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In the new boygenius song Not Strong Enough, in the first line they sing "Black hole opened in the kitchen". The melody and vocal pattern immediately reminded me of another song that I cant for the life of me remember. I think it is from a 90s band and I can feel that it is a rather sad or emotional song. I mostly listen to popular bands if that is any help.



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samuraiaullways t1_jefseib wrote

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

Never heard the boygenius song, but just checked it out and the melodies are very similar, at least in that opening verse.


Mammoth_Finance2901 OP t1_jefx8o3 wrote

Oh those melodies are very similar! But not the song that is on the tip of my tongue. But the first line in this song definitely hits that same spot.


Johhnynumber5ht2a t1_jeg1yts wrote

Female vocalist or male? The song reminds me of the Wallflowers album from 1996


Mammoth_Finance2901 OP t1_jeg2hdu wrote

Male. I want to say the the second line is something like ..."light before the dawn"