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untitled5a1 t1_iy6jfv9 wrote

This is going to sound antiquated, but independent FM radio stations have been great for me for music discovery. Two that I happen to enjoy are WEHM out of Long Island and the Colorado Sound out of the Denver area. But there are literally hundreds to choose from. Good luck!


Jackattack736 t1_iy6kc14 wrote

2nd this. I've found a bunch of new music listening to WFUV based out of Fordham University while driving, watching NPR Tiny Desk Concerts or KEXP's live performances on Youtube (based in Seattle)


Ok-Penalty314 t1_iyaaujf wrote

Tiny desk and audiotree have introduced me to SO much good music I’d never have found otherwise. Absolute goldmines


ermax18 t1_iy71mku wrote

Agreed, there are a handful of good radio stations out there. I also listen to a few shows on BBC Radio 6 Music and browse around on Bandcamp when Spotify’s discovery gets stale. Once you manually find some new stuff and like it in Spotify, it wakes up Spotify’s discovery algorithms and a new flow of music comes in.