 USD worth 4,200,000,000,000 Papiermark.


iceberg_slim1993 t1_je5tqgu wrote

And some dorks would've been complaining that Zepplin was old news and asked if they had any of those new disco records.


ThrownAwayRealGood t1_je1l40r wrote

Over the Hills and Far Away is one of the most kickass songs I’ve ever heard.


teancrumpets8 t1_je27atr wrote

>Over the Hills and Far Away

When I find time from real life to pick up a guitar once every many of months, I always test run it to see if I still got it lol


Doopsy t1_je312zt wrote

In highschool guitar class freshman and sophomore years we got the first standing ovations in over 15 year… why? Freshman year- we played stairway. Sophomore year- we played over the hills.

I don’t care how overplayed those two rings are, there’s a reason why…… pure art.


ainjel t1_je2rgnw wrote

That's the one that made me a guitar player 😍


itamarka t1_je23byk wrote

Crunge defenders rise up


Paublo57 t1_je2k0ag wrote

Yes it's corny as hell, but it was my introduction to funk guitar, and made me a massive fan of the genre


newtownmail t1_je1jkc2 wrote

Can't decide if I prefer this one or Physical Graffiti, but they are both so fantastic. No Quarter might be my favorite track off the album.


fuzzywuzzy74 t1_je1bmzo wrote

I live in Northern Ireland, and this album cover is as close to the giants causeway as I've ever been


suffaluffapussycat t1_je2dtmh wrote

I know a guy who has the original artwork on his wall. He’s a collector. It was pretty wild when I found out it was the original.


houseape69 t1_je11904 wrote

One song (the Crunge) away from perfection


daveashaw t1_je1fpzv wrote

I think was to fill up space left the song "Houses of the Holy," which was supposed to be the title track. They saved it for "Physical Graffiti." If HOTH had stayed on the album, it would, legit, have arguably been the best LZ album.


BrownCavsTribe t1_je34hbi wrote

I don't think adding Houses of the Holy to it's namesake album would've tipped the scales away from PG. I don't have a favorite album but I think being a double LP full of absolute bangers I'd give the edge to PG just off sheer volume.

edit - basically, they're all my favorite, but PG is two albums worth of songs so it counts twice.


daveashaw t1_je355bo wrote

Respectfully disagree--I think the PG is kind of a bloated mess. It's got some good tracks (like HOTH) and would have made a pretty good single album. As far as I am concerned the HOTH album is the last really good record they put out.


SelectionNo3078 t1_je5mngt wrote

agreed. there are only a few double albums that needed to be.

what a solid single album PG would have been.


god_snot_great t1_je181ay wrote

I always respected that song due to the technical difficulty of it. I could take it or leave it though.


geezeeduzit t1_je186py wrote

Idk, I like that song, it’s very James Brown of them


khan800 t1_je3gaww wrote

Yeah, but it's 1973, I'll just listen to the man himself.


ThrownAwayRealGood t1_je1ky18 wrote

Straight up. That song is terrible, which makes no sense because the rest are some of their best,


elrey2020 t1_je24grb wrote

22 years ago my RA stole my HotH poster because it was deemed pornography


Paublo57 t1_je2kgf9 wrote

Page's best work. Strongest production and guitar arrangements of any LZ album, and the last one before drugs noticeably hampered his abilities, as much as I love physical graffiti I can't shake this opinion


Rymundo88 t1_je1csnc wrote

Brilliant album and what a barn-storming opener it has, The Song Remains The Same


Scoutn t1_je2s2uz wrote

Da na na na na, da na na na na, daaa na na na na, danana

No Quarter, my favorite of all time


andropogon09 t1_je2zucg wrote

I was in high school. I'll never forget the first time I heard the opening riff on Dancing Days.


ImpendingSenseOfDoom t1_je3fhje wrote

Definitely my favorite of all Zeppelin albums. It's maybe not a "perfect" album from start to finish but it has the perfect sound on every track. The balance of bright guitars and thunderous bass/drums, I don't know man. The production quality on Houses is just the absolute best I've ever heard on a rock album. Certainly some of my favorite songs are on here - The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, and Over The Hills and Far Away make one of the best combinations of three songs to open an album I can think of. The others are just super cool, even when they fall a little flat on composition, you get to just listen to an insanely talented band just groove and be their badass selves. And then after that you get No Quarter. Goddamn.


Pythia007 t1_je2jead wrote

And I remember buying it as soon as it appeared in the shops. Could it really be 50 years?!?!?


Kebabenjoyer3 t1_je2xjon wrote

No Quarter is the most liquid, smooth song ever written


CatManDontDo t1_je3aojp wrote

I played this cassette on repeat until it disintegrated in the tape deck of my truck


JunFerra t1_je4g9ai wrote

One of my favourites from the band! The Rain Song in particular is amazing.


excitom t1_je58et1 wrote

John Paul Jones' keyboards and arrangement, an underrated part of the band's formula.


scsiballs t1_je1ftwl wrote

As bill s Preston would say "whoooah"


Rahawk02 t1_je2z9f7 wrote

Wasn’t that Ted Theodore Logan who said that?


scsiballs t1_je678q8 wrote

Whoah listen to this dude (or dudette) they know what they are talking about !


Nova2233 t1_je2bfud wrote

Favorite Zep album for sure. Hipgnosis killed the artwork as usual, ridiculous track listing, prime ability of all members, awesome production by Page, just an absolute banger of an album all around


AnswerGuy301 t1_je2vs26 wrote

It’s amazing how timeless the production on Zeppelin records sounds. Rock is kind of gone as a genre from mainstream radio now but you could have released these albums 20 or even 40 years later and they’d still totally fresh and contemporary, not dated in the least.


Wraywong t1_je30q9l wrote

Which makes listening to Led Zeppelin today, like digging Benny Goodman, in 1985...nobody could shred on clarinet, like Benny Goodman.

Big Band music is due for a comeback...


scandrews187 t1_je3d5ye wrote

Yet another incredible album by an incredible band. Produced by one of the most innovative guitar players ever. Another masterpiece


72kIngnothing t1_je4igoq wrote

I just googled 1973 albums. Holy shit,what a 12 months that was.


excitom t1_je58kgt wrote

That whole era. I made a Spotify playlist for 1971, my freshman year. Amazing stuff.


warthog0869 t1_je2oour wrote

Nice article, but if he was impressed with that album, he should really listen to the one that follows it if he thinks Houses is a masterpiece. Holy fuck.


Prize_Huckleberry_79 t1_je3zdev wrote

30 years ago I saw Page perform Song Remains the Same Live. I got serious goosebumps at that explosive guitar part right before Plant sang: “California Sunlight….sweet Calcutta rain”


MaikeruGo t1_je46clr wrote

I remember a friend introducing me to this back in HS (this was decades after it was released) and it, as well as several other Zeppelin albums, became our default adventure/day trip music. Of course the magic part was that if we were heading towards the coast we'd literally have to travel to "Over The Hills and Far Away" to get to "The Ocean"—and if there wasn't a lot of traffic the trip take the entire duration of the album give or take a song. You couldn't ask for a better soundtrack.


SwissBean27 t1_je6wg7g wrote

Listen to Rain Song live 1973 for one of the best live versions of a Zep song ever! I suggest headphones and inebriation


FullRollingBoil t1_je14yle wrote

The live versions made the album obsolete to me


bullybullybully t1_je1cduu wrote

When I was a little kid I would just stare at this cover while my dad played it in his office.


Mr310 t1_je2e7yn wrote

And kids half that young are still wearing their t-shirts but have no idea who they are. It'll happen to your favorite band too!


Slavemaid t1_je2nf6f wrote

Dosent Sean that long ago


MoreMegadeth t1_je35q81 wrote

Their best imo. Love em all but this is my personal fave/their best.


Mkmeathead83 t1_je39mip wrote

My parents gave me their record collection. I don't remember this at all as a kid but I wrote DooDoo on the front of the the album with a pen. I kind of laugh everytime I take this record out for a spin.


dudebrojc t1_je3ivqm wrote

People won't you listen now


opa20 t1_je3l84m wrote

There used to be “Midnight movies” in theaters showing the concert film. Always smuggled in a flask. Such a great and different time.


Jakester42 t1_je3oahh wrote

Houses of the holy

Was a really bitchin' album

Bonzo kicks ass on it

And then he chokes on his vomit

The way a rock star's s'posed to die


real_horse_magic t1_je53g2g wrote

This is my favorite Zeppelin record by a mile, The Ocean slaps so goddamn hard


gtoz1119 t1_je5ldr1 wrote

I’m sure I’m probably in the minority but it’s my favorite


SelectionNo3078 t1_je5mypm wrote

i remember writing some of the lyrics to 'over the hills and far away' in a card to a girl i'd just started dating.

she went and bought the album the next day!


dearrichard t1_je2a9gi wrote

near perfect album. if only they got rid of the crunge.

i fucking hate that song.


MrBigChest t1_je2fpna wrote

Damn I’m getting old. This album was only 22 years old when I was born.