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wild___turkey t1_isu1262 wrote

Recovery has a lot of really really good rapping on it. Maybe some of the songs aren’t as catchy but it’s a massive return to form in terms of his lyrics and flow when compared to the (let’s be honest) dumpster fire that was Relapse.

Growing up I owned all of his albums up to Encore, bought Relapse the day it came out and was so disappointed on first listen that I pretty much never played it again.

Then was very pleasantly surprised at the first few songs of recovery, yeah they’re mostly just verses with short okayish hooks in between, but at least the rapping was fire again! He was back to spitting like he hadn’t done since the Eminem show and for that I’ll always appreciate Recovery as an album and a symbol of his return to form


dat_boring_guy t1_isxnsct wrote

Relapse is not the best it's true.. but you can pry 'Deja Vu' and 'Insane' from my cold dead hands