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Martipar t1_iyf4w5j wrote

It could be that you need to try a different genre or just widen your scope. II grew up in the 90s and music was utterly shit back then, I used to listen to indie and Britpop but i'd heard better stuff from the 70s so I knew it could be done and I lamented that there really should be contemporary 70s style bands. By 2000 I was so disillusioned I felt like completely giving up on music as I felt that nothing of substance was created after about 1985.

In 2003 I discovered Iron Maiden, I realised the stuff I used to like was bloody awful in comparison and not only did they feel like what I was looking for thy were better, much better, than I was looking for.

Now I listen to a wide range of music from Chuck Berry to Watain, I listen to metal, prog, punk, glam rock and loads of other stuff. I have a passion for music, i go to music festivals for my holidays and I see live bands on a regular basis (most recently Venomous Rose and Stop Stop).

So check out some new bands, go to a local venue and see some live music, maybe you'll find something that reignites your interest.