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TheBlondegedu t1_ixtpx45 wrote

Honestly more of Hans Zimmer is fantastic. The Dune soundtrack was phenomenal, as well as Interstellar. M83 is also excellent. Get the best headphones you have, plug in with the lights off, and listen to Outro. Thomas Bergerson has some good albums as well with TSFH. I bet you might really enjoy some of Bach's cello concertos too.


Equivalent_Mix_3829 OP t1_ixtqk4t wrote

I personally find it hard to get this experience sober through instrumental music. Thanks for your input though.


godsinthetv t1_ixttbib wrote

Albums- Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Wood by Marilyn Manson

Album- The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails

Albums- Aladdin Sane and Outside by David Bowie

Song- The End by The Doors


starsgoblind t1_ixtux8q wrote

Johann Johansson, Gorecki, Steve Tibbets


avivagirl t1_ixtuysi wrote

Echoes. Pink Floyd.



SamHazza92 t1_ixu9f7s wrote

Id argue that Intersteller Overdrive is more of a mindfuck but both great tracks


aligador t1_ixtpu44 wrote

Eat a couple hits of acid. Every song will be a mindfuck song, each one with the best tune you've ever heard and will ever hear- until the next one comes on


Equivalent_Mix_3829 OP t1_ixtpxmp wrote

Happy cake day! Already done that many a time. Don't want to do that anymore bc leads to bad things for me. Thanks though.

Yes that is where I got the idea from tho. Lol


Gozis t1_ixtqfrd wrote

billy woods - Hiding Places

Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix


Equivalent_Mix_3829 OP t1_ixtqx4l wrote

I've listened to BtTIGtP before as a result of the same question by another person. I have my understanding of why I consider it this way but the album is very complex and has layers beyond mindfuck etc. solely. Why do you consider it such?


Gozis t1_ixtunrj wrote

I'm not sure an album has ever "mindfucked" me, but I could see this album doing it to someone. Interesting methodolgy behind it, obviously a strange nd somewhat off-putting sound palette, lyrics that dance around issues nd themes with a lot of irony and dry humor... Not sure this makes sense even, the album made me feel a lot but I guess I rarely feel the need to think about why or whatever


Equivalent_Mix_3829 OP t1_ixtw9vn wrote

Thanks for your reply. I personally think the album mind fucked me when I started listening to it after the rec. I had listened to and loved it a lot before but when the first track comes on and he just starts speaking to you I took it on a road that lead me to believing it to be about revolution. It assumed you already understood everything they were going to say was given fact. Listened to it again recently and it sounds like that still but then blurs towards the end into it being about addiction and that (possibly) being the end of their band mate. (still havent looked too seriously for that info but thats what knees sounds like it talks about)


This also could also mean that they too hear the message of revolution in music these days but often see people around them high on weed or drunk not really getting the message and killing themselves instead of actually gathering and doing anything. idk, just thought of that but maybe that idea could pan out idk. lol anyways if you read this thanks for partaking in my theories.



the instrumentation alone on this album being as cold and calculated as it is might just be enough to mind fuck some people. i know superman that was really hard for me to get into at first because of its angular and disjointed arrangement


googajub t1_ixtrevp wrote

Possum Kingdom by Toadies

shit, just listen to Captain Beefheart's discography.


svt4cam46 t1_ixtujfd wrote

Novacaine for the Soul - The Eels


Pgie t1_ixuip3m wrote

Songs: Legend of a Mind. Moody Blues.

Close second. Comfortably Numb. Pink Floyd.

Honorable mention: Whiter Shade of Pale. Procol Harum.


tripwire66 t1_ixu253r wrote

Asunder Sweet,And Other Distress from Godspeed You!Black Emperor is a 41+ minute emotionally exhausting,often skull-crushing masterpiece!!