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houseape69 t1_je11904 wrote

One song (the Crunge) away from perfection


daveashaw t1_je1fpzv wrote

I think was to fill up space left the song "Houses of the Holy," which was supposed to be the title track. They saved it for "Physical Graffiti." If HOTH had stayed on the album, it would, legit, have arguably been the best LZ album.


BrownCavsTribe t1_je34hbi wrote

I don't think adding Houses of the Holy to it's namesake album would've tipped the scales away from PG. I don't have a favorite album but I think being a double LP full of absolute bangers I'd give the edge to PG just off sheer volume.

edit - basically, they're all my favorite, but PG is two albums worth of songs so it counts twice.


daveashaw t1_je355bo wrote

Respectfully disagree--I think the PG is kind of a bloated mess. It's got some good tracks (like HOTH) and would have made a pretty good single album. As far as I am concerned the HOTH album is the last really good record they put out.


SelectionNo3078 t1_je5mngt wrote

agreed. there are only a few double albums that needed to be.

what a solid single album PG would have been.


god_snot_great t1_je181ay wrote

I always respected that song due to the technical difficulty of it. I could take it or leave it though.


geezeeduzit t1_je186py wrote

Idk, I like that song, it’s very James Brown of them


khan800 t1_je3gaww wrote

Yeah, but it's 1973, I'll just listen to the man himself.


ThrownAwayRealGood t1_je1ky18 wrote

Straight up. That song is terrible, which makes no sense because the rest are some of their best,