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RegionalHardman t1_ixichyz wrote

Love Flowdan, not huge on Skrillex. This could be good it could also be terrible, will be keeping an eye out for this one


TheBatemanFlex t1_ixiieuf wrote

I’m not sure how someone could not be impressed with Sonny Moore. Coming from being a successful metalcore vocalists to a successful edm producer to having an extensive run of credits for big name artists in almost every genre. No small feat.


RegionalHardman t1_iximcrh wrote

I never said I don't respect him or not impressed at all I have lots of that, I'm just not huge on his music is all. I love some of his songs, but most of them don't strike a chord with me. People have varying music tastes you know


gnrc t1_ixjbbnq wrote

I get that but he’s been kinda secretly doing a bunch of pop and other genres lately. I bet you’ve heard some stuff of his and not realized it. He hasn’t done bro-step in a long time.


TheBatemanFlex t1_ixinszx wrote

It wasn’t really about you, just a rant. It is curious how you can unconditionally praise Flowdan but somehow having Skrillex on it “could be good, could be terrible”. Flowdan’s music is produced by many different artists.


upboatsnhoes t1_ixijkwt wrote

At this point, anyone denying his impact on dance music is willfully ignorant.


RegionalHardman t1_iximf8e wrote

Never did that boss, just said I'm not a big fan of his music.


upboatsnhoes t1_ixiniph wrote

Didn't say you did, chief.

I was just replying to that fella and confirming that I agree about Sonny's legacy.

Have a nice one!


aBunchOfSpiders t1_ixj5pke wrote

The one thing people consistently miss about Skrillex is he was who set the sound of EDM for so many years. The majority only know his most popular dubstep songs but he’s made so much more. A lot of younger artists who were just up and coming back then took his sound and made it huge. These aren’t songs you would hear on the radio but instead at festivals.


Imafilthybastard t1_ixjkuhj wrote

That dude is fucking trash lmao. You have to have ZERO taste in music to like anything he has done. Just check out "All My Homies Hate Skrillex" on youtube for all the information you need.


TheBatemanFlex t1_ixjmgtb wrote

It seems you missed the entire point of that video, or did you just read the title? I was a teenager in the UK/Holland while dubstep took off, and moved to the US when the scene went international. The elitism is dumb. I understand the frustration when your scene appears bastardized by mainstream, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the music. Not to mention the fact even if you hate that brostep era, the dude had contributed to a ton of other projects that has nothing to do with it.

Edit: I also can’t imagine valuing my own taste over those of the likes of Four Tet and Noisia, who have collaborated with Skrillex on releases.


Jazzremix t1_ixip9c7 wrote

I'll give it a shot if it doesn't sound like Megatron and Starscream cumming at the same time


gnrc t1_ixjb514 wrote

Skrillex hasn’t made music like that in like 7 years. He does mostly pop now with the occasional bass track but even his recent collab with Noisa wasn’t super heavy.