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Long story short, I made a metalcore song about my dad and I had a voicemail saved on my phone for over 2 years about how him and his gf talk about me when I’m not around. It’s kinda disturbing how he and she talks about me when I’m not there and I have deep resentment for it and want to release the voicemail in the song but I’m afraid it might have repercussions. Thanks.

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mailboxfacehugs t1_ixlb292 wrote

Just get two people to reenact it, record that. Bing bang boom


High_Lifer OP t1_ixlb4xt wrote

Good fucking idea thank you!


LividBell2292 t1_ixlt21d wrote

Might take a few tries to get one you're happy with, but try Fiverr for VO artists.


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High_Lifer OP t1_ixla8iy wrote

It was a voicemail to me if that’s what you’re asking?


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High_Lifer OP t1_ixlaoc4 wrote

No it wasn’t a butt dial. My dad just forgot to hit the end call button. You have no idea how badly I want to publish this


Ste4mPunk3r t1_ixlddqc wrote

So it isn't a voice mail for you. It's an accidentally recorded conversation that you shouldn't be a witness. I get you but you don't have a right to do so.

Go with with acting suggested in some other posts.


IplaygamesAlotLOL t1_ixmmawx wrote

Yo if you don’t know much about law just don’t comment? Why tf this guys just saying random shit? Lol


Ste4mPunk3r t1_ixvmhop wrote

That's very nice of you. Especially that at the time of my comment noone even need which country OP is from so couldn't talk about specific laws. Keep calm and carry on.


VirginiaPeninsula t1_ixlt4qw wrote

I would say that his dad is the one party that was actually aware of the recording since he initiated it; ignorance or negligence to disconnect the call doesn’t change that.


sumpnrather t1_ixlfarz wrote

I'm just a shitty drummer who cant sleep and know nothing about the laws regarding this situation. But the legal advise I'd give is, if your song/video blows up and makes money, then he finds out, he might try to get some of that money. If his own words are defamatory toward himself, are You defaming? Sounds like it could be some good art. Good luck


Aggressive_Ad2863 t1_ixmgr7e wrote

You can use it if you edit it a lot. Speed up the tempo of the voice make words fast or slow depending on the words or tones. Make it go from fast to slow in timed intervals or reverse it. Add samples, put random sounds in. Add a drum machine and do low volume loops and keeping turning up the drum loop until you blister into your song. The point is to make a different recording then the original. Once you alter it you should be good.


Training_Barber4543 t1_ixn0b9e wrote

Can you tag me when the song is released that sounds dope


DrCashew t1_ixmwvd3 wrote

Sounds like a pretty big grey area to me, if you're comfortable doing the VO recreation I'd do that personally. While I'd bet you're fine, I wouldn't bet on it with 100% confidence, I can only imagine that he's a PoS it sounds like and at least this is enough of a grey area that you'll be worried about this possibility of ramifications for a long time.


Pattoe89 t1_ixlp4kh wrote

If you find it disturbing how they talk about you, how you confronted them about it?


Perused t1_ixm32jn wrote

All in all, would it really be worth his time and money to sue? Does he have the means to begin with?

It’s not like you baited him in anyway to say these things. His comments were unsolicited.

The message was left on your equipment, so I would say the recording belongs to you.


freelancerjourn t1_ixm5wrv wrote

Legal arguments aside, I would say this: If you are interested in working on your relationship with your dad it might not be a good idea to incorporate the voice mail into the song. He would likely resent you using that voicemail and that would make it more difficult for the two of you to work on any issues in your relationship.


LMKBK t1_ixmeilh wrote

You should probably link it so we can parse out its...uh... legal implications.


High_Lifer OP t1_ixml6c4 wrote

I haven’t released it yet. I’m having second thoughts now looking at all the comments..


Arunia t1_ixl6f4e wrote

If it is negatively, I would not use it. But that would be me. I have no idea if it is legal or not.


hysterionics t1_ixl92cs wrote

Recording without their consent and publishing it may be illegal in your state, so be careful.


lowfreq33 t1_ixlaa1j wrote

One could argue that by leaving the voicemail consent is implied. The recipient now owns the recording and can use it for any purpose they like.


hysterionics t1_ixlfnub wrote

Fair, but implied doesn't mean outright given, and privacy laws can vary from state to state and definitely do from country to country. In any case if OP is really concerned best contact a lawyer or at least someone studying law from their own state.


High_Lifer OP t1_ixl9ib8 wrote

I live in Georgia


hysterionics t1_ixlfs02 wrote

Best contact someone with a law background in Georgia about it, even if it's just a friend studying law in your state or a small firm. Consent might not be an issue but publishing it might be, etc. Good luck


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WHOISTIRED t1_ixldzep wrote

Well, there are one sided consent states. Meaning that as long as you consent to it then it doesn't matter. However this is specifically for video recordings and that's for safety more often than not. Technically recording audio can be under the same premise or guise as safety.

Obviously not a lawyer, but that's how it usually goes. Re-enactments can work, but remember no matter what it doesn't matter whether it's true or fake because they can try and sue you regardless (hi slim) because of "defamation".

It kinda is all in the technicalities though of the recording itself. "Accident" phone call, which even though is an accident is still liability. Just because you accidentally shoot someone doesn't mean your dismissed from the charges.


IplaygamesAlotLOL t1_ixmmia1 wrote

Not a lawyer then do. A google search or don’t answer, everyone so excited to answer without the prequalified knowledge ig.