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geetarzrkool t1_ituj7j0 wrote

Ps: Ye isn't a"Semite" dummy, but you ARE a RACIST.

He doesn't care what you, or anyone else has to say. That's the point of being an artist. That's why he's successful and you never will be.

Btw, this is a slide thread from the Mods (JIDF and CO.). LOL!!!!!! You can ALWAYS tell it's THEM b/c they offer a moronic, irrelevant premise (me no likey Ye-boi) followed up by "What do you think.....?" (your answers are then noted for the "record") Gee, I wonder who's behind these posts?

THEY use this tactic all the time because THEY are as uncreative as "OP", who again, is really just a MOD doing a bit of "market research" for their masters.

Hey Mod, what's your name? Who do you answer to? Why do you always hide in the shadows on a subreddit as innocuous as "Music"? Who runs the "Music Business"?

Better ask Ye!!!! ;)


amorningofsleep t1_ituk81b wrote

Lol holy shit this reads like a teenaged Kanye wrote it.


PM_ur_Rump t1_itumhed wrote

Dude's history is the same kind of blatant antisemitism, holy shit.


crimshaw83 t1_itulncb wrote

Also i forgot to add, you are anti-semetic as well. Fuck off loser


BunkytheClown t1_itunhcf wrote

>Ye isn't a"Semite" dummy

Nobody said he was. At all.

OP denies being anti-Semitic because he just wrote a post about continuing to listen to the music of an *anti-*Semite. Try to keep up.


notaversilfgaming OP t1_ituywzk wrote

Exactly I just mentioned that because sometimes people get triggered and label the person In the same category


BunkytheClown t1_ituz3pk wrote



notaversilfgaming OP t1_ituziqb wrote

Nothing I just agreed with you

Because this guy suddenly calls me out as a racist

I just put the anti semite thing because I was saying I wouldn’t stop listening to Kanye


Bygdon t1_ituo2ma wrote

You are correct, Kanye, Ye, unmedicated POS whatever you choose to call him is not a Semite. He is an ANTI Semite. Words are important, you should learn to use them properly. More importantly, you should strive to understand them.

The other option is that maybe you should head to LA and perform your Nazi salute on the overpass with your brethren.


notaversilfgaming OP t1_ituyscf wrote

Bro what 💀how the hell am I a mod.

I just wanted to know a huge poll since I usually don’t get why people boycott artists after some controversy. Like travis after the Astroworld incident

I used ye as an example because he’s the most relevant to current times