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According to reports, Peligro passed away October 28th, 2022 at his home due to head trauma from an accidental fall.

Peligro was best known for being the drummer of iconic US punk band Dead Kennedys. He contributed to several other projects, including a stint with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a solo album entitled “Sum of Our Surroundings.”

D.H, or Dirty to his friends, will be dearly missed.



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Ridin_the_GravyTrain t1_iuabp1w wrote

I was just listening to DK in the shower this morning. Aw man. RIP.


Reggie__Ledoux t1_iuadaim wrote

DK was the soundtrack to my teens. You will be missed Dirty. R.I.P


slayer991 t1_iuaiqyb wrote

Man, what a bummer. I mean I expect these old punk and metal guys to die before me (he was 63) but not from an accidental fall. Damn, that sucks. Time to spin up Fresh Fruit...


Vinche114 t1_iufnqul wrote

That's actualy the only album that Peligro wasn't a part of, but great album for sure


deathtongue1985 t1_iuac2lm wrote


Part of the soundtrack to my teenage years and beyond. Same shit they were railing against 40+ years ago just never went away (ie Kill The Poor).

RIP and thank you for so much great music.


Johndough99999 t1_iub7ujt wrote

Like Jerry Brown.


whistlinjeffm t1_iuea773 wrote

I was so confused for a while about this song, having not grown up in Jerry Brown's OG run until I finally read his wiki and realized he took a 30 year hiatus from being governor


Fidelio62 t1_iuahl4o wrote

The only Chili Pepper drummer to be in the band with John Frusciante other than Chad Smith.


shadowsCOLLIDE t1_iuaouba wrote

Isn’t there one or 2 songs credited to Peligro maybe in some non-studio release material? I assume it would’ve been with Frusciante too… as my remembering is that Jack Irons quit drumming for the band immediately upon Hillel Slovak’s death. Leaving 2 vacancies…


Fidelio62 t1_iuav5tt wrote

He did and some were definitely on studio releases.

Taste the Pain is a great song from Mothers Milk which I believe is Kiedis-Flea-Frusciante-Peligro. Sure there were more tracks too.


discogravy t1_iub3n9q wrote

Original higher ground was worked out with him, before Chad joined iirc


fix_dis t1_iubqxj4 wrote

If I remember the notes, “Fish” was credited as playing drums on that track.


Pinkyanderbrain t1_iuc06t5 wrote

Frusciante fan boys are the worst, D.H Peligro was a prominent and respected musician in their own right, they have died tragically and your response is to eulogise another person entirely.


blackjacktarr t1_iuenlqj wrote

Saw one of those gigs in Madison, WI. First chord, crowd rushed the stage. Next thing I know, I'm laying on top of my friend who's laying on top of DH's drumkit. Eventually, we got a show, and all were in fine form.

Shocked he's gone. I never felt he was properly recognized for his talent. Dude had military precision, but could shift into a jazz groove whenever necessary. And fast. So fast.


piepants2001 t1_iuaa8s3 wrote

Well this is sad news

Rest in Peace D.H.


2ndHandTardis t1_iuaud2l wrote


Growing up as a Rock fan of color in the 90s/00s I was a big fan of him and would follow his career.

Terrible news.


HijodeLobo t1_iuamt6i wrote

Fuggin strange! Out of nowhere I had the urge to listen to Dead Kennedy’s yesterday. I haven’t listened to them in a long time. RIP


Doctor_Satan_ t1_iubam4u wrote

Goddamn. R.I.P. D.H. Peligro. The Dead Kennedys will forever be my favorite punk band. Been listening to them for the last 15 years and they've helped me through some tough times. Just threw on Frankenchrist in his honor. His drumming is killer.


Lukacris12 t1_iub3rgt wrote

Saw him and the dead kennedys live in 2017. He was absolutely insane on the drums all show his energy was unmatched. Him leading the start of Nazi Punks fuck off was so good. RIP to a legend


Hedgehogz_Mom t1_iue4f32 wrote

I saw them in 2005. Dressed up and did my face bc I finally got to see DK live in my hometown as as thirty something. Everyone was in jeans and college tees and some Chad asked me if I was trans.

Talk about cultural appropriation.


grandmabish2 t1_iuagznc wrote

That's a big bummer. Dude was a real ripper


udee79 t1_iubwvk2 wrote

I saw the Dead Kennedys at club 688 in Atlanta in 1980.


Tehboognish t1_iucy50j wrote

Minneapolis armory, 1984.

Changed my life.


udee79 t1_iudcvej wrote

I remember an acapella part of a song where the band was all singing in harmony and it was really tight. I thought these guys aren't just banging they are good musicians.


Political_Lemming t1_iubnae3 wrote

RIP DH. Nazi Punks can Fuck Off every fucking day! Today it's for Dante.


Earguy t1_iub26a4 wrote

Damn, died from an accidental fall. It would be different if he had an extended illness and was terminal ^terminal terminal...


whittlingcanbefatal t1_iuaxqfb wrote

I met him at an all-ages club in San Francisco. Great person and drummer. I’m gutted.


Ben_Pharten t1_iubyzsw wrote

I have seizures frequently and hit my head on the ground or other obstacles on the way down and I wake up in bloody, piss and puke pile but I get up and live my life as normal and I won't be deterred. I am always alright in the long run but I know my fate will be similar and so this hits home hard for me especially when it's such a beloved band. Godspeed D.H Peligro. You had a life well-lived.


RegurgitatedMincer t1_iuauxbq wrote

He played on some of the most important albums of my teen years that remain some of my favorites to this day. Rip.


free_cocaine t1_iubdga8 wrote

Well fuck. Been listening to em all week and now this. RIP


kapitan_buko t1_iubw7ba wrote

Wtf I was literally listening to Police Truck when I saw your post


SlackerKey t1_iucjaoz wrote

This man is one of the main reasons the DKs were so great. Love and respect to D H Peligro, family and friends. The music will be played forever, it is legendary.


ThrownAwayRealGood t1_iucki1s wrote

The toms on California Uber Alles were legendary, such a great fucking way to start that song.


Jay-c58 t1_iuah1mk wrote

Damn that sucks!


donna363 t1_iuakb2p wrote

Oh man. That really sucks :(


MiCK_GaSM t1_iuap33x wrote

Man, this is shitty.


Girardkirth t1_iuaxidz wrote

This guy along with dk definitely got me through the teen years RIP my dude.


fredwilton t1_iub192f wrote

Darren was an animal behind the kit. I loved him in the DKs! RIP, my brother 😢


koncernz t1_iuba08p wrote

Dang :(
DK was so important to so many people.


TOXICBRONZE t1_iubb5ek wrote

It’s a holiday in heaven rip icon


Direct_Age_2279 t1_iubytln wrote

He was in great shape playing in high level. Such a loss. RIP brother.


mubydram t1_iuc1fdq wrote

Plastic Surgery Disasters is my shit. RIP.


misschzburger t1_iucao2c wrote

I was telling my kid about give me convenience or give me death today.



dnsdiva t1_iuczexm wrote

My first show. Dead Kennedys. Richmond, The Mosque. Virginia. 1982. My life would be forever changed. I was 12.


vagina_candle t1_iub5pau wrote

Damn, that's unfortunate and sad. RIP


nueve t1_iubhscc wrote



Skrork t1_iublcsc wrote



GOM27 t1_iuc4qge wrote

This sucks. Dude was a pretty killer drummer.


samurai5625 t1_iucc4w9 wrote

Fuck. That classic Dead Kennedys lineup was very special


renb8 t1_iucq15a wrote

Very sad. There will always be a moon over Marin. And the DKs on my turntable. Immortals.


andreacaccese t1_iucufvw wrote

This is so sad! DH was such a huge part not only of DK but of the sound of punk rock.


shackbleep t1_iud47cn wrote

Damn, I just saw him in Dave Grohl's documentary What Drives Us, too. RIP.


seapod123 t1_iud4nqu wrote

Soundtrack of the late 80's for me. RIP DHP


MrTiddler t1_iud62d0 wrote

So sad, RIP legend


Karidian t1_iudh32c wrote

That sucks. He was the perfect drummer for DK. RIP.


FlemPlays t1_iuee7jz wrote

Damn. RIP to this legend. First the singer of Low Roar and now this.


wasabi45 t1_iueh57a wrote

Saw them in 85 at the York Theater in Vancouver… what a show! RIP Dirty. Thanks for the great music


JuryBorn t1_iuei11w wrote

Rip. I was just watching their miming performance of forest fire a few days ago. Jello knocks dh over and knocks the drums everywhere. He just got up stood on the opposite side of the remaining upright drums and started half ass miming again. Absolutely legendary performance.


BimTalch t1_iug0doc wrote

DH was integral in DKs transitioning from a midtempo bizarro punk-rock band (Fresh Fruit) into full-on hardcore-influenced experimental post-punk (Plastic Surgery) that right at very end happened to invent crossover thrash (Bedtime). Very important band, even more important drummer for punk and hardcore. Huge huge loss. RIP


jmeesonly t1_iug6w9u wrote

In God We Trust, Inc. is one of my favorite albums. I won't stop listening to DH Peligro.


SC_Nico74 t1_iucct8w wrote

I wonder what Jello has to say....


Tflex92 t1_iudamw8 wrote

Too dead to fuck 😞


Acehigh7777 t1_iudbgei wrote

Perhaps he fell because he was Too Drunk To Fuck.


Aromatic_Door174 t1_iucjtz5 wrote

I bet Jerry Brown is happy with this news


HorsesSuck120 t1_iuc0ro0 wrote

Iconic means it's well known. I've never heard of the band


Ironmastopeth t1_iucbudz wrote

In the context of punk, they are certainly iconic.


moose2332 t1_iucg2ho wrote

Literally one of the ground floor punks bands you first learn about. They are iconic for a reason.


grateful-biped t1_iucep9r wrote

Amen - Dead Kennedy’s are iconic punk rockers. I used to tape them off our college radio station when I was in HS. They were like no other