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RadiationDM t1_ix4lchm wrote

What PR company do you work for? “Slams” lol?stfu, you were obviously paid to write this, just like you were paid to write the paramore post (or you just copied and pasted the content)


DecafMaverick t1_ix4nirs wrote

I’ve adopted a new policy. From here on out, any post with “slams” or any version thereof is an auto-downvote and I won’t open it. Enough is enough.


cornbeefbaby t1_ix4pmcb wrote

It’s just bad journalism. It’s a lazy word used to incite knee-jerk reactions in smooth-brained idiots


xlinkedx t1_ix4oznw wrote

Literally only clicked into this post to see someone else hate on the word "slams"


thirdAccountIForgot t1_ix4ti23 wrote

It’s almost certainly copied article, and fairly obvious from the writing style and contents. “Lakes campaign did not immediately return a request from The Hill for comment.”

OP shouldn’t be copying others’ content (there’s some rich irony there), but your response also reads a bit childish.


spucci t1_ix4v7p2 wrote

Redditor SLAMS other Redditor for being childish. OUTRAGED he takes to Twitter!


sloopslarp t1_ix51kuj wrote

Honestly, people complaining about "slams" is just as bad.

The horse was beaten to death years ago.