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Odintorr t1_ixluyh0 wrote

This is dope, I've been talking about how Spotify needs a bpm filter for years. Would love to see a release year filter, so I can siphon out skip row from a metal playlist, or mumble rap from my old school playlist, but even without that, this is a dope idea.


GrizzledMurderer OP t1_ixlwhbf wrote

Thanks! I would have also liked a years filter, and I even tried integrating it in the initial version, but Spotify doesn't fully support this. One problem was that Spotify cannot always fully distinguish between the day the song was originally released and the day the remastered recording or the compilation album was released and that caused a lot of problems.


holokinesis t1_ixm7abw wrote

You can search for "year:1980" on Spotify though. Does this work on this app too?