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Oblivean t1_iy55btm wrote

“The acclaimed work landed in the top 10 on Billboard‘s 200 chart, dated Dec. 3rd. Thriller catapulted from No. 115 to No. 7 following its 40th-anniversary reissue released on Nov. 18.” Saved you a click.


Wot_Gorilla_2112 t1_iy55f9q wrote

It is the 40th anniversary of the album in just two days after all. (11/30/82).


CrazyWhite t1_iy6at3o wrote

Which means that 40 years ago right now only a very small handful of human beings had ever heard Thriller, Beat It, or Billie Jean.


DigitalPriest t1_iy6xwip wrote

Na man, we'd heard Beat It. Just a shameless parody of Weird Al's Eat it. That no talent clown had to go and make Al's fly jacket into a 'Michael Jackson Jacket' and things have just never been the same since.


MFoy t1_iy88hxp wrote

Thriller wouldn't be released as a single for another 13 months, it was the seventh single from the album.


GolgiApparatus1 t1_iy8b5y7 wrote

And an even smaller amount got a thrill beating it to Billie Jean King


[deleted] t1_iy7u1en wrote



5degreenegativerake t1_iy7w6z5 wrote

40 years ago the album had not been released. Chill.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_iy819a7 wrote

Singles came out before the album is released. That's how people knew they need to rush out the first day it's available to buy it.


TheBeardedDen t1_iy7w8pq wrote

Instead of bot posting for upvotes. Use your brain just a bit more in life. Be useful instead of ignorant.

40 years ago is before the album ever released. So yes, only a handful of people ever heard those songs.


SFCanman t1_iy7wl88 wrote

its from the weird al bio pic... which is a parody of biopics. very funny highly recommend.


BroMan-Z t1_iy7zvbu wrote

The song came out that long after Halloween?


MFoy t1_iy88fp3 wrote

The song Thriller wasn't a generational hit at the time. It did quite well, climbing up to #4 on the billboard charts, but it was the SEVENTH single released from the album, it wasn't released as a single until January 1984, more than a year after the album Thriller came out. People were getting kind of sick of Jackson at that point, because the album was churning out hit after hit.


ethan-bubblegum-tate t1_iy912ox wrote

It was the video that did it.


repowers t1_iy96jg7 wrote

The video release was an event. Like, nobody had made a feature-length music video before. It was news.


It_is_not_me t1_iy7z62b wrote

No way had this been released in current times would they have waited until after Halloween.


[deleted] t1_iy5vk50 wrote



666ygolonhcet t1_iy5xkil wrote

Eagles Greatest Hits?


BigDaddyCoolDeisel t1_iy674vb wrote

I hate the fucking Eagles, man.


MrXBob t1_iy756d4 wrote

Compilations don't count, surely? It's not an album, it's a mix tape.


MFoy t1_iy88ocn wrote

If people buy that many copies of it, it counts.


MrXBob t1_iy9dm5m wrote

A compilation of the best bits of other albums isn't an original album.

The fact that so many number one hits came from a single album is one of the reasons Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time.


MFoy t1_iy9dzx6 wrote

But OP is ok when including a soundtrack? What's the difference. At least a greatest hits album is all by the same artist.


MrXBob t1_iy9fbdo wrote

An PST is an album.. Why wouldn't it be? It's not a compilation form other albums.

It being made by multiple artists is irelevant. They made a single, cohesive album of tracks that were written to be together on an album for a single purpose.


redmoskeeto t1_iycj9ym wrote

The Bodyguard soundtrack was not a bunch of songs written to be together. There’s quite a few cover songs and stuff that had been previously released.


MrXBob t1_iye6nil wrote

Very different to a compilation of an artists' "greatest hits"


redmoskeeto t1_iyeakj4 wrote

Whatever the album was, it sure wasn’t this:

>They made a single, cohesive album of tracks that were written to be together on an album for a single purpose.


MrXBob t1_iyeb450 wrote

Found The Eagles fan


redmoskeeto t1_iyebauc wrote

Why are you getting all pissy about making a mistake? It’s a part of life. You’ll be okay.


MrXBob t1_iyec1r6 wrote

Weird to presume I've made a mistake because the Bodyguard soundtrack had some other tracks on it that weren't written for the movie.

A soundtrack is absolutely not a compilation of an artists greatest hits. Therefore it is logical for it to be counted in the greatest selling albums of all time.

A mix tape of literally the best selling songs from a single artist is not an album. .


redmoskeeto t1_iyedbx8 wrote

Ah your delusional then. Got it. You believe that Nick Lowe wrote (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding in 1974 for the intent to put it in a film in 1992 as part of a “cohesive album of tracks that were written to be together on an album for a single purpose.”


MrXBob t1_iyeeefz wrote


I'm sorry you like the Eagles. That must be really difficult for you.

Thanks for writing yet another paragraph I didn't read.


redmoskeeto t1_iyefatq wrote

Ah yes, in 1992 the late great Bill Withers wrote Lovely Day and then jumped into a Time Machine, released in 1977 for some master plan including the intent to put it in a film in 1992 as part of a “cohesive album of tracks that were written to be together on an album for a single purpose.”


MrXBob t1_iyegnhr wrote

Go put on your Eagles mixtape. Kick back and relax. You need it. For your mental health.


redmoskeeto t1_iyepeug wrote

Here’s some free phrases for you to use in the future that you can use instead of being so damn weird about being clearly and obviously wrong about something:

“Oh shoot, I didn’t realize that, thanks for the info”

“Ah, I guess I was mistaken.”

“I’m not a deluded psychopath so I’m just going to acknowledge the correct information and not spend hours doubling down on a mistake that only takes one minute to look up the correct information about.”


MrXBob t1_iyeqs46 wrote

Ain't nobody got time to read that.

Eagles fans are odd. Sending mental health help your way. Check your inbox.


redmoskeeto t1_iyevnal wrote

Oh shit, you get more pathetic by every comment. And I absolutely love that you know it. I hope you get the help you so obviously need.


MrXBob t1_iyevxj9 wrote

I'm sorry the mental health advice didn't help you. Maybe it's just as simple as asking mommy if she's sober enough for a hug today?

Whatever works for you.


redmoskeeto t1_iyew331 wrote

How are you even a functioning person?! 😂 You’re so mad that someone politely pointed out that you were wrong when a song was written! This is too great!

Edit: this just keeps getting better. You blocked me and still keep downvoting all my comments as soon as they’re posted. What is going on with you? Whatever it is, I appreciate the smiles you’ve given me. But you know I can’t read your comments after you blocked me. Why did you write something that only you will read? Oh man, what an absolute train wreck. So. Fucking. Good.


MrXBob t1_iyewi69 wrote

Hey I would love to be your support toy today, but some of us have to work for a living.

Gotta add you to the block list for your own mental well being. And so I don't have to listen to you whine all day. Must be exhausting to be you.

Hope you sort your life out. It sounds difficult.



carpdog112 t1_iy8auq8 wrote

Depends on market (worldwide vs. US) as well as whose certification numbers you trust. If you're talking worldwide numbers its definitely Thriller, if you're talking US numbers its arguably The Eagles 'Their Greatest Hits' as long as you trust the numbers put out by Warner and certified by the RIAA.


mhmass44 t1_iy7qp4u wrote

The album was a monster. It was also perfectly timed to sell to the exact same people on vinyl, then cassette, then CD, then iTunes, then stream infinitely. I've always wondered how many people are responsible for driving up these #s with repeat purchases in different formats.


SCWthrowaway1095 t1_iy75ned wrote


The Bodyguard Soundtrack? What? Why?


pbjking t1_iy75zwj wrote

Dolly Parton wrote "I Will Always Love You." Elvis Presley wanted to buy the rights to the song and she said no.

She would later give the rights to Whitney Houston. Dolly Parton said she made so much money off that song she could buy all of Graceland.


LibbyLibbyLibby t1_iy7hzzl wrote

Elvis' manager wanted Dolly to give up 50% of the publishing and she said no. Whitney's version later did well, and Dolly --who did NOT give Whitney the rights-- said she didn't mind at all how many people didn't realize it was her song, saying something like "Whitney can get the credit, long as I get the money."


Trin_42 t1_iy8ff18 wrote

Dolly have an interview saying she was asked if her song could be used for The Bodyguard, she said yes and forgot about it then heard it in the radio on her way home months later. She had to pull over because she was so moved, she has a line in Steel Magnolias when she describes Annelle “as sweet as she could be”, I think that line describes HER


kmo9e t1_iy85e7k wrote

Well it was a blockbuster movie with one of the biggest singing stars of all time who also did the soundtrack.


MFoy t1_iy9e34d wrote

half the sound track. Side A is Whitney Houston, side B is "others"


cerebud t1_iy85fz4 wrote

We all know just one song off the album, and that’s it. It’s crazy the whole album did that well


Carlton72 t1_iy8726v wrote

You say we all know just one song; I think it plays like a greatest hits album. Not trying to sound condescending, but how old are you?


cerebud t1_iy8kvhs wrote

What other songs are on it? I assumed it was just Whitney and some other stuff made for the movie. I was on my 20s when it came out, but I am one of the few that didn’t buy it.


mabirm t1_iy9hwel wrote

I will always love you, Run to you, I who have nothing, Queen of the night, and I'm every woman. This album was like 5 of her biggest hits. It was insane.


Jwishh t1_iy8wy9r wrote

You can google it lol


cerebud t1_iya61w1 wrote

Yeah, but not interested


Jwishh t1_iya6h38 wrote

The effort you made to type out the comment would be identical to googling it


Dyslexic_Devil t1_iy88mgo wrote

BTS...WHY? Cliff Richards....WHY?? JAY-Z ....WHY???

....people have shit taste.


mabirm t1_iy9ipfi wrote

It's crazy to think that 21 by Adele is at 27M certified, just below this


Layden87 t1_iy8n4hs wrote

What is certified and claimed mean in this instance? Like.... people claim it did 70m but we only have numbers to support 50m??


MFoy t1_iy88um7 wrote

Eagles greatest hits is certified at 38 million. It was the greatest selling album of all-time until the Jackson's death created a brief surge in interest in his music.


lightblue_sky OP t1_iy8sshs wrote

The Eagles album surpassed Thriller pretty recently. It seems like they surpassed Thriller in 2018. Edit: Here are some articles from 2018 when they surpassed Thriller: first, second, third.

Second, Eagles greatest hits is not the greatest selling album of all time. It only surpassed Thriller in the US. Thriller is still the best selling album of all time globally and by a huge margin. EDIT: Here is the RIAA charts. Here are the global numbers.

So the above comment is correct.


hiptones t1_iy5t6gr wrote

The Weird Al Effect scores again!!!! Is it coincidence that his authentic biopic comes out and within months the album featuring Michael Jackson's parody of Eat It hits the top 10???? I think not!


The_Saddest_Boner t1_iy63elx wrote

Still can’t believe MJ did a parody of Weird Al’s classic “Eat It” without even asking permission


buster_rhino t1_iy6bymi wrote

There’s also Eddie Van Halen’s sloppy impression of Rick Derringer’s legendary solo…


hiptones t1_iy78284 wrote

Some will say it's better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.


nachomancandycabbage t1_iy7rnd6 wrote

Let’s be honest, weird Al is just as good as MJ. You can’t be that good for that long and not be super talented.


GeorgeBabyFaceNelson t1_iy7dnml wrote

I was about to ask "what show or movie was it recently featured in that caused this?" Lol looking at you Kate Bush and Metallica 😳


amadeus2490 t1_iy8xpkg wrote

Michael Jackson personally paid for the music videos to Weird Al's Eat It and Fat. He even let Al use his photographer, camera guy and make-up and hair team. The deal was that Michael wanted to be officially credited as a co-writer for the parodies, so they would be splitting the royalties.

Al has admitted that he had to hire lawyers just to handle those two songs, and that Michael's estate is still receiving annual royalties from them today.


hiptones t1_iy99au1 wrote

I know it. Sorry for the misunderstanding. My comment was a reference to Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. In the movie, the joke was that Al wanted to ditch his parodies in favor of writing original music and that "Eat It" was an original song that MJ parodied with "Beat It". It's a great joke because everyone who's familiar with Al is in on the joke.


amadeus2490 t1_iyadb6l wrote

Haven't seen the movie yet. All apologies.


hiptones t1_iyapa1l wrote

No sweat. That's why I wasn't jumping down your throat. On Reddit there are tons of people who believe stuff that on its face is completely untrue. I could have been one of hose people. It's a fun movie btw. Free viewing on Roku. Just need to sit through some ads.


AnimalMother76 t1_iy5axx3 wrote

Not one bad song


HeySlimIJustDrankA5 t1_iy61h50 wrote

The first time I heard the album, I accidentally started on Side 2 so that it opened with Beat It. I’ve heard it the right way many times before but honesty Side 2 then Side 1 slaps more to me in terms of track flow.


Flamingo_giraffe t1_iy85mq6 wrote

Same thing happened to me with the first record of ELO Out of the Blue. Records sure gave us new ways to learn to love albums.


ToxicAdamm t1_iy6s7i8 wrote

Quincy Jones’ Thriller

Never forget the other piece of the magic that helped make those formative MJ albums.


ThePickleOrTheEgg t1_iy8c8pd wrote

MJ was highly involved in most aspects of his own productions. Even though wasn’t the engineer working the boards in the studio, he would have the tune in his head and beatbox each part so that it came together just right


amadeus2490 t1_iy8wjtu wrote

He would layer multi-track acapella demos, like this.

He couldn't play any instruments, and he was doing this all by ear with no reference notes. He just wanted to show Quincy Jones how he imagined the arrangement for the guitars, the vocal harmonies etc.


SweRakii t1_iy7dii1 wrote

Man that title scared me, i almost thought he'd passed away or something.


VideoGuy1X t1_iy5thwo wrote

One of the greatest albums ever produced! If you have this on vinyl and a great surround system - you know what I'm talking about.


SuperRusso t1_iy6hc7v wrote

Really? How does the 5.1 vinyl release sound?


VideoGuy1X t1_iy75fzy wrote

It's not 5.1 it's 4.0 with music and effects coming in through the rear channels.


lnblackrain t1_iy7hndt wrote

A great pair of headphones will do much better job.


socokid t1_iy5cthx wrote

> Upon its initial release in November 1983

Wrong. FFS, It was released in November 1982

Also, these are just terrible snippets of the original article, found here. I have no idea why people post Yahoo versions of them...


djkutch t1_iy6babi wrote

Everyone had a copy of Thriller. Everyone. Not Necessarily The News had a joke that Jackson spent some of his Thriller money to buy the world with a gift wrap.


PocketDog t1_iy78ck7 wrote

Gary Glitter next


Ex-Machina1980s t1_iy7vj71 wrote

Rock n Roll part 2 is still a banger to be fair, credit where it’s due. I remember laughing about how visibly uncomfortable the audience suddenly became in the cinema during that scene where it plays in Joker


Graceld99 t1_iy7jz55 wrote

And interestingly, the Thriller video came out about a year later!


wetfloor666 t1_iy89arj wrote

I wasn't aware of this, but given it's production quality it makes sense.


fiendo13 t1_iy84gz7 wrote

Thriller was originally a much worse song called star light. Thank God they changed it


LeaCTrockboys t1_iy7wrm8 wrote

Very young and even some not so young people just do not remember when he was the biggest star in the world. Shit I was born in 1990 and he was basically a public spectacle my entire life.


cerebud t1_iy85vpf wrote

It started getting weird in the 80s with the monkey and hyperbaric chamber. Little did we know it would get weirder.


Ok_Load_8439 t1_iy8k7fr wrote

I hate fucking Michael Jackson MAN!


Spicy_Pickle_6 t1_iy8nt77 wrote

Why do we still give a crap about Bullboard again?


KmartQuality t1_iy79r1s wrote


Are people not buying anything else besides Taylor Swift?


mabirm t1_iy9jsm6 wrote

Seriously though, that girl is killing it lately. She recently had every spot on the top ten.


Spork_Warrior t1_iy6qx5m wrote

Aren't there a handful of classic rock albums that routinely pop back onto the charts?

If I recall, Billboard was even accused to suppressing some of them in order to give new music a chance.


cafeRacr t1_iy9gjou wrote

"The Twist" went to #1 twice in two years.


S-Archer t1_iy88csc wrote

I recently bought this on vinyl, so, I did this?


yet_another_cat t1_iy8bc5l wrote

Marvin Gaye’s Midnight Love is of a similar vintage.


NINJAxBACON t1_iy8h8e9 wrote

It's crazy that this dude is such an absolute legend most of us don't care about the things he allegedly did


cafeRacr t1_iy9fkuo wrote

Never mind the things he allegedly did. The things he actually did were pretty friggin' strange.


chris_wiz t1_iy8thmy wrote

Everybody in my school liked it. Jocks, dweebs, metalheads, stoners, you name it. MJ was everywhere.

Includes an uncredited appearance by Eddie Van Halen. Ironically, Thriller held Van Halen's album 1984 out of the #1 spot that year.


gregzhoba t1_iy8u2te wrote

I get that the music is great and easy to separate from the creator but I just can’t understand how people overlook the horrendous behavior of Michael Jackson


gldmj5 t1_iy9h4rm wrote

Still got the original vinyl release from childhood.


AcademicHysteria t1_iya519h wrote

Not to sound like a youngin’ but Thriller (and its dance obv) has been all over my TikTok. Idk if everyone felt like doing the dance for Thanksgiving or what.


-Goo77Tube- t1_iyacmew wrote

I remember being five or six when MJ made it BIIIG. The whole world was crazy about him it seemed. He was everywhere. I told my grandma that I wanted MJ leather zipper pants for Christmas, and she probably spent a fortune getting me some... but they were red, and I wanted the black ones. She returned them and that was that. I was a dumb kid :(


sournovella_12 t1_iydrvlm wrote

Michael Jackson is still the king 👑


shelbyapso t1_iy9n0hj wrote

Nope. I just can’t listen to pedo music.


Woodner t1_iy7s3j6 wrote

Leaving Neverland


_catdog_ t1_iy837up wrote

It’s fuckin scary to see how many people on Reddit defend that sick fuck


rohobian t1_iy88q2y wrote

Ya I don’t get it. Why does this guy get a free pass for being a pedo?


weegee19 t1_iy8faii wrote

Dunno, because of the sheer lack of evidence as well as the conflicting testimonies and the dubious prosecution back then? Even the "Leaving Neverland" doc made zero sense. Equally as likely to believe that Jackson was a repressed kid on the inside and built Neverland for that reason.


_catdog_ t1_iy8ftnf wrote

There’s one now!!!! lololol


weegee19 t1_iy8gkgs wrote

FBI searched everywhere and couldnt find anything against him, and those raids happened without Jackson's knowledge until afterwards.

How can you be certain that he was a paedo again?

Unlike other cases, this one is extremely unusual at best.


_catdog_ t1_iy8gn6n wrote

Oh no they’re back for more!!!!


weegee19 t1_iy8gvld wrote

It's on you to provide evidence that he actually did something, because so far the shit against him were inadmissible at best, the most flagrant one being Jordy Chandler getting a description blatantly wrong.

Or Safechuck claiming he was abused in a train station that wasnt even built until years after the period of alleged abuse.


mabirm t1_iy9j7c2 wrote

Don't forget that the children have since recanted their testimony and said they were coached by their parents.


FullRollingBoil t1_iy7tc1d wrote

Luckily he has Jones and Temperton to write music for him


Don_Frika_Del_Prima t1_iy7wwmw wrote

I just strolled through your profile and you like a lot of bands/artists that had things written for them or that stole it. So what's the difference with Jackson?


FullRollingBoil t1_iy7zm7w wrote

He’s nothing but an entertainer with a less than stellar voice. He’s no Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, etc


Don_Frika_Del_Prima t1_iy854o5 wrote

>Whitney Houston

Funny, seeing as she performed songs of others. She even has one written by Jackson.


Don_Frika_Del_Prima t1_iy85ah2 wrote

>Elton John

Who has Bernard Taupin songs.


FullRollingBoil t1_iy85r3c wrote

And plays a piano and sings


Don_Frika_Del_Prima t1_iy85zq8 wrote

Jackson sings too, and writes.


FullRollingBoil t1_iy86q6d wrote



lightblue_sky OP t1_iy8a2ct wrote

No. He sings and writes. He wrote 4 out of the 9 songs in the Thriller album including Billie Jean and Beat it. Here is his demo for Beat it, it sounds almost like the released.

He's still a great singer and one of the best dancers/performer. If we are really out here measuring talent...the artists I saw on your profile also sing songs that others write and they don't dance as well as MJ.


FullRollingBoil t1_iy8hg35 wrote

I’m not paying a dime to see somebody dance.


lightblue_sky OP t1_iy8i8mc wrote

Thats cool. Millions of other people would and did. MJ still writes and sings tho. I like how you switched from writing, to singing, to what you would pay to see. You took a sudden turn when someone called you out when they mentioned the artists you like also have their songs written for them. And you ignored my point about MJ writing a good portion of his songs.

Your comments seem like they're trying to dismiss an artist's talent. I think all artists mentioned should be appreciated for the talent they possess. If you don't feel they deserve your appreciation then put your energy into those you think deserve it. Why don't you summarize your point while you're here?


FullRollingBoil t1_iy8jsm3 wrote

Cuz, I just like saying how overrated MJ is and seeing people flip out over it

(like you)


lightblue_sky OP t1_iy8k4sy wrote

oh so you like to troll people for funnsies. I'm honored.


bigboxes1 t1_iy72w3g wrote

Kill it! Someone kill it!


mike_elnumerouno t1_iy6p95i wrote

Because nobody makes good music anymore


Exploding_dude t1_iy7ub98 wrote

Yep not a single musician on the planet makes good music any more. They all stopped at whatever age you turned 23 I'd bet.


mike_elnumerouno t1_iyaxm0z wrote

Naw!, they all make beautiful music with amazing lyrics, not sure why a 40 year old album is beating them all.


IllustriousAnt485 t1_iy7oj6q wrote

Fewer people buy music. You wouldn’t download a car would you…. Lol


RaysUnderwater t1_iy660ua wrote

I really struggle to separate artists from their art. There’s no doubt he was an incredible musician, just as Picasso was an incredible painter … but I just feel guilty consuming their art because of how they behaved in their private lives


Ok_Tax7195 t1_iy69ufw wrote

Just because someone is accused of something doesn't mean they did it. MJ was a constant target for people looking for payouts, so I take that shit with a grain of salt. Even more so now that our culture has a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality.


dwt77 t1_iy706n6 wrote

This isn't that simple. He also had a crap load of kids hanging out in Neverland on a daily basis, and slept with children in his bed. That's an undisputed fact that he himself admitted to. Just strictly from a perspective of a human being ... That's weird as shit. I don't care that he was an overgrown man child and all the thousands of excuses you hear from the people who idolized him. Like who sleeps in the bed with stranger's kids? What the hell even is that? Think if your neighbor or friend was taking in tons of kids in their house and having them in their beds. You'd be ready to show up at the door with the police. But since this dude Moonwalked and sold millions of records and we had his poster on the wall, that behavior is cool? Bullshit. A few accusers I could see ...But he had several and paid millions in hush money and settlements. Like ...really? What if a televangelist did the same shit? Or a politician? The whole world would collectively hang them in the public square. Nobody would even be second guess the accusers. But since it is the coolest pop star in history it is a giant conspiracy that every child was in on.


Ok_Tax7195 t1_iy7nfz7 wrote

He had the FBI investigating him for over a decade and they didn't find a single shred of wrongdoing. When the FBI gets involved, they don't screw around.

He's dumb for putting himself in that position, and it's weird as hell, but I don't think the FBI has anything to gain by letting him off the hook if anything shady were going on.


RaysUnderwater t1_iy6zb37 wrote

In my day to day life, if an acquaintance is accused by 3 separate people of the same abhorrent crime, then I am comfortable cutting them off. I don’t need to wait for a criminal conviction.

If I had a personal relationship with them that demanded personal loyalty I might need more evidence or give them the benefit of the doubt, as I’m sure MJ’s family feel the need to, but generally I would give 3 children the benefit of the doubt over a stranger.

I definitely feel a bit ick that I still enjoy his music. It’s a conundrum, but I’m not going to pretend he is innocent so that I don’t have to feel guilty.


cjboffoli t1_iy69e85 wrote

If the world were to stop consuming art due to the bad behavior of artists, there would be a dearth of art to consume.


mabirm t1_iy9jlae wrote

It should help to know that the kids involved recanted their testimony later in life and said their parents coached them. Not to mention, no evidence was ever made admissible in court other than the testimony. It was a fucked up trial


JuanDiablos t1_iy7odu9 wrote

Agreed. It doesn't sit well with me at all.


yoghurtorgan t1_iy7aif1 wrote

he licked too many childrens assholes for me to listen to him again.


deebosbike t1_iy5cgm7 wrote

Probably a good thing that removed the cover version of Elton John's, "Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me."