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weinerschnitzelboy t1_ixlkzc4 wrote

Neat! Spotify tends to generate some pretty solid playlists automatically though. I wish it supported Apple Music.


sherpa1984 t1_ixlqmg2 wrote

Silly question: where do I find these generated playlists please?


geqing t1_ixlrphl wrote

You can keyword search in the same spot you search for specific bands/songs. For example, if you wanted chill lofi you just type that in and filter by Playlist. Other terms might be "rock rhlunning" or "pop workout" etc. Depends on what you want. You can also find a button that will make a station based on an artist or song if you scroll down a bit. So if you like Tupac, you can have it play a station that will populate with other songs/artists the algorithms think Tupac fans will like.


luciusDaerth t1_ixm148j wrote

I'm gonna bug recommend the enhance feature. Just make a playlist with the stuff you want, hit enhance, and it'll provisionally add a bunch of related or similar songs. They're marked so you know which are recommended by spotify, and then they have a button to actually add it and one to remove it.


IncSync t1_ixmed58 wrote

Type, "made for you" in the search bar, filter by playlists


GrizzledMurderer OP t1_ixludr3 wrote


Apple Music's API integration is much less open and limited in regards to music recommendations. If there is a lot of demand I will consider some research to try and make something similar for Apple Music.


Jebus72 t1_iy55uuh wrote

Please do make one for Apple Music 🙏🏻