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SCWthrowaway1095 t1_iy75ned wrote


The Bodyguard Soundtrack? What? Why?


pbjking t1_iy75zwj wrote

Dolly Parton wrote "I Will Always Love You." Elvis Presley wanted to buy the rights to the song and she said no.

She would later give the rights to Whitney Houston. Dolly Parton said she made so much money off that song she could buy all of Graceland.


LibbyLibbyLibby t1_iy7hzzl wrote

Elvis' manager wanted Dolly to give up 50% of the publishing and she said no. Whitney's version later did well, and Dolly --who did NOT give Whitney the rights-- said she didn't mind at all how many people didn't realize it was her song, saying something like "Whitney can get the credit, long as I get the money."


Trin_42 t1_iy8ff18 wrote

Dolly have an interview saying she was asked if her song could be used for The Bodyguard, she said yes and forgot about it then heard it in the radio on her way home months later. She had to pull over because she was so moved, she has a line in Steel Magnolias when she describes Annelle “as sweet as she could be”, I think that line describes HER


kmo9e t1_iy85e7k wrote

Well it was a blockbuster movie with one of the biggest singing stars of all time who also did the soundtrack.


MFoy t1_iy9e34d wrote

half the sound track. Side A is Whitney Houston, side B is "others"


cerebud t1_iy85fz4 wrote

We all know just one song off the album, and that’s it. It’s crazy the whole album did that well


Carlton72 t1_iy8726v wrote

You say we all know just one song; I think it plays like a greatest hits album. Not trying to sound condescending, but how old are you?


cerebud t1_iy8kvhs wrote

What other songs are on it? I assumed it was just Whitney and some other stuff made for the movie. I was on my 20s when it came out, but I am one of the few that didn’t buy it.


mabirm t1_iy9hwel wrote

I will always love you, Run to you, I who have nothing, Queen of the night, and I'm every woman. This album was like 5 of her biggest hits. It was insane.


Jwishh t1_iy8wy9r wrote

You can google it lol


cerebud t1_iya61w1 wrote

Yeah, but not interested


Jwishh t1_iya6h38 wrote

The effort you made to type out the comment would be identical to googling it


Dyslexic_Devil t1_iy88mgo wrote

BTS...WHY? Cliff Richards....WHY?? JAY-Z ....WHY???

....people have shit taste.