Submitted by Important-Ninja4224 t3_127b3sq in Music

I need help finding this song thats been stuck in my head since elementary school! 😭 it goes like this

Sha la da da di da ta ta Sha la di da ti

Her voice is very feminine

It gives me elevator music vibes? Or maybe nastolgic grocery store vibes kinda napoleon dynamite maybe portuegues pls help 😭😭😭 im starting to think i made it up



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AlarmVarious1991 t1_jedg2sa wrote

Is it Summer Samba by Walter Wanderley?


Important-Ninja4224 OP t1_jedgg3w wrote

Sadly no but thank you so much 😭🫢🏻


AlarmVarious1991 t1_jedgizq wrote

Aw man! You’re welcome! What music platform do you use? I can send you a playlist of common elevator type music. You might find it within the playlist. :)


czidy t1_jedknop wrote

Feel comfortable making a vocaroo or recording a piano app to give us an idea of the rhythm and tones?


Important-Ninja4224 OP t1_jefi734 wrote

Sure! Do i make another post? Or am i able to put it here


czidy t1_jegte61 wrote

Here is okay, good to archive it all in one place.


MelancholyUsed t1_jedkxlm wrote

Try using the Shazam app maybe, it’s too hard to gather musical tone through text alone


looseleafnz t1_jee2ap7 wrote

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Women?


dirtkeeper t1_jeen7ig wrote

It’s a Van Morrison song, can’t remember the title at the moment