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I'm trying to put together a playlist, so give me anything that hits you like other songs don't. I'll throw a few top 5 recommendations / sample suggestions out to set the mood.

  1. Jakey - Pine Barrens
  2. Flora Cash - Someone Else
  3. Mogwai - Take me Somewhere Nice
  4. Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - Broadripple is Burning
  5. Joji - Glimpse of Us (Obligatory)
  6. (Edit) Guess I'll keep digging up old ones, maybe someone will post.
  7. Mazzy Star - Fade In to You
  8. TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot
  9. Daughter - Run
  10. CKY - Don't Hold your Breath
  11. Ron Pope - Tightrope
    Oh dangit, I forgot my favorite one.
  12. Fleetwood Mac - Landslide


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Grand-wazoo t1_jeevf7p wrote

Elliott Smith - I Didn’t Understand / No Name #5 / Condor Ave / Everything Reminds Me of Her


[deleted] t1_jeexmnu wrote

Depressing songs and Elliot Smith go hand in hand. He was a phenomenal musician. May he rest in peace.


Grand-wazoo t1_jeey1s2 wrote

Indeed. He got me through many a tough time and I’ll forever cherish his music.


witche t1_jeextln wrote

alice in chains - nutshell.


[deleted] t1_jeezp5w wrote

Fuck. One of my favorite sad songs. It has so many memories tied to it, I'll cry if I think too much about it.

edit: word choice


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef2139 wrote

I've seen them before and after Layne. If I had to pick one though, it'd be Black Gives Way to Blue. I love AoC though.


dangerous_strainer t1_jefzmdn wrote

John Frusciante - The First Season

BGWTB absolutely ruins me. I got the album on release day and have listened to it hundreds of times by now but I have only listened to that track a handful of times as it's difficult for me to get through. Lily Cornell did an amazing cover of it as well.


afrogrimey t1_jef5qhx wrote

The Smiths - How Soon is Now? is the most depressing song ever imo


Cyanopicacooki t1_jeespb9 wrote

Joy Division - New Dawn Fades.

Leonard Cohen. Just about all of them.


coamihe t1_jeeybd0 wrote

Hurt - Johnny Cash makes me cry every time. If you want extra tears watch the video.


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef2lxx wrote

I actually saw Nine Inch Nails in concert and they tributed this song to him. They played it like he does instead of how they do.


YvanehtNioj69 t1_jeeumt0 wrote

Radiohead - 4 minute warning

Grouper - heavy water

Keaton Henson - you don't know how lucky you are

Low - words

Boards of Canada - farewell fire

5 depression songs suggestions from me


witche t1_jeexg4o wrote

Keaton Henson absolutely destroys me.


[deleted] t1_jef09ya wrote

bout to give this a listen. (Keaton Henson - you don't know how lucky you are)

edit: Listened. My feelers felt that. The video made my eyes well with tears.

Thanks for the share.


YvanehtNioj69 t1_jeexx4v wrote

I'm glad you ..enjoy? His music. I mean I'm not a big fan but I like certain songs.


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeezqrc wrote

Oh wow, I've been trying to catch back up on the catalog, Keaton was amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Hot-Bandicoot-6988 t1_jeexccb wrote

Coma White, and The man that you fear by Marilyn Manson


dangerous_strainer t1_jefzr8u wrote

The Man that you fear is such a great track, the video goes so good with it as well.


Aempha t1_jeezt5c wrote

Mount Eerie - Real Death


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef1e0j wrote

>Mount Eerie - Real Death

I thought this was the same guy that sings for this band. I mean, I guess it's not, but I like them both for the same reason.


Aempha t1_jef21bd wrote

Mount Eerie is a side project of Phil Elverum of The Microphones

This song is from an album he made grieving the death of his wife, if you are looking for some super sad music that album is one of the toughest to go through


heylookatmywatch t1_jef3nog wrote

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef59t2 wrote

You take your upvote and don't you ever make me remember how this song ever makes me feel again. I left this one off the list on purpose.


ruet_ahead t1_jeevxbi wrote

I always say "Black Star" by Radiohead when this topic comes up. I'm going to add "Like Suicide" by Soundgarden. ...crushers.


_tonsofsoul_ t1_jeexg21 wrote

Les colocs - Le répondeur

It's in French but it's one of the most perfect songs about depression.


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeeykvs wrote

I like it, maybe it's a bit avante garde for me, but somehow I know the sadness of the absence of any more emotion in his lyrics.


_tonsofsoul_ t1_jef3gra wrote

It's done in a semi-traditional Québec style of folk music and I agree, his voice transmits the emotion amazingly.

There is one lyric that I love (the poetry is beautiful in French):

Yesterday I met a poor man

Living in the street with noting at all

He said something I found amusing

Life is short but some parts can be really long

Keeping in the French theme, there is always Ne me quitte pas. My favorite version is by Nina Simon. The last verse is haunting:

Do not leave me

I won't cry anymore

I'm not gonna talk anymore

I will hide there

looking at you

Dance and smile

And listen to you

Sing and then laugh

let me become

The shadow of your shadow

The shadow of your hand

The shadow of your dog


Do not leave me

Do not leave me

Do not leave me

Do not leave me


TheBadSpy t1_jef0449 wrote

Nine inch nails - something I can never have, hurt, or leaving hope.


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef35kf wrote

I actually saw NIN on their With Teeth tour. They played Hurt in a tribute to Johnny Cash! If I'm trying to release some anger Pretty Hate Machine is way up there!


TheBadSpy t1_jef8dvg wrote

Forgive me if you know this… Hurt is a nine inch nails song. Nin has been closing their sets with it for a million years now. Cash covered it.


Chelsea75 t1_jef7kai wrote

You could probably just run through every Death Cab for Cutie album (with a few exceptions) and get lots of options. Tiny Vessels, Company Calls Epilogue, Cath, Brothers on a Hotel Bed, and What Sarah Said are personal favorites


sandy_80 t1_jegzged wrote


you reminded me of 9 crimes by damien rice ..his music suits depression


HazycloudBlues t1_jeetv6o wrote

One that's been hitting me hard lately is Dermont Kennedy - Outnumbered as it reminds me of someone who used to be special in my life.


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeeukzk wrote

>Dermont Kennedy - Outnumbered

I like this a lot, this is nothing I would have ever found on my own. Can I ask who it's about?


HazycloudBlues t1_jeevs71 wrote

Thanks yeah pretty song isn't it? Basically about being there for someone feeling overwhelmed and that the dark times tend to pass no matter how dark and dreary things may seem. I loved the song as soon as I heard it.


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeewoqw wrote

Thank you guys so much for sharing. It feels weird to experience how so many of you guys experience sadness too, all so different. I dunno, not all of them are my thing, but it feels good to share it, instead of just listening alone in the dark.


Chawypie t1_jeex0sq wrote

Failure - Another Space Song


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeey0f2 wrote

This one was a good listen too. Somehow I can't take the hopeless and desperation as seriously as the album cover.


ethorthedinosaur t1_jeexq3v wrote

Dawn Chorus - Thom Yorke

Good News - Mac Miller

It's Hard to Get Around the Wind - Alex Turner

Re: Stacks - Bon Iver

Tear Down the House - The Avett Brothers


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef08d4 wrote

>Re: Stacks - Bon Iver

I know Bon Iver from Skinny Lover. Stacks maybe didn't make me that sad, but I really liked it anyways!


ethorthedinosaur t1_jef0eea wrote

The other one that makes me sad by Bon Iver is 715 CREEKS. Thanks for listening!


Rogue42bdf t1_jeezslx wrote

Nada - The Refreshments

There ain’t no morals to these stories at all
Anything I tell you very well could be a lie
I’ve been away from the living, I don’t need to be forgiven
I’m just waiting for this coal black soul of mine
To come alive

Edit to add a few -
Sometime Around Midnight - Airborne Toxic Event
Airplanes - Gary Allen
Dark Blue - Jack’s Mannequin
Hurricane - MsMr
Ashes of San Miguel - Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers


scutiger- t1_jef0dgt wrote

The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work


__Arty__ t1_jef0mu9 wrote

One More Light - Linkin Park, especially with the music video

26 - Paramore, especially live


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef44w9 wrote

Oh man, I'm not trying to think back that far >_< The song was really nice, but those bands remind me so hard of my blunder years.


armchairwarrior69 t1_jef0q89 wrote

Dondante - my morning jacket.

That song is just haunting.


km_j3825 t1_jef7yt9 wrote

Agreed. If I remember correctly its about Jim's best friend that he grew up playing music with that ended up killing himself, very very sad


armchairwarrior69 t1_jefc3t3 wrote

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's it.

The song just gives me chills every time. Jim's voice is something else.


Neutronova t1_jef1ruv wrote

Ben Howard - Oats in the water


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef4gf5 wrote

>Ben Howard - Oats in the water

Holy crap, I knew I recognized this name, this guy does Black Flies on the Windowsill! I love that song! It also makes you pretty sad, but it's good if that's what you are looking for.


kermit639 t1_jef2q50 wrote

I Drink by Mary Gauthier


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jef54d3 wrote

Oh no... You doing okay now? If nothing else I'll raise a drink to you.


1merman t1_jef4z52 wrote

Hey Jupiter - Tori Amos Country Feedback - R.E.M. Love Ridden- Fiona Apple Why Do They Leave? Ryan Adams Birds - Neil Young Lover, You Should Have Come Over- Jeff Buckley Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead


km_j3825 t1_jef83aa wrote

Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan


Tranquility-Android t1_jeffzyk wrote

Asleep by The Smiths (ultimate depression song)

Cancer by My Chemical Romance

I Think Ur a Contra by Vampire Weekend

El Manana by Gorillaz

You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket by the White Stripes

Warrior by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Too Late Now by Wet Leg


speedball3r t1_jefkejf wrote

I know its over by the smiths


Scarlet-Torch t1_jefonyg wrote

Another Life by Motionless in White. Hits you deep in the feels. The visuals in the music video hit ya in the gut too. And if you don't think the song alone is sad enough, they made what they call "motion picture" versions of some of their songs and they did it to another Life and I sobbed listening to the MPC version of Another life.

So yeah I definitely recommend checking them out.


Practical_Price9500 t1_jefv9vr wrote

The following Tom Waits songs: A Little Rain, The House Where Nobody Lives, Georgia Lee, Flower’s Grave, No One Knows I’m Gone.


greendumb t1_jefysct wrote

Flirted with you all my life -Vic Chesnutt


crazy_cat_lord t1_jeggrkz wrote

Definitely most if not all the songs from August and Everything After by Counting Crows. Even the upbeat stuff like Mr. Jones and Rain King betrays an underlying depression and dissatisfaction with the pain of life. If I had to pick, Raining in Baltimore, Anna Begins, and Round Here always hit me hard.


[deleted] t1_jeet0iv wrote

Damien Jurado- Sheets


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeeus0j wrote

>Damien Jurado- Sheets

This is really nice. Is it about you, or someone you know?


[deleted] t1_jeewfsi wrote

I don't know who the song is about, but it's beautifully written and flows really well.

He's an artist from Seattle and on tour now. I missed his last show, but I'm looking forward to seeing him at the end of April. Should be very chill.

My other favorite song by him is "Best Dress". I think many of us can relate.


Zmirzlina t1_jeevq48 wrote

The National (hard to pick just one) - Sorrow

Alexi Murdock - Orange Sky

Hood - Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive

Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day


Economy_Ear_3357 OP t1_jeex3ql wrote

>Sorrow was so raw that it almost doesn't make me sad, it just hurts...


wispygeorge t1_jeewm6n wrote

Yea anything by the national


Zmirzlina t1_jeewr7v wrote

Sorrow squad assemble! Yeah they have the sad alcoholic dad act down pat.


deutschdachs t1_jeex5v7 wrote

No Man's Land by Eric Bogle
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda by Eric Bogle
White Squall by Stan Rogers

Basically folk songs about young people whose futures/lives were ripped away from them by catastrophic events

More well known songs:
New Slang by the Shins
Mad World by Gary Jules
Hurt by Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash cover
Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin
Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk

If you've ever broken up with someone you loved then Eventually & List of People by Tame Impala


MightyMCY t1_jeex9tx wrote

In this Moment - Into the Light

Cold - A Different Kind of Pain

Sister Hazel - Champagne High

Lonely the Brave - Your Heavy Heart

Alien Ant Farm - Homage (as a music lover that grew up with music as a huge part of his life this one hits deep)

Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See (because it's my favorite song on earth)

Tonic - Mountain


I could do this all day, but I won't, because I have to act like I care at work on a Friday.


wilstar_berry t1_jeexcp5 wrote

Streets of Heaven Artist: Sherrié Austin

Not a regular country listener. But this is the saddest song I've ever heard.


pdevo t1_jeexeon wrote

Radiohead - gagging order


dabyathatsme t1_jeexyds wrote

Breakfast with my Shadow - Cloud Cult


phred_666 t1_jeey0bu wrote

STYX- Castle Walls

STYX- Man In The Wilderness


gay4chan t1_jeeyf4p wrote

Grandaddy - Protected From The Rain


maricatu t1_jef06q7 wrote

Lana Del Rey - her entire discography

(At least Tereance Loves You, Change or Video Games)


Enoch-Of-Nod t1_jef14h8 wrote

I cannot escape the darkness, by Those Poor Bastards


IVIPI t1_jef15jr wrote

Swallow The Sun - Plague Of Butterflies


Beebajazz t1_jef1hi3 wrote

That Funny Feeling- Bo Burnham

Wake Up Alone- Amy Winehouse

I Lost a Friend- FINNEAS


shanerbaner16 t1_jef49ns wrote

Wondering (how to believe) - ra the rugged man


InsertKleverNameHere t1_jef4jk2 wrote

Timothy, Look what youve done, Come around again, Move On, Eleanor, Hold On, Radio Song and Shine On by Jet

Nothing compares to you sinead oconnor

Wake me up when september ends green day

hurt johhny cash

Lazarus david bowie

Hate me blue october

rain breaking benjamin

dean lewis be alright


boomtown405 t1_jef4n5p wrote

Alex G - mission

The Postal Service - Nothing Better (the song has an upbeat sound, but the lyrics are about heartbreak)


gpoobah t1_jef5qmw wrote

Lou Reed - The Bed


Nizamark t1_jef6chh wrote

Birthday Boy by Ween


EmerynMoon t1_jef7ksh wrote

"Everything I ever Wanted" - Billie Eilish "The Passenger" - Hunter as a Horse "Panopticon" - Cloud Control


TNJed94 t1_jef7trx wrote

Julien Baker-Rejoice


Keith-BradburyIII t1_jef8v5q wrote

Please check out “Fiction” by Avenged Sevenfold. I think that’s one of the most gut wrenching songs ever made, especially the ending.


ShunderTorm t1_jefa8lc wrote

▪︎Dustin Tebbutt - The Breach ▪︎Keane - Bad Dream ▪︎Pearl Jam - Just Breathe ▪︎Chord Overstreet - Hold On ▪︎SYML- Lost Myself ▪︎Brand New - Jesus Christ ▪︎Audioslave - Getaway Car ▪︎Coldplay - Always in my Head ▪︎Lifehouse - Everything ▪︎Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight ▪︎Queensryche- Silent Lucidity ▪︎Duran Duran - Ordinary World ▪︎Dashboard Confessional - Heart Beat Hear


Sandman1990 t1_jefastl wrote

I have a playlist like this that I made years ago. Some highlights:

Our Lady Peace - 4am

Great Big Sea - How Did We Get From Saying 'I Love You'

The Offspring - Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

annnnd for the parents out there:

Jackson Michelson - One Day


You11NeverKn0w t1_jefbf5v wrote

Slippin and Slidin by Justin Townes Earle


Onoxx t1_jefdpy0 wrote

Autumn by Puscifer


whyzguy123 t1_jefg9fh wrote

Chris Cornell - wide awake


SoManyStress t1_jefi9rt wrote

The Teskey Brothers - Rain

Leo Sayer - Bedsitter Land

Daughter - Smother

John Mayer - Victoria

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You

Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

The Fray - How To Save A Life

I'm not sure how well these fit the bill for what you're asking, but these definitely hit me in a powerful way.


rorydraws t1_jefieqz wrote

Morphine - "Take Me With You"

The Sadies - "More Alone"

Bonnie Prince Billy - "I See a Darkness"


obik501 t1_jefjfas wrote

Neverending White Lights - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Heart

Tori Amos - Northern Lad

Ruelle - The Other Side


idkwhatido77 t1_jeflsz0 wrote

Make Everyone Happy/ Mechanical Birds - Modest Mouse


LoCaL_dRuNkArD t1_jefovne wrote

Since you already have TV on the radio, I recommend "Blind".


lostnthot t1_jefpzxi wrote

I can't make you love me - Bonnie Raitt

Jacob's Dream - Allison Krauss


GardenAddict843 t1_jefre8t wrote

Bird Song-Grateful Dead/ Nothin’-Townes Van Zandt


maxmouze t1_jefyvc0 wrote

Cold - “Wasted Years”

Radiohead - “Street Spirit”


MigBird t1_jeg1bl4 wrote

"Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel," "War On Drugs," both by Barenaked Ladies.


DillSk1n2 t1_jeg59qi wrote

More than you know- Adestria Voice of the Soul- Death Daddy- Korn Without a whisper- Invent Animate


saminajackson t1_jeg5dxd wrote

Down in a Hole -Alice in Chains / I see a darkness - Johnny Cash


patronsaintpizza t1_jegbbkm wrote

Marcy Playground - Opium

Candlebox - Far Behind

The Offspring - Gone Away

311 - Eons


DrayvenVonSchip t1_jegjpbr wrote

The highly underrated (and now defunct band) Trespassers William and their song “My Hands Up”.

Actually most of their songs have a great melancholy feel. I highly recommend their albums “Having” and “Different Stars”.


blanktwiin t1_jeglx61 wrote

More melancholy than depressing but I’d highly recommend Micah P Hinson - Beneath the Rose


pretty_bumpy t1_jegmsps wrote

Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey

The Blackest Day by Lana del Rey

Dark Paradise by Lana del Rey

Blue by Madison Beer

Paris, Texas by Lana del Rey

Niña de ojos tristes by Belén Aguilera


sandy_80 t1_jegtscm wrote

run by snow patrol

wires by athlete

beautiful life by black

one headlight by the wallflowers

zombi by the cranberries

dont speak by no doubt

high hopes by pink fluid

its all subjective ..we all see depression in different ways


OsbertSnarfSnarf t1_jegw9hq wrote

Otis/Carl by Spanish Love Songs.

Every time I listen to it there's a new layer of emotion.