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charlesdexterward t1_jeey3q9 wrote

Shazam returned a couple different songs with similar droney qualities but that weren’t the right song. I looked for Jeanne Fay (the music supervisor for that episode) on social media to see if I could just message her and ask, but none of the Jeanne Fays who came up look like they could be her. So yeah, real mystery here.


Notinyourbushes t1_jegme64 wrote

Well it's credited as Everything it its right place by Radiohead. But as to who is doing the vocals on that version, no idea.


BOHIFOBRE t1_jeev6xt wrote


Oops....different most mysterious song


Kalsir t1_jeeyg53 wrote

IF you give a little more info I could try asking gpt4 if it knows.