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Ashardis t1_iwtzr5b wrote

The reason why Woodstock is remembered as such a great thing is because most of the participants look back at it with nostalgia glasses on, reminiscing about their own golden years. It was poorly planned, woefully executed on the same scale as Woodstock 1999 (at least they got that part of it right), but since people weren't SoMe whiny Karen's back then, they made do and smoked more weed.

The amount of logistics going into prepping plentiful food, drink, toilet facilities, camping areas, emergency services on top of executing on an ambitious music programme is insane. Watch some documentaries on recent Glastonbury festivals to see how much work there is, behind the scenes

There might be some worldwide online event, kindda-like Live Aid, since it would have a lower logistics bar.


Gary_Vigoda t1_iwugs7q wrote

I was at this festival in 93. They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes, Bad Brains, Ramones as headliners with a ton of decent smaller bands. It was over the weekend in a farmer's field and it was awesome.

This was from the year earlier:

Smaller festivals are a lot less chaotic. They had to stop because they got too big. Now they're just way too corporate.


alinerie t1_iwuh4hu wrote

The Atlantic City Pop Festival was staged two weeks before Woodstock and went off without a hitch. Working bathrooms, food vendors, etc, and most of the headliners who would play at Yasgur's farm. It didn't make the national news because it was a smooth, professional operation. You had to have a ticket. Lots of weed and other mind-altering substances and other than Joni Mitchell walking off because the crowd was too noisy, it was a great weekend of music.


one-hour-photo t1_iwuodeq wrote

My dad said there were All sorts of festivals back then that weren’t all that different from Woodstock …wetw