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CrazyWhite t1_iy6at3o wrote

Which means that 40 years ago right now only a very small handful of human beings had ever heard Thriller, Beat It, or Billie Jean.


DigitalPriest t1_iy6xwip wrote

Na man, we'd heard Beat It. Just a shameless parody of Weird Al's Eat it. That no talent clown had to go and make Al's fly jacket into a 'Michael Jackson Jacket' and things have just never been the same since.


MFoy t1_iy88hxp wrote

Thriller wouldn't be released as a single for another 13 months, it was the seventh single from the album.


GolgiApparatus1 t1_iy8b5y7 wrote

And an even smaller amount got a thrill beating it to Billie Jean King


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5degreenegativerake t1_iy7w6z5 wrote

40 years ago the album had not been released. Chill.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_iy819a7 wrote

Singles came out before the album is released. That's how people knew they need to rush out the first day it's available to buy it.


TheBeardedDen t1_iy7w8pq wrote

Instead of bot posting for upvotes. Use your brain just a bit more in life. Be useful instead of ignorant.

40 years ago is before the album ever released. So yes, only a handful of people ever heard those songs.


SFCanman t1_iy7wl88 wrote

its from the weird al bio pic... which is a parody of biopics. very funny highly recommend.