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Ok_Anything8827 t1_ith4pmd wrote

So many people don’t understand how good this band was. Sure, they had a propensity for overproduction, but every album got better than the previous one


rudygj t1_itgq986 wrote

This is 12 year old son’s favorite band. They never made a bad album.


RXL t1_ith4vz5 wrote

> They never made a bad album.

Life is killing me was not great.


lemaiow t1_ithmfej wrote

Peter Steele had one of the most unique voices I've ever heard. Type O put out so many awesome, emotional tracks.


dinwoody623 t1_itgvmug wrote

People correcting you that it’s not doom metal is the most Reddit thing ever.


Random_Noob t1_itixk2w wrote

Been a fan since the 90's. ive always called it romantic vampire gloom rock when describing them to friends.


merkaba_462 t1_ithe0oi wrote

I miss much...especially during this time of year.


Icy_Train8939 t1_ith47ih wrote

Esa es una verdadera puta banda de metal gótico, la mejor! se recordará por siempre, Peter fuiste un chingón y lo seguirás siendo allá arriba o abajo 🤘


lucasdoofus t1_ithskbk wrote

I just recently discovered these guys after hearing "Black No. 1" in a Spotify playlist, awesome band.


Objective-Ad4009 t1_itk4mdg wrote

Black No. 1 is the song all the goth strippers I’ve ever seen dance to.


team-evil66 t1_ith2ri1 wrote

That whole album is brilliant.


Illegal_Shoes t1_iti7lnz wrote

Bloody Kisses is by far my favourite Type O Negative album. The range of the album is great


MY2200 t1_ithxg9u wrote

I absolutely love this album 💚


twistedweenis t1_ithxjfp wrote

Blew my 16 year old mind when it came out, and then I realized the hot lesbians on the cover made me feel...things. lol


vane303 t1_iti6idu wrote

listened to the album at least 100x. 20 of them on a tape deck which was damaged and speed it up 30% (it felt). was epic :)


MardukX t1_itigok4 wrote

Type O was a slow burn for me. I listened to them as a teenager and never really stopped being a fan over the years since then. But I've come to enjoy their music more and more as I've gotten older. Not a bad album in their catalog.


myheartisnumb t1_itjq9ju wrote

Fuck man this is my favorite band of all time. Always happy to see Type O promoted


msalerno1965 t1_itiq1zu wrote

Discovered them late one night on an alternative rock FM station on Long Island... circa 1993-94?

Awesome album... thanks for the memories!


Raphalangelo t1_itjy32h wrote

I remember he was on an episode of Jerry springer I think it was a heap of groupies confronting him or something. It was pretty bonkers RIP


Legitimate_Web_7245 t1_itkt8bz wrote

LOVE TON!!! RIP PETER! I'd put their music right up there with the best of them.


Don_Shetland t1_itkuwjm wrote

This song is about Peter's cat. RIP Pete. I miss this band so much.


Ballistix t1_ithcdgd wrote

I love learning about niche bands from BB back when I should have been listening to this stuff, but didn't know about it for various reasons.


[deleted] t1_itiikd1 wrote

RIP to this legend


nhardycarfan t1_itindhq wrote

This band got me to tune my bass guitar to drop b


happybuffalowing t1_itjnbtq wrote

Halloween season, baby 🎃 🦇 👻 🩸 🐺

I love type o negative. Their music is so cool and atmospheric and a lot of their lyrics are lowkey hilarious if you pay close attention to them. “Blood and Fire” is another great one off that album. RIP Peter Steel.


socalscribe t1_itjx7ef wrote

I remember when Christian Woman was number one on my local rock station’s nightly countdown for a few weeks in a row. I think NIN closer finally unseated it. Damn, those were the days.


scrizzlenado t1_itjxlys wrote

I remember seeing Type-O opening for NIN at the Warfield in SF. Fucking absurd night.


sinandink42 t1_itgrlnb wrote

I definitely wouldn't consider Type O "doom metal"


thismessisaplace t1_itgj0vh wrote

TO- isn't doom metal


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_itgjqap wrote

Gothic Doom Metal, I felt it would make the title too long though


Scarbbluffs t1_itgnsjx wrote

Spotify says "goth metal" in their description. Wikipedia says Goth Metal, Doom Metal and Gothic Rock


BredBunny t1_ith4qc3 wrote

Gothic metal is basically a subgenre of doom metal +the scene first started as a death metal/doom metal crossover before developing its own sound and becoming its own genre.


mypcrepairguy t1_iti9c8k wrote

Great explanation!

Glad I got to see them in concert once.