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your_actual_life t1_ixuarcd wrote

Flashdance...What a Feeling is a jam. R.I.P.


phat_ t1_ixuwqar wrote

And she cowrote that jam.

Very talented. Dance, sing, act, and write.

She was a light. This one hurts. Too young.


lathe_down_sally t1_ixv685h wrote

Both Fame and What a Feeling are iconic 80s songs


seansy5000 t1_ixxr9wx wrote

Fame, like the David Bowie song with Lennon on backup vocals?


I_GIVE_KIDS_MDMA t1_ixxt898 wrote

No. "I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna to learn how to fly"-Fame.


seansy5000 t1_ixxtkl3 wrote

Ah right on. I actually never saw Flashdance. Thanks for saving me the Google search.


lost-property t1_ixzutj2 wrote

The song Fame is actually from the film of the same name (and also the TV series).

(What a Feeling is from Flashdance.)


cromli t1_ixv2tpy wrote

Yeah really i think it tops Maniac for me, her belting out that chorus is very powerful.


GotMoFans t1_ixv7sx6 wrote

Irene Cara should have been a bigger star. She was beautiful, had a voice, and acted. She got screwed over by her record company and they ruined her singing career. But she still is well remembered. RIP.


Gorf_the_Magnificent t1_ixv8haw wrote

Do you know where I can find out more about her story? When I saw Fame in the 1980’s, I was convinced that Irene Cara was so beautiful, talented and charismatic that she was on a rocket to the top. Never heard much from her since.


bubbasteamboat t1_ixvpp9i wrote

I'm not sure how much of a bigger star she could have been. Back in the '80s she was huge for a few years.


GotMoFans t1_ixvvyar wrote

Irene Cara’s final top 10 pop hit was in 1984, when she was 25. She came out after disco so she didn’t have that genre stigma.

Conceivably, she should have been on a Patti LaBelle in the 80s level of success and maybe even up there with Whitney Houston, who was slightly younger.

She needed better management.


NoodlesrTuff1256 t1_ixwf2qw wrote

Speaking of Whitney Houston, Irene starred in the original 'Sparkle' movie made in 1976. In 2012, 'Sparkle' was remade with Jordin Sparks in Irene's role with Whitney playing the part of the mother. It was one of the last major projects that she did before her death in March 2012.


A_Symptom_of_Life t1_ixuqwsg wrote

Out Here On My Own will always be her signature song to me. It's also from Fame.


asuddenpie t1_ixuzlry wrote

Thank you for reminding me about this song. It’s a gorgeous way to remember Irene Cara.


Buckar00_Banzai_ t1_ixuc46o wrote

Loved her cameo in DC Cab.


Smaulz t1_ixvikvc wrote

God, that whole movie was such an underrated banger. So 80s it hurts


Odeeum t1_ixvhb8i wrote

Dman haven't thought of that movie in a loooong time.


ThatSchmoDude42 t1_ixvdqa6 wrote

I just want to also remind people she was an original member of the Electric Company's Short Circus band. Rest in peace to an immense talent.


PinwheelsAndUnicorns t1_ixvuzen wrote

I commented this too, before seeing yours. I absolutely remember watching them when I was little.


WaffleWatchers t1_ixuliv7 wrote

Irene Cara had a great voice. Rest in peace.


doktor-frequentist t1_ixupgs5 wrote

RIP. I play Flashdance on my car audio system almost everyday as I drive to work.


troodon2018 t1_ixuir6v wrote

🪦may you Rest In Peace


CryptidKay t1_ixuor4x wrote

Too young!!


NoodlesrTuff1256 t1_ixwfke6 wrote

Another popular singer of that 80s era who had a song on the 'Flashdance' soundtrack was Laura Brannigan who also did the hit 'Gloria'. Brannigan died in 2004 at the age of 52 from a cerebral aneurysm.


chevymonza t1_ixxcr37 wrote

I don't go out of my way to listen to these two, but their voices are etched into my brain so clearly. I can easily "play back" these songs in my mind, despite not having listened to their songs for a LONG time! Damn shame.


anoelr1963 t1_ixvpze3 wrote

While I love her popular upbeat songs "Fame" and "Flashdance ...What a Feeling"

One of her best vocal performances is for the song "Out Here On My Own"


Awesomekip t1_ixuu5jb wrote

Fame, Flashdance, and of course, Why Me - which is such a jam.

She will forever live on through those theme songs. RIP.


PPPizza79 t1_ixvj608 wrote

I watched Fame and Flashdance zillion times, she is why I’m gay. Damn what a great loss. RIP


[deleted] t1_ixux0go wrote

Both of these songs still get air play on the classics stations. That's close enough to living forever, IMO. Two in a billion is legendary.


rssftd t1_ixv8k3a wrote

Her music permeates my "shit mood but have to vibe anyway" Playlist. Fabulous music that it's just hard to be depressed to and helps livht a fire inside. Her voice gave me strength and joy in a dark time of my life and I will always be grateful to her. RIP Queen.


BetterwithNoodles t1_ixv4122 wrote

I was in a store yesterday, and improbably Fame came on their music. I have not heard that song in decades, started showing my age by singing along a little too loudly in a public place. She held an important place in my early teen years.


PinwheelsAndUnicorns t1_ixvuwg8 wrote

She was also one of the original members of The Electric Company's child-band, the Short Circus. I still remember watching that back when I was little.


Jeannette311 t1_ixurbxl wrote

Oh, no! That's so sad! I loved her so much as a kid! Two of my fave movies growing up.


drteddy70 t1_ixuo2qo wrote

I just watched YT video of Flashdance yesterday and thinking "whatever happened to Irene Cara?" RIP.


alt-right-del t1_ixv8tce wrote

Remember my name, FAME — I will live forever 🥲


Laleaky t1_ixup98r wrote

What a crappy, egocentric announcement by her publicist. No one asked what the worst part about being a publicist was.


SunshineAlways t1_ixv0xy0 wrote

Definitely part of the job, but perhaps she had a close, long history with her, so it’s just grief causing her to be less than professional. Most people live past 63 these days, so probably unexpected.


scottsummers86 t1_ixudazf wrote

I guess she didn't live forever...


exmojo t1_ixutp04 wrote

Her "FAME" will (that was kinda the point of the song ;) )


Nigel_IncubatorJones t1_ixwqy6w wrote

Yes, once you become famous your name is still around long after you have passed. People will still speak your name and read about you. So that is like living forever


exmojo t1_ixwrmwr wrote

> once you become famous your name is still around long after you have passed

That could be a good thing, or a bad thing.

Try to be on the right side of history, so people speak of good things about you after you're gone.


WowThisIsAwkward_ t1_ixurstv wrote

Well the whole point of the song was to state that “fame” makes a person live forever even after death, as evidenced by the fact that we are talking about her right now and her songs were a huge part of the early 80s that will always be remembered.

Not really a good joke.


JuzoItami t1_ixvyy3z wrote

Super easy joke, though. Not really even low-hanging fruit - you could pick that one up off the ground.


hellrising798 t1_ixujgbe wrote

Cause of death ?


mjselvig t1_ixujplk wrote

Unknown, but will be released when known. It says in the article.


KinjaMannTn t1_ixuwv67 wrote



123flip t1_ixxrxut wrote

Every single vaccinated person is going to die. Though probably not of Covid.


Careless-Way-2554 t1_ixycocr wrote

I just wanna point out that right now the average life expectancy of a US female is 80 years old, and 74 for US males. And even higher for Puerto Rico/Cuba

Ya know, just in case in the next couple years it says 60s, 50s, or 40s. We know how science likes to evolve and redefine itself these days.


Sundayx1 t1_ixupog7 wrote

I still listen to Irene Cara songs… always motivating when I hear her 🎶. RIP.


drvongates t1_ixvbwoj wrote

RIP beautiful voice. 😢


blackpepperjc t1_ixxtn0o wrote

63 is a bullshit age for anyone decent to go. Use your time well. It goes away so very quickly, particularly when you're busy being alive.


Walker_ID t1_ixv6aqg wrote

Aaaaand....I now realize I'm getting old


Ghost_taco t1_ixvsw3q wrote

If there were one artist I was hoping for a comeback - it was her.

Rest in Peace Irene.


priscillahernandez t1_ixwr884 wrote

"Remember my name" She sung. We will, Rest in peace, Irene Cara 🎵 And nor only Fame, What a Feeling (80s iconic songs). I will share tonight a lesser known "Love is the reason" from the 1989 animated movie Snowhite "Happily Ever After"


brbaca t1_ixv95ju wrote

“Verbally gifted, herbally twisted Simplistic, but futuristic No lipstick, no mascara I want a bitch that blow like Irene Cara” Mac Dre

Was just listening about her Yesterday


DanBelnK t1_ixvwuh2 wrote

Boy oh boy. Rip. That one scene from Flashdance imprinted in my brain.


JuliaTheInsaneKid t1_ixw2tlg wrote


I ain’t gonna live forever,

But I’m gonna learn how to fly. (High)

I feel it coming together,

People would see me and die. (Fame)

Now that I’ve made it to heaven,

I’ll light up the sky like a flame. (Fame)

I’m gonna live forever,

If you remember my name. (remember, remember, remember, remember)


ObsoleteHodgepodge t1_ixwk95v wrote

I really admired her. Once again, I don't find out someone lived within miles of me until they pass and I see their location in the obit. Happens so often around here.


iakar t1_ixwnssr wrote

Thank you for the memories.


DJ_N30N t1_ixww29l wrote

Rest in peace.


xmmdrive t1_ixwzsog wrote

RIP. Now go light up the sky like a flame.


IdesOfMarchCometh t1_ixy2ql6 wrote

I owe her big time. This year i started listening to her song what a feeling at work, for motivation. I have this weird thing where I'm afraid to be successful.. well it worked well and i knocked it out of the park.


mikegyver85 t1_ixv7f9a wrote

I was just going down the rabbit hole with that song and movie yesterday. What a coincidence! It's a banger. RIP


viperex t1_ixvdpdn wrote

I thought Fame was by Evelyn Champagne King for some reason


NeatNefariousness1 t1_ixvtk17 wrote

I think that was "Shame". They still play it along with Irene Cara's songs on some of the classics stations.


mdrmsynth t1_ixw3c1l wrote

They’re both Bronx girls too.

RIP Irene


Ceasarsean t1_ixvk29b wrote

Very sad. I was just watching the final scene from flashdance last night and now this.


OnyxSpic3 t1_ixw88tb wrote

I give my condolences to her family and dearest Friends , May her transition into her next assignment be blessed with our heavenly father's grace 🌹🙏🏾


Dagachi_One t1_ixwe99x wrote

What happened between Fame and her death? I mean did she lived a good life?


Private_Zannon OP t1_ixweprd wrote

Well, she won a couple grammys in 1984 for "...What a Feeling" from Flashdance, which was a few years after Fame. She had some acting and singing roles in the 90s and 21st century as well, so yeah she probably lived a good life, which is all we can ever ask for yknow?


eremite00 t1_ixwg6bm wrote

She was also in a movie, "Certain Fury", with Tatum O'Neal.

^(I'm not sure why I remembered that.)


Stimpy586 t1_ixxcjx3 wrote

That’s a really messed up movie but she acted her ass off in it.


Royaourt t1_ixy2hoq wrote


The song, Flashdance (1983), is terrific!


LincolnParkZoo2 t1_ixyaho5 wrote

RIP Irene Cara. I remember her from Fame and Flashdance. She was a great singer.


kso808 t1_ixycedv wrote

Oh no!!!! So sad to hear! Bought her single "Flashdance What A Feeling" back in 1983. RIP


[deleted] t1_ixubseo wrote



psuedonymously t1_ixuj89d wrote

>Really hoping this is natural causes and not suicide.

What a strange thing to say. They’re equally tragic at 63


[deleted] t1_ixuk0t2 wrote



psuedonymously t1_ixul1y6 wrote

It’s devastating. End of sentence. There’s no reason for suicide vs natural causes to be a qualifier.


ICanAnswerThatFriend t1_ixult0g wrote

There was also no reason for you to comment and argue with this person over it. I have lost someone to suicide and many to natural causes. I can assure you, there is a different feeling.


[deleted] t1_ixulo37 wrote



psuedonymously t1_ixumage wrote

And how should the families of victims of suicide feel about this attitude that natural causes is somehow a preferable way to go?

Your mom can cling to whatever misguided religious beliefs she wants, you’re the one who decided to announce to the world your hopes about how this person died. Maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll turn out to be cancer or a drug overdose. Fucking ghoul.


[deleted] t1_ixumrow wrote



psuedonymously t1_ixun40d wrote

I really hope someone who has lost someone to suicide can avoid your immediate response to the death of a celebrity being “I hope it wasn’t suicide at least”


[deleted] t1_ixunlnk wrote



psuedonymously t1_ixuogm2 wrote

Please stop playing the oppressed victim. You expressed an opinion which I feel is deeply insensitive. You’ve made it clear you feel the same way about mine, ok. I hope you do delete it, but because you realize how thoughtless it was not because you think I’ve somehow “squashed your opinions” because I think they’re deeply misguided.


whatsTheRumpass t1_ixwnhtw wrote

Edit: she will in fact, not live forever.


OneWayOutBabe t1_ixv7f45 wrote

I thought she was gonna live it forever.