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csonka t1_ixm60ah wrote

Will this solve the problem of Spotify “radio stations” being a boring 50 song playlist that never changes?

Discovery of music (think:Pandora) on Spotify has never been great for me.


SlackerAccount t1_ixmc4mj wrote

Don't know what's wrong with yours, mine changes often


Whydmer t1_ixmnlpx wrote

Same, Spotify gives me mood based playlists, genre, ones, specific artist mixes, and the song and artist radios change regularly.


zorfog t1_ixo5u82 wrote

and you can also “enhance” any playlist you’ve made and it’ll sprinkle in new songs throughout the playlist


kirbystax t1_ixp4vok wrote

The main thing I miss since moving from Pandora to Spotify is that Pandora allowed you to shuffle all of your stations meaning you could be listening to different music all day without having to intervene and change the station. Made music at work very nice. I don't like to stop what I'm doing to tell Spotify to play something else. I just wanna hear a variety of everything all day. If there's a way to make Spotify do this that I haven't figured out yet, please let me know!!


Whydmer t1_ixp80d8 wrote

Well, I have over 3200 like songs from Jimmy Buffet to Tool and from Miles Davis to Billy Strings, so I can literally just play my own liked songs for a pretty much a whole month at work and never hear the same song twice. (unless I put it on shuffle 🙄).

I have also made playlists that last for 8 hours or more. Or I could queue up several shorter playlists at the start of the day, and they'd play throughout the day.

Playlist radios, enhancing playlists, Spotify playlists, radios based on a single song choice. If you're feeling adventurous look for playlists made by other listeners that would last all day.

My work days are too variable and filled with interruptions so I don't ever try to set and let something play. But on the weekends I'll select a playlist or a group of albums to play and just let it go all day.

For instance today I queued up a couple Trip-hop playlists along with a funk/soul mix and we just had that on in the background from noon until 9:00 PM with family and friends over. Only paused it when we were doing video calls with our grown kids who couldn't be here.

I hope this gave you a few ideas for how to listen to Spotify all day.


oddible t1_ixn2s9u wrote

They suck, in my 2021 Year in Review my top listened to song was a song by a band neither of which I've ever chosen to play.

I miss Grooveshark's slider that let you choose Familiar - Explorative on their automatic playlisting. Honestly I think ANY algorithmically generated feed needs this (Insta, YT, Spotify, whatever) to prevent people getting sheltered into sameness who would prefer some variety.


csonka t1_ixnjkuj wrote

Select song / artist you like > click start artist / song radio

Do the same thing a day later, the same music comes on…

Do the same thing a week later, the same music comes on…

Ya get the idea.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Maybe I’m too spoiled by the original Pandora project?


damnitmcnabbit t1_ixnxn2n wrote

The Discover Weekly playlist is where I find a lot of new music. I use artist/song radio to find similar sounds. Also, when I find an artist I like, I check if they have any curated playlists. These can be a goldmine of new tunes that are not algorithmically generated.


GrizzledMurderer OP t1_ixm6f9t wrote

I hope it will! You can create an endless number of playlists based on one song, each different than the other, just by using the different settings. Choose a song, move the slider to happy and save a playlist. Then, using the same songs, move it to sad and save again. You will have 2 different playlists based on the same song.


csonka t1_ixm9ywi wrote

That’s cool!

Does Spotify have this metadata (like mood and non) already and is accessible over their API, or are you obtaining that info from somewhere else and pairing it with the song?

I’m curious, what exactly are you making money off of? Having mobile apps only (no web version) makes me think you can access -very- rich data from users in and out of the app (not implying anything nefarious, it’s totally normal but I don’t think ppl realize this), but I don’t quite understand what data you’re capturing or what specifically generates revenue for you. Ya know.. free app=we are product.


GrizzledMurderer OP t1_ixmbepa wrote

Good questions! :-)

  1. I am not collecting any user data.
  2. Data is mostly from Spotify
  3. After I will gain a significant amount of users, I will add some kind of voluntary one-time payment mechanism, either with some new pro features, or to avoid ads or something.
  4. This started as kind of an experiment for me, The first version was subscription based, and designed very differently. This did not work so well. I re-wrote the app to make it much more user-friendly and intuitive. Once I see the app is used and bug-free, I will start thinking about revenue streams.

I hope this answers your questions. Thanks!


azinbroski t1_ixmmgsx wrote

Just downloaded, and did something based off my current favorite song, and it gave me a Playlist full of bangers I've never heard!

You have something good here!


csonka t1_ixmc72p wrote

Thank you. Really appreciate the transparency and it sounds like a good plan.

Are you the sole developer or are you outsourcing any aspect of this?

Your privacy policy implies that data collected would be anonymized. I’m assuming there’s data surrounding behavior and usage that clearing houses or even Spotify themselves would be interested in paying you for. This is the part that I don’t get. What is being collected, who will have access to it, and why. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine if people collect my data, but I do expect some detail as to what’s going on behind the scenes with it.


GrizzledMurderer OP t1_ixmcxbj wrote

Nothing is stored on my side except a list of Spotify ID's for the future one-time payment and a counter for the amount of playlists created by each. that's all. Because I am using a third-party tool for download statistics and origin (AppsFlyer) I added this clause but I am really not collecting any data.

I am not the actual developer. I thought of the idea and researched the Spotify API. I hired developers for the actual job.