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Charming-Twist-7514 t1_iyf4akl wrote

If there are other things you enjoyed in the past, but not now, you may want to be screened for depression.

Before my Dad got dementia, he lost enjoyment for food and music.

After a painful rejection, I couldn’t listen to music for a while. I gradually got back into it.

I hope you recapture your zest for music.


YourCrustyPotato OP t1_iyf5dm7 wrote

I think depression might have been the reason but I don’t know if I was really depressed, all I do know was that my mental health got really bad and I knew I wasn’t ok for a few months and I stopped enjoying listening to music, but I’m fine now.


roadtrip-ne t1_iyfcspk wrote

Did you turn 40? That’s a common symptom for some


HomerThompson15 t1_iyf2ddz wrote

Talk to a therapist


YourCrustyPotato OP t1_iyf3zbt wrote

Genuinely considering this since my mental state was at rock bottom for a few months but I’m fine now


colorabro t1_iyf33ay wrote

Welcome to growing up :/

It’s OK to take a break for a while. Eventually something will strike an emotional cord with you again. But it’s never going to be like childhood where every song is capable of moving you.


Martipar t1_iyf4w5j wrote

It could be that you need to try a different genre or just widen your scope. II grew up in the 90s and music was utterly shit back then, I used to listen to indie and Britpop but i'd heard better stuff from the 70s so I knew it could be done and I lamented that there really should be contemporary 70s style bands. By 2000 I was so disillusioned I felt like completely giving up on music as I felt that nothing of substance was created after about 1985.

In 2003 I discovered Iron Maiden, I realised the stuff I used to like was bloody awful in comparison and not only did they feel like what I was looking for thy were better, much better, than I was looking for.

Now I listen to a wide range of music from Chuck Berry to Watain, I listen to metal, prog, punk, glam rock and loads of other stuff. I have a passion for music, i go to music festivals for my holidays and I see live bands on a regular basis (most recently Venomous Rose and Stop Stop).

So check out some new bands, go to a local venue and see some live music, maybe you'll find something that reignites your interest.


solderfog t1_iyf7hm1 wrote

How about open up and try something completely different? Some people favor rhythm (like me), some lyrics/poetry, some melody. If you like rhythm, check some West African!

One of our locals (Thione lives in PNW):

Or some Highlife from Ghana..

So much wildly different music out there!


iluvfupaburgers t1_iyf3b57 wrote

Depends on what gear you are listening, if it’s your usual pop and radio rap, yea, everything sounds boring


Infinite420Question t1_iyfaj1o wrote

If you live in Canada, there are legal drugs you can buy that will make you physically hear music again for the first time. Metal head here, would have never listened to pop.... Damn Lady Gaga......