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As the title says I'm looking for music that will make me human again. Music that will touch my soul and change my current perspective on life and how i feel. Recently I've been contemplating, thinking about my life and how I could change myself and my lifestyle one of the ways I want to do that is my taste in music; I want to expand my taste in music cause all I've been listening to recently is generic songs/artists that I think sound cool/make me feel cool but realistically it's soulless and unrelatable at times. I don't have a particular genre I would like to listen to in general so fire away any singles or albums you could think of that have the criteria I mentioned above

1st edit: hey guys again thanks for the overwhelming response I just wanna put out there it doesn't have to change my perspective on life.I think that's a very strict guideline/criteria to meet, although even with that yall put some amazing suggestions and I definitely plan on having a listening session sometime soon for all this music



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libertinauk t1_iu3t79d wrote

Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"


Birdapotamus t1_iu3yl3z wrote

TOOL has pretty deep lyrics.


unbridledmeh000 t1_iu4lycj wrote

Yea if you're looking for some great music for deep inflection, I would double down on Tool. Maybe Undertow or Ænama wouldn't be great starter albums, but Lateralus, 10000 Days, or Fear Inoculum have plenty of great, deep songs. Honestly though, fourty6-2 from Ænama is literally about inflection of one's self, and identifying your inner flaws/demons, great song.


Substantial-Emu-9900 t1_iu4rb82 wrote

The trick is to enjoy it for what it is and let it take you on the journey, but to never ever talk about it in person.


ExternalPiglet1 t1_iu3ztup wrote

I came in wondering how long it had been since I listened to Shadows Collide With People by John Frusciante. album made by a single human and is very expressive.

Yet I'll leave by saying Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. worked for 2 robots wanting the very same thing...


HellYeahTinyRick t1_iu5c9y9 wrote

LOVE shadows collide. I do think that Klinghoffer helped write Omission, though


ScroatieAU t1_iu4qzhz wrote

Alison Krauss and Union Station - It Doesn't Matter

Blink 182 - Adam's Song

The Birthday Massacre - Holiday

Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure

INXS - Don't Change

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright

PVRIS - St. Patrick

Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip

CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue

Bif Naked - Lucky

Sights and Sounds - Pedal Against the Wind

The Midnight - Gloria

Hot Milk - Candy Coated Lie$

Billy Cobb - 1955

Finch - What it is to Burn

Myrkur - House Carpenter

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

Draconian - Pale Tortured Blue

Tonight Alive - To Die For

This list is my no means exhaustive of my stuff or consistent in sound or theme, but I find myself returning to these a lot when I need to 'get in touch' with myself again.


Ogpeg t1_iu41ea0 wrote

It's very hard to pin point anything. But Alcest is full of emotion. At least for me. I don't even speak the language and it still hits me hard


GrooseandGoot t1_iu4crck wrote

King Gizzard.

Dead serious, this band had reawakened my appreciation for music in a way no band has in decades. They are good.


Menonstilts t1_iu58zyc wrote

For real for real here! I've been hooked on gizz for a couple of years now but their discography is so diverse and they are such talented musicians. Lots to digest here


HellYeahTinyRick t1_iu5cgv8 wrote

There has never been a more prolific band with such a diverse sound. They are seriously one of a kind


Qryptoskydiver t1_iu49ep1 wrote

Well, probably: Ayreon - The Human Equation


Heybroleon t1_iu41jtt wrote

NERO - Into the Night


minor_thing2022 t1_iu48f55 wrote

John Frusciante - The Empryean. Loud, in a dark room. Let the music take you


RossMachlochness t1_iu4f7h1 wrote

Flaming Lips ‘Do You Realize?’


Snoo-33910 t1_iu4o02w wrote

“Do you realize? That you have the most beautiful face?” Love it!


-_-jess-_- t1_iu3wbg1 wrote

Rotten Apple - Alice in Chains


dinosaur1972 t1_iu402y9 wrote

I listen to a lot of Instrumental music, esp while working. It allows me to find my own meaning in a song instead of allowing lyrics to dictate meaning to me. Secret Garden is a good acoustic duo.


ShannonYoungMusic t1_iu43ec7 wrote

Stay You

Maybe a bit shameless since.. it's me, but all my songs are along these lines, I think, because they're human. No pitch correction, just a human and a guitar.

I don't know that it'll make you change perspectives on anything, but hopefully it makes you feel something.


truthinlies t1_iu44lij wrote

Fiona Apple - Newspaper, but the whole damn album (Fetch the Bolt Cutters) is fantastic!


Tony-Gunk-13 t1_iu44qu0 wrote

Sleep by MCR Life on Mars David Bowie


mintindie t1_iu4avr9 wrote

You should listen to Diiv - Is The Is Are

This is my favorite album of all time and I can definitely say that it makes me feel human and beyond


zackandcodyfan t1_iu4exbg wrote

Anything by Arcade Fire, particularly "Funeral"


Arideagle t1_iu4gxuj wrote

Daft Punk. Album: Random Access Memories


Symml t1_iu4hbi2 wrote

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Gaslight Anthem

Tragically Hip


mcloofus t1_iu56owr wrote

Good lord, how is this the only mention of Jason Isbell.


Symml t1_iu5esd1 wrote

Maybe doesn't quite fit OP's requirements but it's hella good music no matter what.


mcloofus t1_iu5f7vk wrote

Just reread the OP to make sure, and yeah, the OP needs Jason Isbell like Walken needs cowbell.


Ocho171 t1_iu4kmsp wrote

More Than This by Roxy Music


kcc3121 t1_iu4mloo wrote

Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" album


Paladin6667 t1_iu5ctfx wrote

Katatonia - The Great cold distance


Poethumanchangeworld OP t1_iu7db9a wrote

Wow thanks for the overwhelming response guys I'll definitely try my best to listen to all this music or at least put some of thse songs in my playlists.


Rustyforrestry t1_iu3rjnp wrote

Johan Johannsson's Ebglabörn variations might be good for what ails you


Tjommejomme t1_iu3zmsu wrote

Every Age - Jose González


mutha_fuxxin_zo t1_iu40a02 wrote

City and Colour. Particularly the album Little Hell


ndasilva1981 t1_iu41gm3 wrote

Anna Burch-quit the curse. Hell of a life-affirming album right there.


SeaMuscle9511 t1_iu41pob wrote

Ruhe - Schiller

I Feel You - Schiller


WhiskyAtNoon t1_iu435e9 wrote

"Yeah Yeah yeah" by Jack Conte


Ztroperz t1_iu43daw wrote

Attaboy by Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Tile and Yo-Yo ma


Blinkth3dog t1_iu450j7 wrote

try the soundtrack to the film Waking Life, if nothing else check out track 7, 'ballad #3'


Blinkth3dog t1_iu452jk wrote

Mentallo and the Fixer - Resonant Echo


ped009 t1_iu47mny wrote

Google the triple J hottest 100s if you want to find some great underrated artists, depending on your age but I recommend the 90sand 00s ones, you'll find some great Aussie bands you've probably never heard of


Revolutionary_Low_90 t1_iu49wle wrote

Any Bob Dylan or Nick Drake song can touch the most humanly side of me as possible, from the perspectives in society to the self-inspection that they write about. I suggest The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan album because it contains the most heartwarming songs he ever written.


Duffman_ns t1_iu49xzr wrote

Wild Pink - ILYSM (2022) and A Billion Little Lights (2021)


Charlatangle t1_iu4bel9 wrote

Oceansize - Music for a Nurse. Anything but generic, and Mike Vennart has always been a very clever lyricist. As the best band ever to have existed, their whole discography is worth hearing.

The Contortionist - Clairvoyant. It's pretty explicitly about the songwriter's dead friend, but the themes of listlessness and survivor's guilt are conveyed expertly.

Caligula's Horse - Graves. The story is a little foggy if you haven't listened closely to the rest of the album, but there's a reason this song is widely hailed as one of the best metal (arguably prog rock but whatever) epics of the last decade.


mockinbirdwishmeluck t1_iu4bfjn wrote

"Human Being" by Chris Farren. Maybe not for you, but it's pretty spot on for what you're asking!


therealjsquared t1_iu4c3h8 wrote

You need to listen to Sleep Token.

Your life will never be the same.

Just pick a song and hit play.


SnooKiwis8757 t1_iu4fdhk wrote

John Mark McMillan - Peopled with Dreams. So much soul, hope, and power.


ToasterBunnie125 t1_iu4fmkt wrote

Anything from MAGDALENE by FKA twigs. May have the opposite of the desired effect and make you feel like a mystical, depressed being


obaterista93 t1_iu4fr7i wrote

One of the albums that's my go-to whenever I need to feel something is "For Emma, Forever Ago" by Bon Iver.

Something about that album just grinds me up and spits me back out on the other side.

Another album that hits like a gut punch is by Julien Baker, titled "Turn Out The Lights"
I will say though, if you're already in a bad place maybe stay away from Julien Baker. Love her music, but man can it feel oppressive sometimes.


Molohazzi04 t1_iu4gagg wrote

Younha-Event Horizon

Looooove its lyrics its deep but makes you feel a lot better such a beautiful song


Shadowsitter t1_iu4h7s5 wrote

Any personal leanings? Prefer the heavier lyrically denser type of stuff? More upbeat? Angry? Hip hop is a beautiful genre for exploring that kind of thing, there are so many lesser known underground artists more focused on the craft and writing honest music instead of radio hits. Just need a little diretion and I can list a half dozen to get you started heh


Am_Idiotosaurus t1_iu4hxli wrote

Mr Fear and The Wolf, both by SIAMES. I Promise you this is exactly what you're looking for. Shook my world


Gunter-Karl t1_iu4ip8o wrote

You need some Grateful Dead. I highly recommend starting with the album "American Beauty."


[deleted] t1_iu4mg7d wrote

Rhythm of Life - Hugh Harris

It was used in the closing credits of 'Uncle Buck'


[deleted] t1_iu4mtn2 wrote



Snoo-33910 t1_iu5cehn wrote

Van Halen “Feel Your Love Tonight”

Ahhhhh Yeah! “baby use it up before it gets old”

Or Bruce Springsteen “Human Touch”

So you've been broken and you've been hurt Show me somebody who ain't Yeah, I know I ain't nobody's bargain But, hell, a little touch up And a little paint You might need somethin' to hold on to When all the answers, they don't amount to much Somebody that you could just to talk to And a little of that human touch


Electus93 t1_iu4q6x1 wrote

It's by no means happy or exuberant, but By This River - Brian Eno makes me feel human in the sense of being limited and flawed. There's a maudlin beauty to it


Substantial-Emu-9900 t1_iu4rt4z wrote

55 comments and only 5 upvotes as of this comment. Yeesh.

Anyway, you'll probably have to do some work with this one, but this is a band that once it gets through to you will absolutely change your soul. If it doesn't work on you the first time then I'll give you the same advice someone gave me long ago: keep trying, and revisit them every so often. Eventually you will be at a place in life where it will click.

Swans - The Glowing Man


esp735 t1_iu4t5ay wrote

Here's my Funeral Songs playlist. NGL, it's not the most cheerful, but each song has been chosen because of not only my connection to it, but because of the artist's connection to it as well. Sourced from a few different genres, but you're not going to find a lot of pop punk here. Hope it helps!


gldmj5 t1_iu4w2sn wrote

Slip Sliding Away


OneToughPawn t1_iu4x9ty wrote

"Rust On the Gates of Heaven" by Wear Your Wounds

Just about anything from Nick Drake, but "Things Behind the Sun" is a good one and so would most of his album Pink Moon.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise "It's Called: Freefall"

But before you get too far along listen to Journey by Austin Wintory. It's not very long.


ianbalisy t1_iu4xo6t wrote

Nick Cave exemplifies this, I don’t know if anyone who conveys their humanity in music better. His most recent two albums are wildly interesting and deeply devastating.


Spardicat331 t1_iu4z16y wrote

"reflection eternal" by Nujabes is an instrumental track that makes me feel a way that I am struggling to think of words for. Maybe, somber but content contemplation.


MrLazyLion t1_iu50o16 wrote

Rag'n'Bone Man - Human.


byzbyzbyz t1_iu50pxy wrote

God Save the Animals - Alex G


TheZombie509 t1_iu523zb wrote

Songs I Swore I'd Never Sing. From Benjamin Tod The whole Album is fantastic


ElectriCole t1_iu52jkp wrote

MetaModern Sounds in Country Music by Sturgill Simpson. Honestly anything by Sturgill Simpson or Ray LaMontagne


RonBurgerdy t1_iu549ja wrote

“Human Again” from the Beauty & the Beast soundtrack


SiegeGoatCommander t1_iu54k1a wrote

Andy Schauf - The Party

Might not be up your alley, but concept album of all the characters at a house party; super personal, some interesting instrumentation (warning: woodwinds), and overall a neat piece of art


Micahman311 t1_iu54r2b wrote

Carole King - Tapestry

Darren Hayes - This Delicate Thing We've Made

These are full albums you should listen to as an album.


KolhiiHead69 t1_iu55bvf wrote

Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins is all about changing and believing you can do it.


Brave_Concert_6485 t1_iu55g6w wrote

In all honesty YouTube. I like country so I don't mind the radio sometimes but there are amazing artists on YouTube that just don't make it anywhere but have amazing success on youtube. Teddy's Swims one of my of my fav. I like country Kelsea ballerini's new album was written during quarantine and the beginnings of a divorce. It's very much a self anthem of encouragement. For me as a singer anything that I can felt until I'm exhausted makes me feel alive. It stops my anxiety it stops a panic attack if I can do it fast enough. Depending on your genre of choice. I also have a 13-hour Spotify list. My suggestion is find a genre or two that you are interested in and forget the radio because most of that is crap.


patman_007 t1_iu56qbo wrote

When I get feeling really shitty I listen to Sprained Ankle by Julien Baker. Give that album a listen!


MegalodonWithAHat t1_iu56tp2 wrote

Neko Case's Blacklisted(2002) is a great album. There are some songs on there like "Deep Red Bells" or "Look For Me(I'll Be Around)" where her voice is just so powerful. I believe it is considered Alternative or Alt. Country.

The Cars 1978 self-titled album is one of the most classic albums I've ever heard. I knew nothing about the Cars and listened to it and was amazed at how many of these huge rock songs were on it. Definitely worth a listen.


00DJC00 t1_iu56us5 wrote

The first Blindspott (self titled) album always got me through mate, even recently, damn near shed a couple of tears listening to it the other day.

Give it a go


Joddodd t1_iu57sz9 wrote

Nice try you xeno scum. We will not give you the tools to infiltrate our world.

But it depends, I kinda like the classical stuff for emotional responses. Wagner, Bethoven, Vivaldi etc.


drdrdoug t1_iu583l8 wrote

Listen to the Avett Brothers.


HungInSarfLondon t1_iu584p1 wrote

I got Life - Nina Simone

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

Shape of my Heart - Sting

Don't think twice it's alright - Bob Dylan

Why does love got to be so sad? - Derek and the Dominoes

Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Debaser - The Pixies

I bet that you look good on the dance floor - The Arctic Monkeys

These are some songs that remind me I'm alive.


DR4k0N_G t1_iu5a3n3 wrote

Anything by William Black, Illenium or Nurko


AspenTD t1_iu5aejw wrote

Here's a short list of some real classics mixed in with some of the modern counterparts. I might also suggest listening to the podcast, All Songs Considered from NPR.

Talking Heads

Rolling Stones


Nine Inch Nails

Otis Redding

The Cars


Stevie Wonder

Fleetwood Mac

Father John Misty

Pink Floyd

LCD Soundsystem


snakesinlakes t1_iu5d6r0 wrote

it's alright by mother mother, hazy shade of winter by the bangles, anything by aurora :)))


twoandtwoisfive t1_iu5f4p1 wrote

Broken Bells

Empire of the Sun

+1 for those suggesting Tool

Toad the Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea


Responsible_Duck_198 t1_iu5mmjs wrote

Some People Have Real Problem - Sia,

Titanium made her blow up but this album still gets me. I think she wrote it after her fiancé died in a car crash. Every song is soulful, it's kind of nice as background deep thoughts music


YuGiOhippie t1_iu5n3vk wrote

Daft punk’s Random access memory : especially the song “touch”


withthesky t1_iu5qcd3 wrote

Porter Robinson's album 'Nurture' is really good


4whateverReason t1_iu63ady wrote

What a great exercise - have you listened to The Collection? They write from a place of reflection, growing, moving on and also weave in traditional feel good moments.


NosyargKcid t1_iu67xdq wrote

Regina Spektor’s [Becoming All Alone] ( is a song that’s been making me feel a bit wistful about life & the things I’ve done with my time here. Regina’s music always has such a human element to it with the small “cutesy” details or lyrics she’ll toss into her songs. Some people may not like her quirkiness but I adore it.

Edit: another one just for good measure since now I’m on a Regina kick, but [Samson] ( always brings a tear to my eye.


WeirdAlness t1_iu6a0qk wrote

Harder to Believe the not to by Steve Taylor.


BOIOCOProductions t1_iu6czh9 wrote

If you like cinematic / orchestral music you can search on youtube for "Hopeless by BOIOCO Productions" and of course you can check also the others songs from my playlist. I Hope that this message will not be considered self promotion but I really create those songs from my heart. Thank you!


kennabear420 t1_iu6ue93 wrote

tash sultana is very good at touching the soul


TheCircusisfalling t1_iu6w3pq wrote

First, find a comfy chair and dedicate some time to listen to these. Play it loud but not blaring, you want to feel this stuff.

Explosions in the sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone.

Ben Howard - Ben Howard performing "Depth Over Distance" Live on KCRW

M. Ward ‎- Carolina

Heilung - LIFA - Alfadhirhaiti LIVE

I hope one of these songs stir something in you. All the best.


BlueLikeFire t1_iu7cgjx wrote

I relate to this so much. I felt like all the music I was listening to for so long was extremely shallow or just dark and depressing. And I don’t need help being depressed. 😂 but anyway that got me into making music because I wanted something that sounded sort of dark so it will meet you where you are at when you are in a bad place but then lift you out of that place with a happy or hopeful meaning to the lyrics. This song may sound too dark for you but I wrote it about a time in my life when I got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and I was having panic attacks almost every day. The song is about fighting internally with the person that I was and the person that I wanted to be. And eventually the person that I wanted to be won! Now I don’t have panic attacks and I don’t take any medication for it. So long story short I think you might like it because the song is about change and becoming the new person that you want to be. If you want to check it out it is “The Killer by Blue Like Fire” if you do give it a listen I would love to know what you think of it :)


boneman429 t1_iu7i81o wrote

ELO - Can’t Get It Out of My Head and Strange Magic; Jackson Browne - That Girl Could Sing and The Pretender; Cure - Just Like Heaven; Jerry Jeff Walker - Night Rider’s Lament and Mr Bojangles; Steve Goodman - Would You Like to Learn to Dance and The Dutchman; The Byrds- My Back Pages


Asleep-Assignment194 t1_iu4zf1e wrote

Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven

This song makes me realise the pain of someone who knows he's not a good person or done something bad and believe that he will not be able to make it to heaven and even if he did would his love even remember him and it makes you question what was going through his mind when writing the song


drumnbird t1_iu3xh5p wrote

Anything played by humans on real instruments in real time; no samples, no auto tune, no loops. Maybe look into music pre- computer, say, the 70’s for example.